1. Munchy salt bad I guess kelly wasn’t playing with you ha boi kelly you cold tho I here from last week that you was going to call immigration on munchi

  2. Simplicity Munchie deh a rd.. A Neil alone get hold.. Watch ya now bout Kelly call immigration pan Munchie smh ppl good sah

  3. I thought he was a citizen. Boy some people priorities twisted, him all these years and him couldn’t take a few dollars and file him paper work. Scratches my head

    1. Not everyone who comes here can get papers, There is a lot of Rules to this, One of the protocol is, IF you enter in the US using someone else name you will not get your green card, Some of US as we know, came here not the legal way. But because we so ignorant and think USA is the only place we as Jamaicans can go and make life, It sad but WE stay here all 50yrs and cannot make no moves, MEYYYEEEE! I would have been gone back to Jamaica and find a way out to go live in some other country than stay here.

  4. The man never illegal in the country. He has a green card. Like she said its not all the time it easy to upgrade your status. When you have criminal record,it becomes a challenge. A just so it go! Neil a trying youth. Hopefully him bypass this one or maybe Muchie just really salt..

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