0 thoughts on “PEPE LE PEW

  1. All the things this girl thief and scam u think them would get use to bran by now. Me never see a real life celebrity a post bout this is from that is from. Me waa u post a degree and tell we web it from. A pay stub and tell we weh it from.
    Sorry met. Good morning all

  2. Me can Neva understand why them gyal go dance with them big ole empty bag here fah?
    Just Fi show off.. Tek a seat me tired fi chanel bag a dance now it too common.

  3. Manners JMG staff & bloggers. What a little gal shape very odd no sa ‘ she trying to hard not every style fit everyone . U don’t have that look hobbit go sit down .

  4. single ladies by beyonce came out 2008
    the video is famous for beyonce wearing a leotard
    its been 7 years – why do these dancehall girls keep going out wearing leotards/bathing suits and stockings ?
    i’ve never seen anyone except them dress suh go out
    wheres the beach ?

  5. Mi nuh know AH weh DUH dem GYAL yah Inna dem tired outfit yah, but she stay much better dan wan weh name Shamar Gogetter… Met she stay bad eh si bout bare as yuh dare… She very daring fi bare dah dent up dent up body deh… Shamar yuh need fi go get a gym membership!!!… Wid di batty jaw side dig out like!!!

  6. I’m so tired fi hear how ppl ah done u inna group chat Robbas Apple nuh stop walk an tell ppl u want to be like her and this is SOOOOOOO true. It’s starting to look more like a obsession to how every outfit breast and ass shots Apple do u run go do. Now why would u go put on the same outfit Apple wear ah ur man dance. Where is your OWN style?????

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