Mi wah kno if is desperate Nikki Fab desperate fi fren soo much she willing to par wid anybody. Nikki me see you and Poochie ah keep Round Robin next month but mi loss bad. Wasn’t Poochie one of the girls in Shabba Welcome to America Committee when him juss land ova yah from England. Poochie no have no Loyalty to no baddie cause she seh money and she no care. Nikki youi need fi ask your baby fadda who fi talk to innna Philly. As far as I see him have you a clown out urself a par wid girls him know pon more than frienship levels. You neve see Poochie wid a man yet, but she breed. You no see she roun come back a Philly cause di ppl dem wah done har weh she runn from. Poochie mi no ur babies dem affi eat but you past bitter. A betta you did keep Nikki on a hi and bye basis. How you fi a keep party wid di gal and a par up wid har and kno seh you coulda still a help har wid Shabba. Mi fraid a gal like you.


  1. Is not Poochie alone. All these dancehall wives sharing man and grin up with these fools in party. Look pon Chyna an Skilli. All the frens and fam he no stop fuk off and they smile up in Chyna and each otha face. Nikki n shabba nah do nothing new.

  2. Sanny you ah di nex sneeking fukka. You live pon di computer socome ansa back like when You a defend up ur title gainst Neicey.
    PPl unuh eva notice Poochie when she ina di club, All she do is smile and lissen. no long talking cause she a map out har next victim. ole teef

  3. Still in shock after Nikki seh how Shabba embarrass har pon social media…so after all that she still tek him back,smdh

  4. Men like when you lick dem balls. Maybe you should try it an ya mon mite calm down likkle……. Any way Nikki did upset and was venting. She married to him and they have kids together and he know he was wrong. Low har. Every woman go tru dem sumn deh. She just kno dat she haff tu deal wid di humiliation when it reach har. Simple

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