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This is a PSA to all a di wanna be Porn stars. A cell phone is not you best fren otayy. When unu see a man pull dat out unuh fi runn fass. Imagine mi frien live all di way a Georgia and send me a video of one of Philly’s Prominent Couple “da hollywoods” I don’t know who or what Ms Eva bless did but she surely cathchin the wrath of a pissed off person. All who no see it muss did a sleep fi the last week and no wake yet. Ms Bless I cah believe you fall fi diss and get ketch wid di lolly like dat. Mrs wholesome and Mrs perfect. You always ina ppl biznezz while urs tunn sour milk pon u rass. Mi wah know is who ina di video as di 3rd wheel and what u did to ur pappi why unu juss leff braps sooo. Di man ina di video surely doh look like ur papai cause dat buddy black and ur papi buddy is oh so light like him complexion. Nothing against black folks but why di bright c
olors in di freak room mama? Di man cah see you ina di dark or what? I feel seh is ur cell phone di video come from and u did a cheat pon ur pappi why the whole worl seeing it now. Take this as a lesson learnt and stop record ur freak chronicles cause see it deh it come a bite in ur rass. Literally,cause ur Ass is very big and broad. When a man piss off there is no secret memba dat. Where is Philly Dancehall celebrity or formspring when we need it. lmao_____


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Juany YoungJuan Corleone Cuzo wassup with the nails tho

February 7 at 4:57pm · Like
Cheetah Newme Campbell A weh that mi see pon yuh nail

February 7 at 5:12pm · Like

Meeka Goodas Excuse me is that your fingers or your gf? Damien Hollywood

February 7 at 5:59pm · Edited · Like

Nicole Wilkinson Yes dem nails …a wha

February 7 at 6:53pm · Like · 1
Rochelle So Pretty Excellent Why is your nail polish black I just really really want to know

February 7 at 7:41pm · Like

Damien Hollywood It’s a new me My new style It’s all about my illumanati Black everything Rattan I get my tattoos

February 7 at 8:04pm · Like

Tiffy Harr Love de look # different

February 7 at 8:36pm · Like · 1
Damien Hollywood Cheetah Newme Campbell hi

February 7 at 8:40pm · Like

Damien Hollywood Tiffy Harr. Hi mi link

February 7 at 8:43pm · Like

Tiffy Harr Nothing much wassup with u Damien Hollywood

February 7 at 9:06pm · Like · 1

Ali Salone Toast my nigga..!!

February 7 at 9:06pm · Like · 1
Damien Hollywood @ali saline what Gud

February 7 at 9:19pm · Like · 1

Damien Hollywood Tiffy Harr ntn live da Dream

February 7 at 9:22pm · Like · 1

Tiffy Harr Kool kool anit nothing wrong with that

February 7 at 9:23pm · Like · 1

Cheetah Newme Campbell Waz good weh yuh seh garth thing yuh a pree now

February 7 at 9:58pm · Like · 1

Damien Hollywood

February 11

this is the first Valentines Day mi don’t have to worry about buying gift for anyone and I feel good last year mi buy a Michael Kors watch for da germs mi had in my life but this Valentine’s Day the only mi give away is pain and suffering and dragon souls to hell hahahahaha no shakingness behind it

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Haynes Boakai I hope you not talking about you Kids Mother like that D.and if you are, show the mother of your lil one(s) more respect than that. Real men respect their kids enough to not disrespect their mom. Cool it bro and remember your donot have to agree on everything but your can respect each other for the kids sake.

February 11 at 4:05pm · Like · 1

Damien Hollywood @Boakai Haynes what you talking about don’t even think about that germs mi link so I don’t even know why you talking about her cuz I don’t y yuh a think about her at all

February 11 at 4:13pm · Like
Haynes Boakai where you pickney dem at? You love them don’t you? I know you do. So on that ground alone respect their mother. I don’t know her and don’t want to know her but I will at least respect her because she’s your seeds shell and you too should do the same, that if you love them. Think about it

February 11 at 4:21pm · Like

Damien Hollywood @ Haynes yuh fun mi gud mi happy on everything is up up up up lol mi nuh love nobody but myself mi link

February 11 at 4:30pm · Like

Kezann Dwyer Damien, why the hell you talking like this…. it not a good look… come on man

February 12 at 4:02pm · Like

Damien Hollywood Kezann Dwyer its never a gud look to b yourself mi family but I am Who I am I love me or hate me Hollywood up up up

February 12 at 4:07pm · Like

Kezann Dwyer yuh ass crazy anyways…. so mi haffi see wid yuh

February 12 at 4:13pm · Like · 1

Damien Hollywood Kezann Dwyer crazy is as crazy does lol

February 12 at 4:16pm · Like

Damien Hollywood

January 26

Mi so f**king bed and mi proud of it join Illuminati burned dawn bridges Brooklawn stoplight that make it worse now n if yuh nuh like mi mi nuh like,yuh too n to,all,who want kill mi who yuh a kill a man who, sell his soul so now mi do whatever mi like

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Denise Caracas U coulda fool mi thought u where this piece ful rasta. Neva know u a di devil r u just pretending to be?

January 26 at 5:47pm · Like

Damien Hollywood Denise Caracas mi is who mi is no pretending lol

January 26 at 6:38pm · Like

Denise Caracas U still my friend any way

January 26 at 6:41pm · Like · 1
Damien Hollywood Denise Caracas mi kno mi link
Damien Hollywood
January 31
Barnett Kingston Jubilee Hospital grow up in Seaview garden when mi was a little boy mi grandmother si to mi Damien anything yuh do go all out so yes, believe in da devil n to all how want to kill mi Hollywood is a man how won’t give yuh da satisfaction I rather kill myself first and be happy in hell


  1. morning jmg, met, jmg crew,bloggers, peepers an all, bless up met is it me? Where is the connection to Damien hollywood and the “sex tape” wid evabless, I’m lost :nerd. This yute ah talk bout illuminati an all dese tings….help me out ere!!!! :angel

    1. good morning…di people dem soon come..dis was di man whey put up di video wid him baby mother a suck smaddy else———– n she say is not a stranger and him se is a next man

      1. U right! Caw d man is obsessed, clearly, with demons cause this is not normal!!! And he has painted his nails black, not for style but to advocate his illuminati “image”. :salahkamar

  2. Maybe she found out HE’S a batty fish and said betty fi suck a next cocky then di shitty one. Cuz all di nail polish!!!

    1. AGREED!! He’s gay and doesnt know how to come out of the closet in the dancehall community. Thats all I got from this.

  3. So him hurt, anna call him babymada, germs an all dem tings….so someone comment an tell him dat nuh right, an him disagree to d point where him nuh care but nutten, an him a wership d devil an who waa kill him, him wud rather kill himself,,,,,,no sah, i can not believe wat I am reading!!! No met.

    1. londy wot powt u duz not bahleeve? :nerd?
      di woman was sucking off di next buddy bad eno maybe dat bus ina him head :nohope:

  4. like ow me nuh av no werk today…i r is ere!!!!!!
    coffee, :coffee: splifas, food, heat. Snow affi guh melt :rainbow: caw me nah dig, shovel nutten name snow today. Me fassen yassso! :rain: :shutup:

  5. Metty, please to dash dat deh video inna mi mailbox mummy :siul ..good day fam :peluk :peluk :peluk ..Metty, I’m patiently waiting :siul

  6. good morning everyone… suh him a seh him nuh love him kids dem? him only love him self, dat crowbate of a baby fadda him is.

  7. Met is she same one ina one topic pan pic bout she love harself all of a sudden.
    Wid grown teenagers that probably seen the video by now cause di step daddy put it pon him FB.

  8. Met,

    No baddie no send onn di big tracing weh gwan pon Fb lastnight from Philly.?

    Sunday best mummies VS Meesha Steppa and Veachy. apparently Jackie a wear a Jamaica and there is no Winter there (Pickni). Dna result was revealed and all hell pop loose.

  9. Met but yuh know say battyman-ism come wid illuminati
    That’s how dem sell dem soul Fck man & Mek man Fck dem
    Do all kinda demonic ritual poor him .. Bout him sell him soul him can do as he please smaddy need fi wipe off da nail polish deh while him a sleep
    Him gay mi Seet clear ! Lol but who cares let that nigga be a cocky sucker

  10. Dear Damien Hollywood,

    We do not seek your endorsements and or advertisement for our movement we are doing great, we’ve been around since about 1776 est and still kicking. Unfortunately you do not meet our minimum requirements for enrollment at this time. You’re not even close to being enlightening and you have zero influence over others.



    PS.. Satan feels the same, no need to apply their are no openings for new recruits.

  11. Mi seh . We gwine Leave Iesha alone u kno. From mawnin she get up ah dash word pon social Media cause she hear seh har file reland ova yah. All of a sudden she proud and ah sport all tung ring lmao. If she eva knoew seh dat a di fastest way fi har tung rotten off. All dem back up sperms won’t go any where but live in that hole for the ring. Lysol only help but soo much. My girl condition wah shampoo very bad.


  12. Met a WAH do (LMAO)

    Mi weak out lol lol nooooooooo him nuh even meet the “minimums”
    Why ppl a kill me off lmfaoooooooooooo he wanna be luminati so bad
    Sorry excuse fi do faggatry I’m so weakkkkkk

  13. That idiot bwoy is one fool and is one under cover fish.Mrs Lady maniac you better watch out because we already know that you and him a f**k so stop trying to be sneaky about it.

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