Met mr hype man Jermaine was set up by one a him woman them and got rob don’t know the full story but he’s now lock up again mi hear sey them a watch him fi eat him food from the party at philly bottles at your feet met this bwoy too hype serve him right mi hear sey the stuff them wasn’t even fi him philly people come talk up

0 thoughts on “PHILLY ROBBIN

  1. So sender because him hype.. It serve him right Fi him keep him party and dem rob him sender you sound evil bad..

  2. What makes it bad the sender is saying his baby mother set him up tobe robbed now the poor soul is in jail maybe on unrelated charges but it is sad that the women you claim to be with turned on you what did you do to her that made her do that too you. It’s just crazt there’s no loyality after break up! smdh

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