Yea,i watched it live..
The demon wey dey Jim Iyke body strong sha…
He really gave the man of God a tough time… Lol
After he was delivered and came back to his senses,he was like “Who pulled my shoe”?
Come-on put back my shoe. Why did you allow them pull off my shoe?
Dont you know you’re embarrassing me or something like that sha— He was referring to the Girl and Guy that came with him who i suspect to be his PA…
He later walked back to his seat and fell down flat on the floor.. He was sweating like a he-goat and really looked exhausted,little wonder he was screaming “i cant breathe” when he was being delivered…

He later stood up,sat down and hugged the girl(maybe his PA) and she became emotional and started sobbing…
Abeg make i stop here;
This is kslib reporting for Garri Fm..

The pastor was asking him who he was ,but I think it was the spirit inside me was sayin this,”I don’t want him to get married I want to ruined his life becus if he gets married he wil not remaine my own there is this girl he wants to marrried but I will not allow that and the spirit also saying dat they should leaving” about six brave men were holding him…..hmmm the deliverance was too tough ooo the prophet thought it was going to be easy even when he fell down he was still active by the evil spirit…..but GOds power conquered the evil spirit.


  1. morning metty and mettyers :peluk

    yuh see why mi seh God evrydayyyyy you gud Jim..guh get married now a ope a nuh di one nadia put it on r else Jamaican pon yuh hood hed agen ooooooooo :hammer

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