HMID deh pinky but mi hear say dis mawgah! Pale looking reptile detected white Bitch a come fi di Oman dem at Jamaican party in Philly Weh gone Jan 1st. Di nice clean Rasta man @skillibangs party, she wel a dis up di patrons…. Hey I wah buck her again yo see ina her chandelier frok! She need fi go heng up ina her house! Weh she a discriminate di ppl dem fah! Di only white Oman ina a black ppl party bout dem favor walrus and ave roles. She need fi know say man no man no wah no stick a front n stick a back oman… ! Mi find her pan insta ! She no wah mi dig up her file enuh!
She need fi step off a di ppl dem man to di Rasta guy no want her ole front!
She look sickening Gyal need fi go eat some food!

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