131 thoughts on “PHILLY HOT ASHES

    1. Veechy why you Mek dem do all that airbrush pon you Victoria secret flyer girl please to stop. Because you nasty looking as f**k and I wish you would stop insulting Victoria secret like that girl please to go buy a mirror because all kelly you bestie talking about you Bobby aka Lizard please stop spending all the money on yourself and invest some in your wife she’s too big to be we are in all those cheap things it nuh Look good and sometimes she can stay home she don’t affi watch the cocky suh hard

  1. Cmon be fair cuz that lady in the yellow gladiators n green mini can get IT non-stop! !!That other lady nuh fraid bees n wasp swarm her!!??

  2. Veachy ( pic # 1) I have no words for you. Fi a young gal under 3o you look like you closer to 50 in a bad way. You are the reason the man sing the song ole before you young. All the man tekking put a severe stress pon you body.

    Granny (pic #2) you look crawney bad dem gi you the perfect name. all dem tattoo meck you look more sick than you always did. Me see the belly way you never get fi carry fi Twin make you put on some weight thou.. You and your sister make unuh motha embarrass bad. Take everything in dancehall and breed up now unuh flappp. Fi young gals under 30 you also need to stay home and get some rest. After the embarrassment with Twin you should of just stop coming out. All the shades dem you dropping on social media, White still no want you and he never did. As crawny as him be,him have a type and you only fit 1 part a him equation , the skinniness everything else is a red flagg. Take you fukk and duck and leave the man alone.

    Kenya (pic # 3) you straight be acting like you the boss of Liz and he straight be clowing you . I don’t know what kinda arrangement yal got but your marriage/ relation seems wide open for all these thots to have access to him. It kills me how you be bragging like you secure and I see otherwise when he in the club . girl bye. You think all dem Jamaican girl gonna let you stop them when you a yankee?

    Pic # 5 My girl you look lost and confuse. That shit in your nose only advertise what all the people in philly got to say about you It may the same reason why they have you as the head servicer in all your frens relationship. I hope you are over 30 because you look closer to 50 more than Veachy. Give the party scene a break because you look madder than Grace Jones more time.Stop say don don a run you done cause him like dem young fresh and green.

  3. Veechy why you Mek dem do all that airbrush pon you Victoria secret flyer girl please to stop. Because you nasty looking as f**k and I wish you would stop insulting Victoria secret like that girl please to go buy a mirror because all kelly you bestie talking about you

  4. How unnuh suh pussyclaat idle? Lef di ppl dem alone. Everyday unnuh siddung pan pink mek ppl weh betta den unnuh life a badda yuh. F**king no papers bitches.

  5. Yuh really guh thru di cameraman picture dem fi post up di ppl dem pic? Smh. Unnuh Philly roaches. Weh get from dis?

  6. Philly unnu again??? No man! like mi affi go get a rich man suh mi can open couple clothes store a philly.

  7. Pic 1. Clearly a man in drag.
    pic 2. Clearly issa slow child
    pic 3. Clearly whatever she needs is on the ground, also not her size.
    pic 4. Clearly a long time she bawn.
    pic 5. Clearly she give up cause she know dat damn slippers nuh match.
    pic 6. Clearly inna har mind she nuh pass 16

  8. Crystal yuh get one new title. Queen Ash. Mi seh yuh not even give yuh body likkle break fi ketch back it’s pigment. Yuh push out di baby den fly back a dance wid yuh crotches in di air. It dohhh look good. All round yuh eye dem black and ashy. Please to use likkle foundation before di next time yuh pose up. And try PEND time wid yuh pickney and use good lotion

  9. Di grimblins dem weh have time fi post up di gyal dem picS clearly a loose right now. Dem gyal out a hustle dem money but unnuh a worry uunuh self bout weh a dem a wear, who dem a f***. Bet nuff a uunuh don’t even have ID in farrin. Cah get nutten inna unnuh name but FB and IG

  10. The way veachy obsessed with kelly body she took one of kelly pic and put her head on kelly body for her Victoria secret party picture. If I laugh I fawt. Bomboclawt veachy how you wicked so. That picture on the flyer really. You resemble a hypopotimus but put up a filter mosquito picture. Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder because Im convinced u pussyclat blind.

  11. so all veaches have to do is ask har bestie kelly where she do har body and go pay the surgeon a visit. lmfaoo. or kelly a hike out pan everybody where she go.

  12. ALl a dem go Dr Gaby @ grant & the Blvd or Dominica . The problem is dem need fi research the Dr dem cause is butcher dem a butcher up densely.. How can a Dr that does 50 different things be my plastic surfGeon? Clearly the man. Sees a bunch of fool with money to waste that don’t care so him teck it..

  13. Kelly nuh look betta dan Veachy nuh day. She tuff nuh f**k! Veachy just want lose bout 10 pounds and she good.

    1. Veechy please to stop you and Kelly is not even in the same category Bye girl you in a category by yourself A big quarterback linebacker And the list goes on not to mention you look like a big tough man nothing Girlie about you no you’re ugly sister is them

  14. No time ladies tek off dah pic deh offa di flyer bcuz Veachy head weh dem put pan dah body deh is a hot mess. Everybody know a airbrush. It duh luk gud boo. Dat big rass head pan dat likkle body. Please tell whoever print di flyer to print it over. PLEASEEE ASAP.HURRY UP QUICK QUICK.

  15. Veachy does not look better than Kelly sorry. I am not friends with either but only a blind would speak such nonsense.

    If a dr Gabbay him do a good job. not the best work, but good enough I guess.

    Most plastic surgeons, dr, etc does more than one thing as you call it.

    No surgeon does just one thing, they may specialize in one area, but most times work on any part of a person’s body…….

    kelly might as well give up har secret cause it look like she a Philly idol.

  16. Kay why you look like a transgender at you party and a pure hypocrite in one please Philly Too mix-up

  17. How di f*** Kelly be nubody idol di bitch body fake and dounce like wah. I don’t if she have a GED. Girl bye. No fake dounce round here.

  18. Kelly is a clown surgery nah help her lack of education no job and no qualifications she not even good at doing wigs

  19. Why dem Philly gyal nuh left the colour hair and bleach out body ting alone? Kay Kay Kay. Yuh luk bad inna yuh party and di hypocrite dem weh a skin dem test wid yuh and yuh duh stay gud is a set a wick f***s Tia, how yuh fool Suh gyal? Yuh inna yuh Marie n fren enemy party, smh.

  20. Kay look like a really gully monkey. Gyal stay bad yah. Thank God fi false hair and makeup and still look ugly.

  21. Bloodclaaaatttt yuh post some pics a Kay rr nuh. Mi seh di gyal look like germs. Mi cah wait fi see di pics dem a Jago party tonight. Wata rass likkle more. All a Philly germs rollout. Mi a wait. Kelly don’t forget yuh Listerine. Veachy please nuh forget fi ban dunng yuh belly. Shauna lef one a yuh double chin a yuh yard. Kay and Needs please bade gud before yuh cum out cause unnuh always look dirty. Crystal stay home. Yuh always look cheap. Lizard stop mek yuh woman shop a lady blue and send har guh Saks or some weh decent. Cherry please press out yuh face before yuh come out or change dah face deh.

    1. That tuff face is permanent matter a fact just stay you ugly ass home you screw cherry you look like that ugly ass man pon dancehall queen

  22. This no hating but how yu keep a party n cut one a yu old pants fi wear n the makeup Mek yu look too strang the cake was cheap looking n look tacky mesha y don’t u stay df**k home Tia yu heart strang how yu dweeit yu hitch up inna yu enemy party,n the Trifling ugly capture land getting looking big Pusey sister them uno ve no loyalty uno a friend the gyal n channel n uno chat uno want a block a rat poison fi eat it mi wonda y uno caan stop the f**kry…at least chantel do up har body so u nasty Kay wey a f**k fi Free can’t walk inna har shoes betta tell jago tek dung the monkey looking pic them before the zoo keeper start search fi yu with yu big yabba dabba mouth no sah it bun fi ugly gyal wey think them
    Look good bad. Nasty veechie y u no lay dung inna waan ants nest Mek the Ants the bite out the fat out a yu bloodclaat n all the dr Fisher pill yu a tek munchie Rasta British naa stop f**k me nice clean friend due to how him chat yu Smh all him is a nasty boy Cuz how him can trace n chat woman… n once more Kelly stop bawl dung me Snapchat. N stop gi yu husband bun..on that note Maine from wah day yu a cum out but yu look like a bloodclaat roach me hate uno god know Cuz uno no loyal uno is the goat family hawk n spit

  23. Kay have on 50 inches mermaid hair and name brand sneakers with not even a picture on a book leaf to call ID in uncle sam country. Then f**king with windy thats in the same ship and can’t help. The crew she’s in is the same vessel none to help none. Most of them not even have a book leaf ID and is the hypest shit buckets in the parties. There priorities really f*ked up. How unnuh dweet though. Kay whoever over beat your face for your party over f**k you up. That makeup made you uglier.

  24. Even before mi come live a Philly mi use to sey no sah a how dem Philly people yah look suh. Now that I’m living here I see why especially when yuh hit certain neighborhoods dem look suh bad it dread yah nah lie. On the positive side there are many good looking fashionably individuals living here we don’t (myself) hit di dancehall scene as I’m more about my career & mi bed. All a wi nuhlook a hot mess. But yea a true ting mi nuh know whey dem even find dem clothes deh.

  25. Den dem really nuh straight inna farrin and hype Suh? Trump soon raid di party dem and dash dem out one by one. Every party keep unnuh tek pics. Dem soon scan out di pics dem and cum pic Windy and di rest a di husla dem weh a hype wid nuh papas.

  26. If unnuh life Suh rass prefect. Why unnuh deh pan pink wall a worry bout ppl life? If unnuh Suh cute, Suh rich, Suh educated, dress Suh fashionable why di f*** unnuh worried bout di ppl dem inna dancehall?

  27. Traight where? 90% of them lean like giddy house at port royal. Woman and man. Tek note of the hype ones in the parties. Essie I was at Kae Round robin and if you did that to her face and think you going to advertise your self as makeup artist you better go back to school. Why you did the girl face like that and she supposed to be your in-law. Kae pass me and her face was ugly for real. Go look at the pictures. Tia would do a better job. Kae I like you but truthfully you did look bad at your party. Essie even your sister makeup was awful. More practice required Essie before you sell yourself.

  28. Everybody a talk say kae is a low life dunce and ugly but what about the one allowing her man to cheat on her, the whole a philly dancehall know windy f**king kea. Him family a play both sides. So who a di real fool. The reason Kae dont look better than windy gyal,kae just dont have no money to run motel and pump gel in her ass and hip. Mi see windy gyal before she spend money fix her self and trust me she nuh look good at alllll. Again who a the real fool the one with her papers spending her last to keep up with philly dusty dance hall shit or the one who a f**k her man.

  29. Bwoy, mi see Munchie put some pic a advertise make. Mi affie really winds if she see weh she post? Di make up dem ugly yuh fig. My girl, tek dem dung yah man.

    1. So why yuh Neva comment pon har pic and tell har. Yuh run come pon pink wall a comment. Y’all bitches be scared AF. Move and galang. Yuh too bloodclott fraidy fraidy

      1. Lawd god make-up ppl don’t know what they doing clothes site ppl dem without fashion mi can’t bother what next

  30. 7:07 people can Talk about anything they want to why you over here reading Why you have time to read go take a nap

  31. Well Chanel still don’t look good she is one big mouth ugly mother f**ker gyal nose n mouth big like yabba Tpc that’s y the man a bun har suh wid kae him love the big mouth ugly gal them smfh me see har inna windy party and me a sey to me friend Chanel do surgery Cuz har body look like wen clay set inna too much sun and lap sided girl it don’t look good it better yu did do the slippas them and Kay boy me just don’t know y somebody caan gi yu a bust ass how much Man U a tek gyal no sah n look like a retarted little boy ass bitch

  32. How dum unuh dancehall gal dem wutless suh unuh pick up man that can’t even help unuh unuh want hype man that can’t even help unuh him no have paper you no have paper

  33. Sharika fray girl please to stay home girl you look a hot mess last night at jago party I say dammmmmmmmm this bitch is ugly as f**k not to mention that double chin of her :najis :najis :najis :najis

  34. True Tyesh deh wid bubbles nd stop f**k rasta British all she do on Fb is throw words girl yuh have yuh nice job nd life comfortable stop trouble ppl although a ur page but yuh keep talking about black ppl this that or dirty black gyal dem tht this yuh love trouble munchy eeehhh do girl don’t even see yuh a hope yuh cah throw those hands also.

  35. Sophia Reid wid di fake body and ugly Muma Diva, unnuh ain’t leading nuh body by no donkey lengths. Sophia Reid yuh body fake and unnuh face old. Yuh should duh yuh rass face too. Stop hype wid di P**** weh yuh guh sell a Jamaica. Muma Diva yuh face tuff like some ole Ching a St Thomas. Unnuh need fi siddung cuz Sophia yuh guh duh yuh body a try look like Kelly and yuh fail. No ain’t leading nobody boo boo. Guh fix di face and di fake body lean. Kelly a still luxury doll. Sophia Reid, Muma Diva and unnuh crew fail bad.

    1. What the f**k kelly have mi can’t bother with these Philly thot these donkey face looking bitch please to go and find something productive to do with unuh self

  36. Nobody trying to be like Kelly stop idolize idiots that don’t have education can’t read or write

  37. After dem gyal duh surgery dem cah gwah like dem a di shit. Apart from unnuh fake body wah else unnuh have fi show? Everyting unnuh duh fi likes and unnuh still dounce. Gyal wid good up good up body nuh affie flaunt it pan social media because a real lady but unnuh Philly f*** buckets always want to be seen. Guh get some degrees n diplomas. Sick a unnuh and unnuh fake dounce self.

    1. Yes just to be seening and most a dem fake body look lean like :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  38. Unnuh a ask what di f**k Kelly have? What di f**k f**k out sell pussy ole woman Reid Sophia have? Kelly still look Betta then di sell pussy ole woman bitches. She n har f**kout crew ain’t leading shit. Unnuh look like 2 man and a ole woman when unnuh guh out. No ting outstanding bout unnuh. Muma Diva yuh stop f**k Gabby? Reid Sophia yuh still a f**k Trevor Rankin?

    1. Weeeeeeeee gabby yuck and Trevor rankin how much woman you alone want to f**k dammmmmmmmm you nuh stop embarrassing you wife

  39. Tyesh looking clean up lately always thought she was cute but she don’t have shit either like the rest. Cash the only one in Philly dat have her own money and nobody don’t want to give da girl a ring

  40. Reid Sophia find a new man inna di party cah inna fi hat head she cum out plus I’ve seeing her at too many party like lately she neva use to party suh a who fah man she a tek now lol mumma diva yuh nuh way bk snookie British do baby daddy lol

  41. it don’t matter how much money Cash have or business Cash own. The man den say Cash pussy stink bad. and mi have to start fi believe cause besides har line backer self an har big head an big hand dem something ain’t right.

  42. Mi nuh kno if dem a enemies but a guest all fake bodies and hoes inna dancehall a get compare. Mi figot seh from Sharon Hylife now Sharon Smith duh fi har belly shi inna dancehall a gwan like she a di shit and har man noisey a f**k di ugly bleachout foot gyal weh work a Zion restaurant. My girl siddung. Lizard yuh woman and har sista dem still look cheap.

    1. Weeeeeeeeeee mix-up time dem him a sleep with who wooooooooow yes she think she’s the shit

    2. Everybody a promoter now :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak everybody a look a hype life

  43. Bwoy yall make Kelly feel special. She always the talk in the comments all when the post aint about her. Somebody jealous as f**k cuz she got plastic surgery done. Dunce or not her belly flat again and yours not lol You big mad or little mad dwl

  44. 10:20 no Sah DWL Blackie mi have a up close of unno mouth why Dem gal breath stay bad bare yellow teeth bad breath inna dancehall . Cash mi like how you stay working hard dress cute but ongly ting mi can’t understand is why we never see you with a man . Owen mi might want a f**k back for old time sake . Party scene turn up lately unno start come out and bring less drama more fun .

  45. Kelly how you feel when you see the boy weh u did a dead ova come out with him plain Jane baby Madda and no fast pon you. All the body you do up the boy still Neva leve him baby Madda and you say you. luxury doll and a simple girl a mad you di boy see chu you and Neva make ur bag a makeup and cheap clothes fool him. him see say you no have no ambition.. Why you stop over dress you girls them all of a sudden? Now dem look like a ny Yankee pickni way di Madda fly and the pickni dem a begg fi some attention . Gal go be. Mother to ur kids bout you a run dung dancehall. Title

  46. Kelly your surgery is nothing to be mad about maybe something to laugh about because nobody nah care about her body . we care about her lack of education that she rather not spend a dime on but because surgery is way more important when you don’t have nothing else going for your Also known as lack of ambition . Unno could of invested in a salon since you like do hair …A low life luxury Doll is what she is she own nothing in America . She barley owns her husband .

  47. Debbie the ppl dem was talking at the baby shower say how a the ppl dem man you go breed fa so when you think sum a the ppl dem you invite all dem do a cum fi fast

    1. Is which part the baby Showa keep? cause Me coulda swear a Philly she base but the Shower was kept out a port? by the way, is who a di people dem man ? Cause dem nasty man ya lie till dem blue so me sure is some lie him tell har fi she have har first child fi smaddy man. sad bad.

  48. Kay u really fava a f**kin transgender, Tia u a f**kin drag queen all the f**k u deh f**k u still look pop down!! Shay n Wingee stop tief di ppl dem lace front. Shay u need fi stop bleach an go brush ur teeth, my girl ur teeth dem need help.the man dem say ur breath stink n Pussy water up ,U bitches have a jealousy bout Kelly n har body she look fuvkin good.Natalie u walk n f**k every f**kin crew n still look pop down, my girl upgrade that bmw it don’t look good, granny u look retarded, mi tireddddddddd ah!!!

  49. I know one thing is yankee girls look way better than y’all dried up stinkin Pussy bitches, lizard not leavin the Yankees go suck ur stink mumma stink bitches

  50. No sah unnu stink n sick stomach. Natalie u still Deh wit u husband poor man nun stop get bun, u nuh stop walk n f**k off philly wit ur old stretch out pussy weh Marlo n twin dem talk bout, mi see u pon castor Avenue u look very stressed! U can’t wait fi di old yankee man fi dead eeh. U f*k all of ur fren dem man, u pussy need Medicare now.

  51. Which part of sherikaa fray ugly move unnu blood clot the girl fat but no part of she ugly she deh pon mi page n all she do is work, and mi always see har wit har man at casino. Unnu stink like go find ah next topic lame bitches,

  52. I’m weak TPC, daymeon still deh f**k out Kim likkle dun out self, shakera mi know u glad u n she stop talk cause she is a entire whore in a bag, Diddy don’t want har.

  53. Kelly can you please stay home for at least 2 weeks so We can actually miss you?? Dem really agi you too much publicity now like you a star..

    Me still a wonada how you a bad gal and u no fren none a ur enemie dem but Blackie who deal wid you case proper. Is wha you fraid di family gang you? All now you still a carry belly fi Keisha Gangsta all because she say ur husband no have no hood. look how much gal man you teck and smile up ina dem face? Kelly you know most ah dem man ya tell dem woman just like how Owen lap him fracktail wid you right? is not fraid dem fraid a you why di gal dem no step to you, is shame dem shame dem man go there and is busy laughing at how this happily married woman a stark dem amn fi more a DFckkk. please to go bleack you foot dem cause dem no match you body, and run to the dentist. you shoulda fix ur mouth before the body. Thjnak God you big sonstay outa a di limelight cause the way how him mussy shame fi u.

  54. Batta foot/yays gal Kayann you better doh come ova yah a trace fi Kelly either. Me know you is har puppet and you fraid a har.

    By the way, the weight loss mission is onto a good start, me juss a wonda if a Dr Fisher or Man problem? Either way dweet Mumma cause di people dem a say a waist trainer and di effects of filter, but dat couldn’t contain your issues. And me no believe a man problem cause dat been a issue from day one so congrats boo boo. As you were.

  55. Why would anybody be jealous of a fake body hot cherry lips bitch you should mind your business nobody once said Kelly fake body wasn’t appealing dem
    Say she don’t have a education nor can she read or write copying and pasting scriptures isn’t education you idiot her breath smell like shit too so we jealous of that too I guess

  56. So how ya’ll come to the conclusion that kelly doesn’t have an education? The woman come here and got her high school diploma years ago! She then went on to go to hair school and graduated with a trade. That’s better than what some people have. I’ve known Kelly well over 12years now. Although we aren’t bff or have hung out ever… we always hail each other when we see each other. She is a very nice person, and a damn good mother.

    1. Kayannn top ur lieing bout Kelly come yah come go High School.. So how ole was Kelly when she had had big son that she left in Jamaica who is not dam near 20.. From Kelly left Jamaica. education was not on her wish list…she was a Thot then and still a Thot now. Kelly come a America when she past 18 u cannot enter high after you are 18 unless you were already in school.. From Kelly meet Owen pan di train when di people dem man send fi har and she divert and di man still wah f**k har up. Come again since unuh wah me reel out Cinderella file

  57. Gaymeon is not f**king Kim stop tell lie the girl have up gar good up man a California . Kim don’t f**k Bruck man

    1. Kim Gaymeon was f**king you and Haitian Rose when he was faking like he had $$$ . Stop playing ur self bout Man Ah Cali dem just wah laugh aft a Diddy just fi say dem freak out him baby Madda.

  58. Behind all the makeup Sophia is one ugly girl her fave look so old and tired she always have shape so her body is just a extra..I meet her years ago she use to work at the hair store,,that’s is a straight up whore I was surprise when I see her in parties acting like she’s the shit only if y’all really this girl her reputation is really bad,am also surprise she and Keisha still friends Keisha dog her 24/7 that’s friendship fake as hell she hate Sophia in real life..I’m no hater tho her body look way better than Kelly body,Kelly dress way better tho,why everybody acting like Kelly GOD?

  59. Shay is one big idiot when it comes to Donna Gucci big son I don’t know is him f**k her then dis her real man clown Shay wingy is not ur friend she talks bad about u with Donna all the time yah Donna son f**k box him still a hide yuh.donna what happen to u lately u be looking real stress lately why you didn’t stay on Saturday u look a hot mess at jago party de hair shop not making any money?

  60. I feel so sad fi Kelly fool fool husband. A really must tie dem tie him mek him fool suh and Kelly nuh grudge yuh fi yuh marriage.We just feel shame and sorry fi how yuh duh di fool fool husband. Mi see yuh inna corn wid one a di one odda man dem lastnight. Di one weh deh a di gate lastnight. Di bwoy talk she him a f*** yuh. Gyal how yuh tun bad suh???

  61. Who else in the dancehall scene can we talk about? Mi tyaad fi hear bout Kelly.

    Suh wah unnu ah seh Gaymeon bruk fi tru?

  62. Gaymeon, nuh stop trust out di ppl dem bar and floss pan pics n video like him rich. Don’t be fool by di hype.

  63. Gaymon been broke Who left inna Philly dancehall that has money cah dAn dan is so ugly ? Asking for my friend

    1. Nobody in the dancehall scene that party everyday don’t have nothing. Worse dem mon yah. Most ah dem live off a gyal. Dem love likes. Especially all ah dese roun robins and seafood shit if its a mon weh a keep it is a gyal behind it. Trust mi. Tell your friend to find her own money and mon will find her.

  64. Nuh care how Lizard ugly woman cuss di bitch still ugly. Makeup look like shit clothes cheap. Nobody wah lizard weh nuh work siddung everyday pan live and di Yankee gyal work har ugly ass off. Dem fava idiot. Bitch bye.

  65. Left Lizard woman alone. Di gyal nuh begg nuh fren unnuh. She guh out wid har man and mind har business. Unnuh too rass fass. Di gyal and har man aright. Unnh f**k off.

  66. Number 1 broke ass beggy beggy man mix up inah Philadelphia is Carlos Gaza yute. You nearly dead twice, nearly get dip. Before you guh look work every day you hitch up a some party. Every pan knock you deh deh. I dont know how woman make you sleep with them. All of that drinking night and day and bleaching most of unu not even going to the doctor to get checked up. Just a ruin the one life god give unu. Everything soon catch up man….just wait. The body is like car.

  67. di comment up deh suh mi too a f Prezy big dick too good good but mi waa know if him a f Wingie too

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