So early yesterday morning 4 shots were fired inside the club. People tried to run, only to find that he exit doors were locked. Many were trampled and many had panic attacks. While others kicked the doors down. People lost car keys, shoes. Coats, wigs, and phones. It was crazy

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  1. Veachy u will never look like MM with your nasty body all now she a worry about pix . Bitch is so nasty looking red lipstick don’t fit you and dem clothes probably was too small

  2. Dan An di people dem bex. Dem seh as long as you get your money you no care after.. Mi kno di Dance name Cheap an Clean but that no mean seh the security force di affi cheap also. Unuh fi do better man. look deh chu greed now no baddie no wah come out again and all ah unuh venue dem lock dung. On second thought mni ah wonda if is sikes dem use fi unuh runn leff di money bag so it could be misssing.lmao.. Dan Dan di ppl dem seh you hole on pan dan tighter than you pocket. the only thing missing was you.
    Nuff a unuh weh a post bout unuh done partying unuh shoulda been done. unuh have kids and grandkids weh unuh leave home every weekend and during the week fi go party wid people weh unuh cah stand, i don;t get it. Unuh could lose unuh life and leave the kids orphans sake ah hype and glory and di whole a unuh brukk and hungry.
    Pat Classic mi lub you but I think its time to stay home wid ddi grandkids. Heck , you party more than Patrice who is younger than you. That is oh soo sad. Mi no wah hear bout you ano party promoter. Vodoo party enuff fi di 2 a unuh. Imagine you and you husband deadd ina party at the same time. Take heed and live a better live from this point forward.

  3. The worse part of these is that I was there and horrified and Dan Dan the people’s so called mayor comes on damn Facebook and he says everybody take a deep breathe and drink done water. never once did he apologize for the crap that occurred. He can’t control people but at 25dollars a person he could do better as far as security. He has yet to apologize and make a statement about people getting hurt and losing their valuables while at his event. many don’t care but I will never spend a dime to support anything of his from here on out. imagine you spend $400 between clothes entry and liquor be in there a half hour almost get shot a Biggs tell take you take a drink of water. he dont give a f**k about nobody but Mr Grant Mr Jackson and Mr Benjamin.

  4. (Anonymous) lef d bloodclaat gal, shi tan bad so wat? d amount a time people tell har shi mus get comfy wid it. lets give thanks nuh baddy nuh dead.

  5. Morning morning. I saw a post from one of the picture guys…I didn’t even know what happen but can you believe dese dutty people.

    1. that was from Gary, listen I have been saying this since forever in regards to Philly dancehall scene. A person go out and spend their money on hair, clothes and shoes. They come out to support these ungrateful money hungry promoters, who care zero about your safety and or loyalty.
      The venues are disgusting the bathrooms are unthinkable and security is a joke, might as well have no security.
      Do you know BIG Yard is a junk yard??? seriously its a graveyard for cars and trucks. Ironically it was almost graveyard for some humans with his cheap and clean affair,
      Let me tell you about nasty fat black RUDE Dan Dan, he is a wicked self absorb @ss hole to the highest level. I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with this sociopath for business reasons in the early 2000’s. He was rude, disgusting and I halted the deal after one conversation, funny because I was bringing more money to the table then he was. I have never ever supported anything this man has given since then. NOTHING!
      Don’t expect an apology, well at least not a sincere one from this savage. He is a very mean, shallow, ugly on the inside and outside man.
      The Dance Hall community in Philadelphia is not that big, everybody knows somebody. The amount they charge per person to get into these events is more then enough to secure a nice, clean and safe venue and with proper security for people to come out and enjoy themselves. Until the CONSUMERS/PATRONS (YOU) demand better by boycotting these events. Prepare yourself for the continued sub par dirty and unsafe locations. Prepare yourself to continue to duck, roll and make it back to your kids safe.
      DO BETTER!

      1. A true man…many dancehall venues all over stay di same way. Dem go rent some a di most pop dung place fi keep party.

  6. Glad to see everyone is okay. I’ve been in a few situations like that myself with the shooting inside and the security won’t let you out. We all have to be aware of our surroundings and take care of ourselves when we go out.

  7. I was there and believe me when I say it was truly Hell in that place!! The venue was overly packed wall to wall and corner to corner, so when fight broke out and shots fired we all literally had no where to run. Ppl start run & stampede to the EXIT DOORS only to find out WE HAD BEEN LOCKED IN! This only added more chaos & panic, ppl were trampled, SOUND SPEAKERS fell on some, tables too! There was blood everywhere, this was truly like a scene out of a horror flick. All i know they will never get my money again, truly felt like I was going to to DIE in that place. NO LIE
    P.S. Dan Dan can Kick Rocks and burn in hell, that man has no heart and cares for no one but himself!

    1. sounds horrible for real. I would be traumatized as well.
      MET cant they sue the promoter or venue ?
      like when Diddy had that concert years ago and there was a stampede and when the people ran to emergency doors they were locked in.
      Here is the article :
      Puff Daddy, Heavy D Found Liable For Deadly Stampede
      Judge’s decision paves way for financial claims against hip-hoppers involved in 1991 tragedy.

      1. In that case they sued both promoters and the location. That was story was big here in NY! They sued the college (venue) and Promoters which was Heavy D and Diddy! You all think its something to joke with and its not. Promotion carrys alot of weight and responsibility for lives.

        1. exactly !!
          all person who received any injuries should come together and do a class action suit
          these promoters tink is so party ting go !!
          it beres responsibility that a lot of them get away with all the time
          this is the firm that represented the Plaintiffs in that case
          Peter De Filippis :

  8. So many people get run dung an ova in deh but DA WORSE is the dutty nasty promota dem a laff up bout it like big tinkin ugly Tranny Veechy and Big sour battyman Gansgsta Vibes and batty man Damion. Tru dem waan make a money promoting dem laff up bout dem never get celfie like any bady a look pon dem. and a promote KellyStarz party nex week. F**k Kelly and her party. Nuff people glad to be alive. Met true dem big bitch donn love dem life or them kids dem a worry bout going to next party and picture. Dem nuh luv dem life and dem fi go look a job so dem don’t have to encourage f**ry to get a money. Veechy, Gansta Vibes, Damion, Kelly, di whole a uno wutless and fi go get a life and job!

  9. Yo Veechy a di worse bitch ever! She run on FB about a selfie of her ugly self and sametime a promote Kelly party next week and people could have been killed! And Big stinking Gangsta Vybz with her run in ass bout yes she would party again that night if she didnt have to work. Tru uno promote your little shit parties you think people should run come back out?
    Big butch gangsta vybz you even like Veechy bout you a run in. You big nasty promoters need to get some self love and priorities! You too wutliss for true and I would be even more wutliss to run in and talk about yes lets party more. Is that what you beast teach your kids, shots fire go back out same night? But Who mad enough to lay with Veechy or GVybz much less breed dem? Wicked Pigs!

  10. You cant blame the promoter for what happen its not his fault but what I do know is that most if not all of you will still be at Kelly party smiling up in the camera acting like they love her so stop lying . what happen was a terrible . Most of u and not all live the party life and will continue to support these holes in the wall until . Club flex soon get shut down too and where will the party be next in munchies house

    1. owner was to blame, promoter for lack of security also, how so many gun get in, wasn’t one person shooting. It was overcrowded. You better wake up if anybody sue the promoter they will win it happens all the time. Munchy showtime have no house for party so muss be the other miracles munchy they talking.

  11. That party was way to packed only 2 doors and the garage door was close the best way to get out and fastest so blame the owner

  12. A true dan dan is a pussy!!! Bout ppl Fi go drink water and take a deep breath!!! Pussy!! A ur dance!!! U responsible Fi mek sure nuhtin bad nuh happen a ur dance Fi ppl come a ur next dance, not even an apology!!! Last dance u keep big fight gwan to!!! When mi a go inn and mi hear di security dem sey $25 mi sey wait a god inn dey!! Den one bwoy a go inn and past one a him fren wey sey him a security and when him reach a di next security and di security ready Fi search him him get cross and start tell him fren wey him pass Fi tell di security sey Fi tell him sey him search him aready and di pussy whole fren jus tell di security Fi mek him gwan cause him search him already!!! LIE HIM A TELL!!! MI WAS RITE THERE HIM NEVA SEARCH HIM!!! But true him mus c have him gun pan him him nuh want di other security Fi find it, and him went rite inn, when me see dat mi tell mi my man and him sey yes him see wah gwan, Wi Neva did ago bother go inn but Wi jus go but we was one a di first one out cause Wi stand rite a di door di whole time very uncomfortable cause a wah Wi see, sorry Wi jus Neva leave but a goodly da bwoy dey shoot up di club and if police want know nuhtin mi ago point dem out cause dem too outaorda!!!! DAN DAN SHAME ON F**KING UUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! First u come pan mic bout big yard jus buss and u Fi know sey ur dance doing nuh bloodclat!!!!!! Big up di dance wey did name red out wey Peter blacks son keep da dance dey nice till it cyan nice nuh more and nuff ppl did dey dey to, vibes nice and ppl enjoy demself, dan dan u Fi gweeeehhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Bout drink wata!!!!! Big front bwoy!!!!!!

  13. Yes mi talk bout miracles Munchie so sue the promoters and good luck unno cum out to party what you think Unno gonna get . U willinly walked threw the door several times you know the securities is the same all the time . Go sue Dan Dan then . Nobody put a gun to your head or forced you to come in or told Unno spend 400 on clothes , pay fee to get in 25 dollars n hairdo to floss on each other so Garty can take unno pic .with him blurry lens . Unno is a bunch of Infested bed bugs who nah normal .most if not all of the people dem have kids but party in da same place every week willingly non stop mi ago see all of unno at kelly shit breath party cah mi know all of you will there no matter how many times dem change venue

    1. All of who? Kelly party CAAANNNN get a crowd even if this neva happen. NO DANCE IN PHILLY GET THIS CROWD! Mi nah cuss nobody weh did in there but you fool to think people not liable. Mi really a di dunce fi party with illiterate people and illiterate promoters weh no value dem own life so how dem fi care about mine? Juss glad to be alive! But my friend talk to her lawyer about her stitches in her face, he said her case easy! There is a owner and a promoter with his pic on flyer and a bag of money! If I was hurt i would be checking my lawyer to!

  14. Blah blah blah. i bet u seh di whole a dem ago pack up a jhim next dance. Look out fi him fish fry next.lmao. Unh fi meck unuh house comfortable so unuh won’t have to live in these hypness . I still don’t see why dem a pack up fi come a Dan dan dance who neva yet have a raffle a one a him party . Mean and cheap and then turn round conn unuh outa unuh money. dwl low self esttem ediots.

    1. Yup! My house well nice mi too wutliss!!! But truss mi Im dun with dem party nothing sweet like my life and mi kids smile! God get me out mi nah go back in there fi support dem krook.

  15. Fassie tell facts . Dem nah love them home or dem family let alone dem life’s ain’t no way . Buy new sheets and put food in unno fridge go play cards with unno kids what mi nah unnnastand why kelly and the rest of da dancehall mattress dem party all the time when dem have kids and maybe a husband

  16. the wooollllllleeeeeeeeeeeee a unnuhhhh is a set a badmind mother f**kas………..unnuh a gwan like a dan dan fault..loowe di man unnuh too rassclath badminded………

  17. it was his fault, security fault, the owner who leases the space to fraud auto shop/illegal night club with no licence to sell or keep a dance. Keep risking your lives if you want to. Just to pretend you are something you are not.

  18. That’s all y’all know is talk shit behind ppl back y’all broke ass need to go find a job while y’all readinf this through y’all broke ass metro phones !

    1. Actually I am at work and I have no problems telling this worthless f*ck boy to his face. I have before and I can again. This dude care zero about any of you, just his pockets.
      People got very hurt and he says drink some water and breath. Wow, No remorse or an apology. I bet you I will shut every illegal party down in Philadelphia going forward. LCB, L&I and ICE.
      how is this fun? how is this safe? use your head people.

  19. the wholle a unnuh a talk bout di man nuh care…the man tell unnuh fi go drink wata..go drink it the good thing is that jesus took the wheel no one died…..unnuh deh deh a blame dan dan go blame the johncrow dem weh fire the shot an hop off the rass man f**k do unnuh……..Set a Rass idots..chu man it bun mi fi some annuh pussyole back biters

  20. @ Htmbb aka Dan Dan! The people dem not say you responsible for what happen at the party but you surely could have beefed up security knowing the amount of people you expect from year to year! You showed the people that you just don’t give a f**k bout dem or their life! Word pon the the street is you made at least half million Dollar sat. Surely you could mek sure your party safe! As for me and my people we won’t support you anymore! Your the devil in disguise!

  21. Its his fault yes! He over packed the place there was no room to stand much less run if anything broke out. The place was max out Dan Dan and you kept collecting and letting people in. You have a responsibility to make sure no guns get in and people can get out. If you think its the man fault with gun alone your crazy as well as illiterate! Im not cussing junk yard alone this happens at all the spots! and boo boo up top they all no license to conduct dem biz deh during dem hours deh. ALL OF DEM!
    But Dan Dan it was overcrowded and dark and no real security. Its your fault equally with owner! Good thing your face all over the flyer. hard to run.

  22. @Shithouse well said big body Veechy and Gaymion ah try mek lite of a serious situation. Gaymion ah laugh like him never did ah panic through him party ah come up. Veechy ah promote soul to soul talking about it’s her birthday that night come have fun with. Unno fu?k off

  23. Di fuss nuh rate nuh body only di money mi ago sue him fe mi bloodclaat hand weh mash up dan di fuss fe guh breathe an guh drink piss wid yuh shit belly yuh an yuh ugly family yuh wicked fuss never again some of unno deserve what happened tuh yall bout unno a defend di fuss like him business wid unno f**king fools

  24. Dan Dan, you a wutless fat ugly stinking greedy money hungry bomb.. you almost let people lose them life and all you can say is go drink water and take a deep breath. Lucky mi never de di because me would sue all of undo. Mi a call L&I pun all the illegal spot them. You money men money now go buy a legal spot. one woman in a coma.. How do you sleep at night????

  25. To Anonymous on December 2, 2014 at 8:43 am – Reply
    That is exactly what I said, funny thing about the internet and these pink walls. Don’t think that everybody who come on this board is your everyday run of the mills dancehall person all up in the mix. Some people actually log on for entertainment and to see what is going on. Some people who come on this board actually have careers and yes careers in law enforcement, lawyers and other agents. Greed will get people in trouble fast, multiply people are hurt. If his money is so long why not get a legal establishment with a license and sufficient security. I’m not a supporter of these events I don’t spend one dime but if you are just choose how you spend your money. If partying in illegals dumps all over the city is your thing, then do you. Demand better from all these greedy promoters especially this one. He is a disgusting evil man, ugly on the inside and out.

    1. Yes MS POLICE u are absolutely correct, not everyone who comes on JMG is uneducated and not everyone who goes to these illegal spots are either. That goes without saying, you are not the only one with a career or a degree! What, my dear I am just confused about is why you never shut your friend Skilli Bangs place down before L and I came and did it and people got shot and KILLED. I applaud your efforts to keep dancehall safe but I am just questioning hypocrisy.
      I am not defending Dan Dan or ANY of these promoters and their money hungry ways. Question though Ms Officer and upholder of the law, do you think Dan Dan or ANY of the promoters who have two dances a year and a fish fry is and more greedy than intelligent but incompetent Skilli Bangs who had Nifiji for years collecting money but not getting adequate licenses for his multiple locations. He had incidence and shootings in his clubs from Traxx 2009 up until shut down this summer and when you check with L&I as you have asked us to do on Big Yard, which we have done, he is missing numerous license not to mention never had liquor license and has been running underground spots collecting money for YEARS!! Do I need to pull up past post on JMG alone not to mention in the news?
      I find this appalling especially after it was revealed that his wife, yes wife is a lawyer, which no one would ever guess he had because he lies incessantly and he screws and impregnates everything not nailed down that enters any of his dumps. Plus poses with the illustrious and eloquent Shana Fisher aka Chyna Bangs. (Have you ever heard China speak also appalling for a supposed to be Drexel educated girl! She often laughs that she met Skilli there but she says he never graduated.
      See I also have had the privilege of interacting with Skilli for many years in business as a promoter and soundman, as well as the constant privilege of talking to Chyna…Shana. He is no less greedy or money hungry he is actually worse. Ask Chyna she is constantly complaining that since Nifigi is closed he has pushed her aside and is working on a new club that she is hoping fails. She complains that Skilli has numerous children and is constantly losing his driving priveleges for non payment of child support. Very greedy for a person who has run a vibrant unlicensed club for so many years, wouldn’t you agree Ms. Law Official.
      You talk about Dan Dan and dash out his file do we need to do a file on ALL Philly promoters. Skilli Bangs would be at the top of the greedy, mean, non apologetic list! So please spare me the dramatics like you care about shutting down Philly dancehall dumps. You sound like Mr. Murray but I am sure you are just a family member or another of the secret hoes he has tucked away. Hope he is paying you, and if you are working alone in hopes he will one day leave Sammy and ride off into sunset with you….wake up! You are not making it easy on him by killing other promoters that patronize him so stop trying to be a rat and nyam shit! Do you realize if you call ICE and Police on a Jamaican party thats the same shit you acuse dan dan of doing. Wicked Bumbo!

      1. Honestly, you’re wasting that long thesis. LMAO I do not care if Skilli file is dashed out all up and down these pink walls. Sounds like you are very much up all in the know with that messy stuff. I profit zero from any of these promoters. I could care less about his dealings with his tribe of womens and all that other misc stuff you posted. Actually even the thought makes me gag. I’m not offended by the RAT comment either I have never taken some hood ratchet, I do not snitch oath with anyone. Yes I am a wicked rat spy for all the law enforcements agencies I AM THE Dancehall Super Villain shutting down a dance near you soon! LMAO LMAO
        Stay home and watch your kids for a few weekends that won’t kill you.
        has that lady even come out of the coma yet? call Mr. Dan Dan and see if he sent flowers or something. I am done with this topic for now.

  26. Dan Dan your party sell off, nobody can get a crowd like bad mind wicked fat black you!! but dan dan with great fame comes great responsibility. Your ass betta take that money and get a good lawyer!! if Cathrine gave you had lil sense try go see girl in hospital. I know none of you promoter would do that unu already a pree next dance and money. Wise up people, stop greedy and wicked! All of you!!
    Hypa Active you put the owner in a bad spot, poor management of his junkyard. Dan Dan you say you is the mayor, the crowd you get I now believe but Mr. Mayor be ready to pay out or run back a Jamaica. The biggest problem is for the owner. Dan Dan you betta hope he has good insurance.
    Big Up all promota, club owna and those that try a ting! Time to wise up! It could happen to any of us, just wise up and show some concern for the people hurt! Dan Dan big up yourself yesterday the people love you and come from north east and west come crowd up your ting. You buss big yawd yes, but wise up its a lesson to us all. Pray Kim Kim pull thru and anybody else hurt. Sue people yes its your right, I would! Wise up! But ms police lady, informant who dont even do dancehall we no inna no callin police and ice pon people ting we still a real Jamaican! That BUN UP!!

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