fish fry philly mixup
Kizzy in black baby madda weh him nuh stop beat up and nah mine she nor the belly poor hoe haffi stand up pon foot whole day a Wendy’s drive thru window a work likkle money while har man a dash money pon gal a road lol smh re re stop pose with the girl and yuh know ya f** why yuh suh bare face my girl yuh f**k all ah yuh fren dem man weh have likkle dollas. Yuh nuh tyad Fi dash yuh nasty sour bajan pu**y roun philly, yuh nuh see seh you can’t go into a party and nuh run into at least 5 man weh know how yuh deep throat and deep pu**y feel. Big gut sum yuh look like u a breed Fi soulgie but wait weh yuh seh belly a wear yuh might as well join in. Whoring coolie gal stop walk with yuh p**y pon yuh farid.Next gal inna the blue sherika yuh just have baby Fi kid wa day ya and yuh start go back a road go watch him already. Ya real clown the man ups with him wife the old ass whoring yankee gal ish weh the whole ah him fren dem f**k and duck. Dragon felt tia in the white your belly nuh drop yet? Yuh look like pregnant donkey to bbc yuh due date gone from the beginning a August and yuh still a walk a ga dance with belly!! Gah yuh rass bed nuh gal yuh nuh fraid yuh water bruk pon dancehall floor

0 thoughts on “PHILLY FISH FRY TUN OVA

  1. The sender couldn’t spare her wrath and not say bad tings abt the woman belly? Man cah respect woman when other woman say tings bout babies, pregnancy and stretch marks from child birth. Disgusting.

  2. Sender please donot knock her for her belly or the job because unlike some of them that make the pink wall she has a job and it seems u can find nothing else to say about her plus a wonder if it’s you her so call boy father cause he is not a man to be call child father a spend his money on

  3. Please Tia when u in the hospital pleeeaasse have them fix your teeth/mouth. I haven’t seen shauna with her raffle belly,she’s in hiding.donna gucci please stay out my way thank u

  4. Tia so is who you give the belly to now ??? because it nasty up the place that is not Dave own and that you don’t stop go around and sleeping on the belly with different different man ? which is such a embarrassing thing

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