dumb ass
ok i get to understand that these 3 dudes are responsible for the killings in castle height all were killed by police. I remember in 2008 these same boy had 2 gangs in there and they start a scuffle at the football field which resulted in one of them ended up dieting . One that was innocent it is said he was parted the fight but he was blamed for parting it. He stabbed was stabbed of these boys and they had passed the age of 18(Apparently they gave authorities the wrong age). They were not as young as was said. Now 6 years later i hear say dem don come from prison and dem start the f**kry again . It look like dem a rob people hard to cuz dem a high roller.In the pics clayton thomas aka toms killed by police in jack hill, ricardo stammp ,killed by police in russel height, and son son .well i have to give the police a thumbs up or is because its a uptown garrrison cant have these monster so close to your valuable uptown citizen mr bunting??
**The sender is trying to say that there is more to the story..They may have been working for a don uptown which is why they were in those areas…**


  1. I’m having a hard time understanding the whole write up, since the Sender don’t know the importance of a full stop/period. I’m I to understand that two of the three were killed by the police (Toms & Stammps) or all three were killed by the Police, including Son Son?

  2. Police killing angers Barbican residents
    Thursday, January 08, 2015
    A man was shot and killed Tuesday during a police operation at the intersection of Barbican Road and Russell Heights in St Andrew.
    The deceased has been identified as 28-year-old Ricardo Stamp, who lived in the area.
    Residents said that at about 11:30 am, a team of police officers went to a house and several explosions were heard soon after. They said after the shooting subsided, they saw the police leaving the premises with an injured Stamp in the back of an unmarked vehicle. Stamp was pronounced dead at hospital.
    As news of the death spread, a group of angry residents converged on the scene but were kept at bay by police officers who stood at strategic points at the scene.
    The lawmen offered no details about the operation even as residents accused them of killing Stamp in cold blood.
    “A wicked dem wicked. Dem kill off di youth for nothing at all,” said a woman who identified herself as a relative of the deceased.
    “Ah underpants and merino him inna; him did a watch TV,” said the woman, who threw herself on the ground and had to be consoled by other onlookers.
    The woman also claimed that members of the police team pushed her and her baby out of the house.
    Another resident claimed that Stamp was threatened by police just days before the incident.
    “Couple days ago mi hear dem threaten him and seh dem ago kill him,” alleged the woman who did not wish to be identified.
    Yesterday, one police source told the Jamaica Observer that Stamp was a suspect in a number of criminal activities that took place recently.
    But residents said that there was no truth to the claims.
    “We cannot trust the police when they do things like this. The man did not have any gun and dem just come and kill him so,” one resident complained.
    The residents have also accused the police of not following procedure at the crime scene as there was no yellow tape around the area.

    1. The glorifying a these monsters and innercity/ghetto community residents rushing to their defense need fi stop this year 2015! These demons a the cause of people living like prisoners inna dem own nation, and reasons why jobs won’t come to the areas…CRIME= CRIMINALS.

  3. kill dem all an dun!!!!!!!!!!!! a dem same man ya a go come shoot dem inna dem claat, then di same residents dem ago a say the police and government nah do nuttin fi protect dem…..

  4. i really nuh have the patience tideh to read this…Sender please send in a better written story so the rest of the free can comprehend.

    1. I read this thing about three times, trying my best to understand what the Sender is trying to say, but it was just a very difficult thing to read and understand. There is valuable information that the Sender is trying to pass on to the rest of us and one of the reasons a lot of us read some of thing threads on this site and get the information we would never get from the mainstream media.
      The Sender just needs to do better next time and write the stuff so that we can get a better understanding of the events.

        1. Dem kill a young man whey did a part a fight whey dem did ina..went to jail and came out because they professed to be younger than they really were…………come out and get killed in rich areas because dem a work fi a big uptowner…di sender passing on a lot of info fi true

  5. I take it English must be a second perhaps third language fi dis sender. Met u were great with the interpretation. (Lol)
    On a serious note though the police really need fi wipe out di pestilence dem. Enuf Man.

  6. Met Good day, im not the one to leave comments but, the sender is very wrong about richardo stamp the police them kill a innocent man, people was there and see the hold thing, hes didn’t have nothing to do with nothing the sender was talking about , him have a lot of family , that give him anything he want , plus him sell shoes out a town, so robbing people is not his style, so when people a send thing about other people they need to know the fact, n it a good thing its anonymous, plus they need to good back to school with all that free time. It look like a them math teacher was teaching them how to write, be bless they annonymous,

    1. Yuh must be a family member. Were you there? Noah, so it is all hearsay. As Mz-Flirty seh, police rearly kill innocent people like that. Did you read the stuff that the Assistant Commissioner of Police Powell said about Toms and another one that was killed and thrown in the back of the pickup?
      These guys were like a murdering machine, killing women and men like it was going out of style. I’m really sorry for your lost, but the bwoy was no angel. The police knows all the trouble makers and Duppy makers and they will kill them on the spot if they have no other option. Live with it.

  7. I don’t get the mind frame of these ppl. Police nuh just guh fi innocent people weh nuh cause mischief. If yuh guh a yuh 9 to 5 an nuh mix up inna nuh phuckery unno will live longer. Live by the gun die by the gun. Weh Little Willie deh fi come sike up deh wan yah….

  8. MET You fraid fe the madda. you run and tek her picture down move but it too late, You fart. me hear that she going to bunkas hill to the obeah man that have the monkey .

    1. Doe tell no lie pan mi liard bout put up picture. Liard u see di person mek reference to any mother in the post much more fi put up picture LIARDDDDDDD

      1. The 3 a dem look like dem mumma did a f**k monkey from looong time. Three ugly phucka and to the family dem bout innocent…so were the ones who dead by them hands. Bout thief a no stammp style…murder is him style.


    1. DWL!!!! I hope the monket breed her and then they will have to pur she, the money and their off spring in the zoo….kmt! Damn fool

    2. DWL!!!! I hope the monkey breed her and then they will have to put she, the money and their off spring in the zoo….kmt! Damn fool

    3. I think you are a product of that Monkey. Are some Jamaicans this stupid or are you under the influence of crack?


  11. lol whats new…..every EVERY FLY HAVE A MAGGOT WEH LOVE DEM . GOD bless mi little country . good job on this one mi underpaid officers weh have to hustle and do wrong fi live normal.

  12. This article is lies. Ricado is my brother and half of his family lives in state which we send him money regularly he doesn’t need to rob people. Your article what I try to read which language don’t even seem like patwa said they was in prison. My brother was never in in prison and he was in the process of coming to the USA. He was a great guy with a loving heart is only down fall was been friends with everyone. He had a hard life but he love deeply and never deserve to be gun down because of his love for people. RIP my big brother.

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