Hi met, one thing me want u do fi me de. Help me understand,y ppl still support dutty edel? No man like it a get from bad to worst! This girl has no tact and say she a run businesswoman. Mi madda always say don’t wish bad fi ppl but look how God ago humble har, she too much now


  1. She don’t understand the concept of “CUSTOMER service”. Lets see how long har business last. If I were that customer, I wudda a just tell har never mind, mi wi spend mi money whe people wi talk to mi wid a likkle respect.


  2. I find she and errice to be really rude, especially to people who seem interested in purchasing stufffl. Errice says people shouldn’t inquire about things under her IG posts because she has not the time to respond, yet she can kee-kee with her friends under said posts. Granted, Errice made couple posts about why she prefer people to not make inquiries under posts, but as a business woman ur business fi come first. If u can’t answer potential clients, don’t entertain friends. But wadever though. Errice still pretty- big nose and all.

    1. Wow I follow this girl n If I put out 2 phone numbers and an email for you to inquire about purchases n appointments and you people still write under IG post asking that makes it annoying. If I’m in Vegas n I’m going to Tao restaurant n the dress code is no sneakers n t-shirt. N I show up in t-shirt I should be expected to be ignored n turned back. But to each his own. 2 number n a email seems legit to me.

  3. PS. Mi nah support edel either cause dat gyal mi nuh like I think she too much she handles her clients wicked. Errice mi see speak generally to the public

  4. If that was really a customer that thot talking to she does not deserve any support at all. Fuxking rude thot bitch

  5. due to how she a chat bout store dis store dat i thought it was a big store just wha liikle shoes box wey the three a dem a share… she need fi humble up and stop make her store look bigger than what it is wid the likkle cheap shoes dem from down a deerfield and likkle thrift store clothes dem

  6. Edel: Have you not any patience? You telling me you couldn’t give me a few minutes to reply?
    Me: Bitchh, that is exactly what I am telling you..I don’t have any patience and no, I couldnt wait nor give you a few minutes to reply cause my time is just as valuable as yours…now that I’ve answered your fuhcking question, answer mine, and you better not be rude either…
    *sidenote*…took care of some business this morning and gave someone a PROPER well deserved rinsing because of something similar to this and because of shitty service, I was refunded $1,550.00…EXCELLENT customer service is KEY to a successful business…always remember that!!

  7. Bullshit in regards to Errice post i’m sure to God before she n her designs became so popular any n everyweh d order a come from she glad fi tek it…… Thats exactly y most times blck ppl businesses dnt survive cause as soon as dem get lil recognition dem start hype! But Errice n Edel b sure to remember every dollar counts n remember there was a time that u wud do anything for someone to buy from u….. if u lose a customer everday ur business will eventually CRASH! n no its not hate its called constructive criticism…..

  8. From Edel to Errice dont have no decorum . I dont know if people can mek instagram hype get to them head is like dem nuh used to NOTHING and mi haffi include errice because both are unreal bay fake facade pan instagram

  9. They always use their little heads on JMG site by using this site for promotion;whether it is to promote music, business or events. I would rather if they send the host a money and promote their projects honestly. Stop seeking free promotion and attention, bitches and thots!

      1. Ms. Met tru tru story did you know Errice and Lucky British used to deh ? and now she friggin the producer dude smh, sometimes mi wonder what the hype for. So mi tek mi nuff self and call fi appointment home girl ago tell me no appointments for now I must call back. I just hang up cah tru my money good some where else

  10. Dwl I can’t stand her she’s so damn nuff n love gwan like she a smaddy! Dem ole cheap boot deh weh she a sell n dem cheap lookin clothes deh a wonder if ppl really buy dem lol n she swear seh she a sell sensible tings! She fava d tings den weh she a sell kmt lol

  11. That’s how some a dem gal yaa stay very cocky and not to mention they no ppl person skills and want to open business and talk bout they are business women.. and no business ethics! no professionalism with that type of attitude they will not reach far. dem just have ghetto mentality fi cuss everybody, she should be apologizing to that customer for taking too long to reply back. all inna dem head a hype!! dem sick mi stomach

  12. Big up Tonia and Nitique with the excellent customer service. If you DM or ask them questions under their posts about their products they respond either way. Edle dem beating yuh bawddddd in every way abayyyy. keep selling yuh front causen sey that is all yuh good at nuffiesha

  13. Eediat. Shi shoulda happy smaddy anxious fi come een and support har, bout don’t do that again. Htf you going to chastise ready money, kip you mout shut and nice up di smaddy fi come Dem tun dung dem money before dem even seet.

  14. the producer man led errice longtime from him help her get the shop don’t make err ice trick uno zum been moved on from Errice. Errice life lonely and sad

  15. with Errice. I always wonder how you have a man and put up pics online in lace panty and bra?? and near naked shots. Whose boyfriend would support that ? kmt

  16. When the man don’t belong to u u get bored and start seek attention…Ericce is a likely round town gal from back then till now me want know how old she is cause a long time she a walk and a look man the 3 sum dem u gave Zum did not keep him maybe u should help him plan him new baby mother shower lol

    1. but zum did have round 6 man ..mi sure errice never think him was her personal man she never put up no pic wid him ..she have sense oo :nerd

  17. Well whoever d man is wah she deh wid him carry her go bahamas weh day for her birthday so she look like she winning on that part to me….. yu knw wah looks r deceiving only the nice things dem put up pon Insta

  18. From ova di other post me did a try tell oonu say errice only make stuff fi her frenz or fi di gyal dem weh she a f***, me know dat fi a fact, So when she a cuss bout who nuh pay her is must her fren dem or her gyal dem she a chat so me no know why Ispy go a try! Years ago me fren did call her fi make supm & a same way she did a say she nah make nuttin! But dem time deh she did a fu** di britjam man. Unless u inna di instagram hype worl or u fk a known hype man or u a s*** her she nah mek nutting fi yuh!

  19. The man neva carry her she and her friends went to Bahamas and go link up wid a man over there u forgot that she was an escort..

  20. Listen lol Errice need a post for herself I don’t know where to begin wid she now Errice I know u reading this u nuh see all the try u try to torment the girl from mobay cause Zum start sex her after u u nuh see Zum still dey wid her

  21. Listen lol Errice need a post for herself I don’t know where to begin wid she now Errice I know u reading this u nuh see all the try u try to torment the girl from mobay cause Zum start sex her after u u nuh see Zum still dey wid her and drop u

  22. Errice use to f*k the gal name mandie and the other hairdresser one name black chiney Ali but I dont know is what go down between she and mandie but it appears that they are not friends anymore. Errice is not nobody, nose big and face stay bad without the make up, threesome goodess that

  23. Ey, Met
    It look like tomorrow u need to jus mek a post and ask fi the tea, and mek di poster dem run een pon it. U nuh see how quick things start spill? My word…

  24. Oh she and zum lef, never see smoke widdout fire, ahhhaa I can’t wid these girls. Zum is a likkle whore, never wah call him name and di ppl dem man go find out sey mi blab mi mouth. Is true if you don’t have status no clothes fi you. She lucky whole heap a bad designers deh yah…big up Marco, cool humble and talented. Some gyal a instagram fraud.

  25. Which mandi dat the one who gone new York go live?… Errice only can gwan like on ig but real ppl know abt her life…I’m just saying if she chat to so much top man and a Zum alone coulda move u from the likkle place u did live give u shop and buy a old rav 4 give u live pon the hill inna a likkle apartment with u mother she have a right fi a mad ova Zum lol…that’s why wha day she deleted all her pics on ig cause Zum just now give her no forward depression tek her

  26. Yu see how dem love cuss yu but always ova yah lmao KIM POSSIBLE was clearly over here cause she post something on ig in regards to this.

  27. them well ova yah Pree cah the one Errice nuh stop talk bout opinion blah blah. Why pree. Them cannot trick me with them instagram facade, so carry on.

  28. weh tea gone. just email MET and have one post. Edel stale …figuratively and literally.
    If a nain fi Stush page on fb nobody would know errice. she wear that mesh Pink dress and go viral. Stush need them royalty from June 2013 til now.

  29. What a way JMG a beat Errice bawd :ngakak Errice yuh have a nasty attitude fi real. Errice yuh ugly without makeup for damn sure. Please when yuh making yuh video dem, please to not be so close to the camera it donttt look good please and thank you

      1. Met dem a fume at the mouth, yes they are. Ppl know unnu business she and Nicky sweets weh use to f**k Lucky and give him the threesome are frens, some gyal have a nerve though. Errice you so misguided from yuh promotion days wid magnum yuh been a f***k Lucky

  30. Fi hot gal errice want a facial her face stay bad like and she no stop make videos…. Errice is reading pink wall and a gwan like can’t believe the gal is 29 and still naw learn from her promotions days errice is full time now u stop try look man fi mine u and go settle wid a likkle trying youth go breed and go siddown and I don’t see how u a designer when u Nuh design ntn a ppl clothes u a sew better u say u a seemstreess lol or dress maker

    1. yuh fi gwaann better enuh, mi like yuh name. I dont know wah the hype for really. Instagram man!!!!! why she can’t go back to England tea ? seem like she never get enough attention from her mother. Mark yuh she does have a nice shape and all but fi a gyal weh mek dutty lucky british f**k har its a shame

  31. Yes nice shape but her head space empty that’s why when me see she a make her video dem pon ig a chat chat me say but wait how she neva a tell herself these things cause by the looks of things Errice was a chicken head and she still is a chicken head

  32. Errice a idiot gyal, air head whore. Zum couldn’t stay with she. Thresome goddess. she think giving a man 3sum gonna keep him. lol. I don’t know who this whore nuh f**k and nuh have nothing. She and Bobbeisha in the same. wonder if she f**king edel cause i heard she a big time lesbian too. i can’t with these fake celeb with their instagram likes fulling up their heads. I couldn’t wear erice sketel clothes them nor edel thrift shop clothes but each to their own.

  33. Yes the same mandie that gone to new york, all of them is old f**k truck and them always in man problem. Errice want a new pussy cuz that dont good again.

  34. Edel will do anything for a hype or to be seen all suck a dick..she do wayyyy too much everything she post on Instagram that bitch love to screenshot just for some likes swear she a celebrity but a Jamaica people alone cah give her that hype…edel is nobody in Florida bitch a drive har sister benz an a hype like a fe har,if you’re such a boss bitch how u still a kotch a u sister yard…only who dont know you u cah hype f**k both man an woman an none nuh wah u!! U a share a store an a gwan like a fe u bitch bye!! You’re such a fake weh sell out all u frenz an a run down hype…how u fe hype pon u frenz them or your customer you are a sad bitch i see why safiyah cut u off!! Ps learn some customer service and be humble!! Gwan like a Kingston u come from and abuse filter u a the definition of self hate an low self-esteem!! Memba weh u a come from bitch!!!

    1. I was wondering what happened to she and Safiyah. Safiyah seem nice with her head on straight. Edel must feel she too good to hang out with her again. She gravitate to MichaelaLeanna,Ishawna,and Errice

  35. I love this f**king Site!!!!! Met yuh need a f***king trophy and the real fans and senders need gold medals cause JMG stay winning! Mi ago be frank yuh can be a freak wid yuh man whether oral or threesums and nuhbody nuh really know! But that alone nah go keep di man if yuh nuh have ambition or yuh head space not 100 he’s not gonna stay. Worse when your a hoe in the streets in personally don’t know much about errice but she honestly needs to get her life together and as fi edel at first glance I thought that hitch was a MAN!!!!!!!!!

  36. People really that worried about oda people doe . Mi cyah blooodclaat badda caz mi sure 1/2 a unu weh a watch the ppl dem nah work like dem . Unj muss low ppl mek dem progress inna life . Unu tooo bloodclaat sad . Errice not even a look pon unu . Unu stay a talk bout the girl this n that. If ppl never did a mek money or if ppl never did a buy har clothes dem unu wuda happpy . But as far as me see it a bag a ppl inna errice and edel thibgs suh dem a WIN. Comment above u worried and bitta ova edel eeeh . LAst time me hear is a 3 bedroom house edel live inns suh wa wrong if a 2 a dem in deh. Obviously dem can afford a house . Guh see weh you live . Lmaoooo . A weda or not the benz a har sister own atleast she have a car . Mi buy from edel already n guh pick up a her yard . Nice community n nice nice house she can be slick pon har mouth fi tru caz she have a likkle attitude but she nah wory over unu n unu a worry over she

  37. “Smh” u hot fi edel eeh . Mi nuh like har n mi nuh hot fi har suh . Dont like har attitude sometimes but mi a give har her props. Har things dem shot . The ppl dem nuh stop buy . Ppl muss learn not to be BADMIND caz we dont like ppl

  38. Last time mi check is Edel cut off that gurl n not she cut off Edel caz mi ask har how mi nuh see dem a par no more n she seh she nuh inna di party business nuh more she a focus pon she n har business , i wS like ok kool mek likkle cents

  39. Edel clearly you nuh have a life either cause u live pon Bloodclath pink wall…you is a fake Bitch that walk an buy fren an pretend to be rich when u an I know u not… Gweh no man nuh want u from ….Kadeem weh f**k u an duck u to the lesbian gal gynar go straight back Bitch we know a you a type so welcome to pink wall….an nobody no bad mind you..,U just too bloodclath hype dunce bat weh a go college 10 year an cah done!!! Tek a chill pill Bitch….

  40. Kmt who is Edel . A unu same one a gi di gurl di attention and den a tun roun Mek it look like a nuh unu a Mek people know bout har. Same fi errice … Unu jus a blow dem up . But who is this sum doe ? Er rice man ? Caz mi never know she have a man . Woiiiieeeeee Mek we see zum deh . Send him een

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