Pet n Jennie obeah the girl fi true Pet redeye bad and love wear people clothe Shackara a hot gal an she did a mad u cause all when uno a friend yuh chat her fact she and her families them a wicked look pon her own brother she Mek Don T nearly kill him karma a take each and all a them pet can’t come back a California informa yuh brother set up the man them and u set up the girl fi tek weh her cloths … yuh run weh from southside cause them catch yu a suck HINA BWOY co*ky pon video !!! so Mek me ask one question bitch yuh never bring the people them man in a the house a f**k them pon kids em fact… that why yuh nearly dead look how long yuh a walk and f**k on Don T n him know and beat yu why this time it go so far ?? and when you was homeless a Cali pet the girl put u up an yu kids pet turn round and rob the girl and set her up and make she get deported !! what you call that if a nuh karma tell me informa Pet you n yuh brother can’t come back a California



  1. I know this wicked gal Pet for so many years she cannot tame she chat everybody down to Jenny are own sister she’s not loyal at tal she have her sister in law a LA name Teesha who she chat like dog she say Teesha a di biggest dog a LA that’s her brother Pincher baby mother who send for her ,i remember wen Pet use to live a 90s for she f**k off a di man dem from off di corner Pet is a nobody who need fi go sort out her self gal deh yah from 1994 and dont have shit live pon wellfare like its her profication ,Pet u too worthless go and sort out you life old f**k box gal weh f**k out di whola Southside ,Brooklyn,LA and Queens piece a shit.

    1. She still doing it right here in Jamaica Queens in 2020. Only difference is that she added she ugly daughter Denzonia.

  2. I remember when she did have to run weh from Southside but pet did too bad cause she did all a breed and go suck Hina boy hood shame her babyfather bad pana never want own the little girl

  3. Pet a gal that live off a her pussy n looks fi survive … Jam work n do her thing fi year now n success in it sometimes yuh nuh fi sorry fi johncrow Cause pet salf bad n redeye why she couldn’t go live with teasha are one a the man she a f**k round town

  4. Old Dog shit them Don T nuh play fi chat the man say the gal a f**k this suck pussy boy that walk and suck everything him see paps wah me want know a which one a the man them she lock him up fa

  5. Ask the haitian obeah man fi can find u a man fi yuh self are give you a good pussy fi keep one an free yuh brother from obeah hand teasha and leave shackara alone jennie all now yuh can’t bingo a because a yuh mouth n yuh nuh see yuh big son my bad daughter

  6. Donavan aka Don-t is a batty man From 21st him and his brother deh a immigration and fight cause they don’t want to get deported them test Don-t batty and them see seh him his a really fish so he filing for asylum

  7. Them walk and f**k like dog and a gwan goodas pet suck down the 90s an a f**k down queens a pay different man pet bring home a night time n a walk a look 3som with her old self yuh naw age well ratbat

  8. Stop walk an obeah people kids bitch stop hold down people a bad mind em badmind the girl over her thing cause em a f**k n it naw show petite pet yuh dont look good yuh hair line look a hot mess yuh need some cloth girl yuh could a never keep up with the jones canal street bitch

  9. Shackara a mad uno the girl get ring n a man fi love her n her kids n send fi them grant pen love her and her families them abore her she do what u wouldn’t do her pussy bingo

  10. Sometimes I just get fed up of cocky sucking pussy sucking argument. I’m sorry but it all sounds so immature… Suck cocky, suck pussy!!! Who the f**k cares kmt.

  11. All the obeah uno wok uno uno still cant bust shit pool jennie go fix dat smell shackara have her fan wah watch her video daily

  12. Donavon aka Don-t is a batty man he’s in ins claiming asylum them test him batty to she if he’s a fish cause him tell them he can’t go back to Jamaica cause they will kill him cause he’s bisexual

    1. No big head sucking and f***g an getting shit on and nuh man to call your own is sad red bitch

    2. Old nasty shit cup me never tell uno say pet love shit bitch karma is you uno naw live nuh life uno breed up like dog in bloodclaath America fi live free section A bitch uno a nuh body sucking n f**g and nothing to show all now uno nuh bingo chat bout that !!! Yes pet yuh must hate Don T cause nadean have two kids n him buy her house you have 3 and every minute yuh homeless informa gal Melia deh back in a this bitch .. Uno a sell pussy to long now all uno do a walk friends people enemies set up ppl bitch every thing in a yuh house a Melia money buy it so when yu a walk tall an proud bout uno sucking education remember uno nuh own the people em man … Jamaica people sit down Down a south side and see uno a gwaan like somebody go ask the old people down a south bout the nasty gal pet herfia daughter round a Ladd lane ) weh did a suck HINA Boy Cocky n a lit out him batty people guess what the nasty gal did a breed with Zoe pana nuh bloodclaath like yu Zoe Thompson yuh father hate yuh mother a bitch that yes pet yuh use to play in a yuh baby father batty and HINA Boy batty tooooo … Uno deh a America from people could a walk in America before 9/11 an if sucking an f***g n lit in out batty is all uno accomplish a better yuh go to the Haitian obeah man and obeah yuh self done ouuuuttttt!!!! #FACT

  13. It really sound bad shakara you know in gods name you got a stroke why why shaky we know you well your husband divorce you and took the mix little boy send you and your two kids back to Jamaica u were f**g the little soldier boy and the white man found out , u video tape the soldier eating u come on leave the girls dem out a u crap you know it’s the truth, now u left side can’t move because of the strokes go back an repent pray for the unborn child u are carrying now repent shaky after u cry to pet for forgiveness u start again go to God remember u were baptized , you hate your mother cuss and beat her u a try fool the ppl them we know the truth repent repent SHAKY

  14. My only response
    If a strokes, im walking and iif pet and gent want doevil
    ne send in story!?
    U don’t remember y’all
    And Geny we’ll meet on your next trip

    1. Gennie look like a cokehead in a America pet the animal say weh yuh put me pet make a video and swear yuh never go a the haitian man bitch uno good a wonder how we know god nuh like ulyg but pray move mountain shackara is back on her foot in god name and the man never send back the kids a that uno want see people hold down in a life uno deh a bloodchaat America from from people can walkin and all now no accomplishment a jamaica are a broad .. shackara nuh answer the wicked them god ago deal with them slowly but surly them sad it hurt them when them see god blessings a flow over him people cause pet wake up late from u did give don the first two kids n no house why go three how the tax money my bad yuh will never bingo shit up bitch all when yuh suck the haitian obeah man hood yuh still naw bust uno breed up like dog in a America section A bitches Hina boy shit up pet when she did a breed with zoe pana diss like u bitch talk bout that and leave god bless people alone a sorry you want people fi sorry for you what happen when you take the girl money after you did homeless witb the kids and the gal put u in fi come live with her kids and her and yuh set her up krama take u yuh a say a shackara bitch yuh want some beating clown set up informa gal bout best friend badmind bitch gwan go look a 3som hoe lol yes don a batty man and yuh use to play in a the shit a better yuh sleep me did a tell the people them yuh love battyman n eater man see yuh prove it deh me done

  15. Don’t you all pray if uno sick fuss thing a obeah u must indulge in them things to say pet a work pon u girl bye come again Pet work wid prayers my dear ,all u a try she over there HAPPY living har life an har kids an har man stop worrying ,gal look good,Don-T no stop call har she no want him .woman beater him an him wicked brother just get deport all them do is beat woman , all uno a talk the girl a pray an naw look idiots , that gal shakara u need help white man gones stop put blame on the gal go PRAY PRAY try make it up wid u mother ,miss mother hater a no pet make u STRESS OUT an have STROKES .u tell me say she a u favorite cuz member gal ,f**k out grandspend England Jamaica south side nastiness bring the solider bwoy fi f**k in the white man house dash weh ramar the soider boy two belly , beat u mother mind the young boys wid the white man money broke ass a live off the welfare cash a Canada bitch we have u file mek mi done cause u a breed I have pitty for the unborn child, bitch never ever call back pet phone ole long time stripper prostitute gal we know u sniff cocane u ex husband dean did email pet remember bitch come off a the girl name let her live in peace she no f**k wid ppl go seek back the almighty only he can save a wicked bitch like, u mad woman stop post ole pic cause the wickedness a show a Jamaica EVIL bout obeah, pet f**k ,you no better we all f**k plus u use to whore a Barbados weh u meet the white man weh divorce u his family hate u , all the grocery the mother use to buy cause she knows u want har son money fi mine the young boys your story is a book but mi ago sleep it too long bitch bye

    1. U sound soo dumb. Pet is still doing the same shit. She’s a fucking Canal street clothes wearing, bald headed slut begging for threesomes in Queens instead of taking care of her kids. This is what she does for fun. She doesn’t mind being a dick sucking side bitch instead of a better example for her kids

  16. As unu sick unu bawl obeah don’t you guys pray ,pet over there happy living with har kids an har man not looking ova ya ,gal on your life and kids life u know you got a stroke but due to how evil you are u a try blame the weak person cause u know pet low key an no like the excitement ,an u know say u call DON-T an say pet have man , why u never satisfy wid what u did by the bless of God her skin still pretty till me did a say a lie mi check har page an no see one cut bitch ,u now knowing you get a strokes f**k rahmar the solider boy ,white man divorce u now u a breed no babyfada beat u mother say gully bop rape u an you mother man rape u , remember u use to do prostitution at the club uptown rem dean send the email an Don-t read it say u sniff cocaine , stop mine the young boys dem go pray for your baby in your belly and leave the gal name u evil bitch thank god somebody a try help u daughter cause them no want she turn out a hoe like u give thanks an pray ,dean the white man family hate u not even grocery money dem want to give u the mother buy the food and drop it a u foot remember how u bawl she know a the careless boy dem u want har son money to mine , f**k box from grandspen to south side to England to Canada , the welfare money u a get from Canada a use mine man poor u , bitch u tan bad a Jamaica hair clothes everything u forget about God u play wid the devil him a bite u, u can’t do Jenny nothing cause she covered by the blood of Jesus pet big up u self stay strong it’s over

    1. Abthe other day it cross me mind say a them a do gully bob something cause them nuh like see people on top enuh no new pictures met them stay and guess and tell lie and the haitian man gwan make some money uno nu have no one else fi take set on uno ago mess witb the wrong one watch we a wait uno wicked an lie so till it look bad a pay lie uno a tell but if the people them nuh believe go ask the California people about Petite pet cleary and the hina boy thing n the shit up thing an go ask bout shackara n see fact a fact pet yuh come a America with zoe 3 mon in a belly and yuh run weh from jamaica because of hina boy so what uno a try say a lie all now uno nuh address it Pet u nuh sleep lost night yuh call the haitian man till yuh wake a hope yuh never done the tax money.. Met me nuh lie no one perfect but these subway Rat act like dime out here pet yuh in a yu 40 not 60 lot of people still alive hun shitiy Willy

  17. Pet are her wicked families em nuh know no one from grandspen r Canada everything shackara do uno do it pet nuh look happy she stress out bad n a get ugly on top of it .. If a never fi money hina boy wouldn’t shit her up fact which man pet have come out a uno dream world sick head pet sent the money go give yuh pig let sister n stop walk and buy friend fi mix up n chat people uno so happy n live fi lie on people fi make uno self look good go seek god blessings and stop run down man cause yuh really think the people them man ago mind u and yuh children yuh mad pet r jennie nuh look good come again the people over here happy fi the girl and uno sad n a cry say a lie she naw walk god nuh ready fi me har yet

  18. Don’t use my words about praying cause u were just talking about obeah shakara and pet had nothing to do with the topic they were both shock only two individual doing this who working with Don -t , he in INS so he has all the free time to talk an gossip you don’t know the bond shakara and pet has leave them alone trust me , they can talk back any min cause shakara knows what pet will and will not do , she been forgive shakara long time and move on so Don/t you an u gal friend it naw work tell him stop call pet phone cause she has nothing to do with him , it sad how you all mix up them names let it reach so far , shakara an pet knows each other so idiots leave them alone tell don/t say INS know he not gay so get ready for Jamaica Donovan , go on pet page and u will see gal a 41 look like 30 she no want Don /t , she happy comfortable with her man and kids go look a life don/t an him gal friends now it’s coming out say Pet an shakara has nothing to do with this, they are coming from childhood days leave them we will shame

    1. You should be careful of how you respond when clearly you don’t know what type of whore Pet really is. It’s 2019 and she has done the same thing over again. She walks around Jamaica Queens looking for 3somes and selling her pussy. Things ain’t changed. She recently got arrested after harassing the wife of a married man who dick she was sucking. When she realized he wasn’t going to leave his wife for her she tried to get his wife arrested and shit backfired on her. She ended up getting that ass whooped. She doesn’t raise Don’s kids the way they should be raised. It’s different men in and out her house. Everyone gets a turn with Pet. She is so desperate that she doesn’t care if men are in relationships or not. Don’t get fooled by Facebook. She is on section 8 and fucked up trying to put on a front. Once that wig comes offf “whew child”. A hot damn mess. Bitch is bald headed and got a gut. Everything she wears is fake and it’s sad that she even involves Zoe in her drama. Cokehead Pet/Sonia we got video of ur slut cokehead ass.

  19. This is Shackara and I never send in a story tojmg ever

    Met can confirm that
    All this obeah shitnew to me
    And please leave me out all yall mess and if I’m not walking pray forme,cause at the endof the day, we’re allmothers
    Last time I will address this matter
    God bless y’all

  20. This is Pet now let me address you all I’m a mother I wish no evil on my family cause what goes around comes around so keep talking I’m doing great , I wish her all the best and hope her recovery fully ,to Don secretary a prayer for you tonight

  21. Pet address Hina boy hood in a yuh mouth and the girl you set up over California bitch and the different man you a bring home a night time hoe and stop make zoe hate pana tell her about suck n shit up you get from hina boy bitch and yes yuh a go to the haitian man bitch and yes yuh obeah yuh shackara come address that hoe when jamelia help u when yuh homeless why yuh take the gal money n she had kids too bitch so come a address the Hina bwoi from California thing and the money obeah bitch met give the shit up bitch met

  22. Low life nasty pet if you a get paper why don t nuh fi get it to hoe yuh breed up like dog in a America section A dog yes yuh a go a the haitian man fi the gal yuh say shackara affi dead wicked bitch yuh fi got n yu go friend the people them a chat the gal wicked n lie go do the video n swear hoe n make the world see on the kids them life

  23. @Met is it really one commentator cause met normally call out on these thing MET
    can’t u block these actions seeking people … Ok it look like both side sercet a dash out so them a cry peace I don’t know shackara anyway happy to know your walking and safe delivery pet thanks god your kids never lose there mom Don T at the end of the day she has your kids

    My take on this cause I been read this from yesterday and I wasn’t going to comment because they did that girl bad I remember them rejoice over her sickness Met had to delete it was so sad so Pet crying for peace it real funny PET N HINA BWOY THING REAL Though I was up talk to my grandmother about it her mom die she say n pet left Jamaica because of it she didn’t even came for her mom fueral n she as a sister who as basically a hot mess families go live good bye

  24. I heard the story long time but that man a naym pussy years now ,no know bout the shit part ,all a we suck hood an do much worse them crucified Jesus so weh dem ago do ppl nuff a unu a do worst than the gal .talk is cheap something unu see why unu a talk cause if the gal did nah mention unu wouldn’t a talk ,the baby father look like him really go crazy over her till it a mad him plus she have him youth , wid this sucking thing it played out mi glad fi shakara an pet both still alive, you no see say them no want no war an unu still a call them name Don/t if the girl don’t want you just get ova it an the gal dem whe a work wid him unu say the same thing over and over it weak now give us new info on pet so bye a bayyy

  25. Ah true Jennie mouth stink like crawblouse an pet pussy big like do whole ah di ocean di obeah nah work talk di tings dem

  26. Pet You nuh tired fi f**k n suck down di whom America you desperate exscuse for a woman you f**k an suck anyman an ah true Jenny mouths tink like crawblous an pet pussy big like di ocean you fi talk bout di wood Ina mouth n di video that’s still on media in California

  27. It’s about to be 2019 and this nasty slut ass bald headed wig wearing stink want to give everyone her pussy male and female both PET is still doing the same shit. She has fucked all of Jamaica, Queens and is a modern day prostitute. She beg married men to be with her. Even try to get her daughter Zoe to beg for her. She is nasty and should focus on her 4 kids instead of sucking married men dicks. Sony her father is ashamed of her. She recently got arrested for harassing the wife of a man who make her suck him off and give him money. She is desperate and broke and try’s to put on as of life is good when she is miserable. Not even here legally all this time. All she does is wear canal street bags and shoes and looks a hot mess. If Don really knew what she was about and how many men come in and out of her house with his kids around still it would be ova for she

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