Philly the City of the Fakers and Unlimited bed buddies

Met Oh,

Sunday Gone was the biggest nastiess freak parade in Philly. Otherwise called, Pool Party. My God, me never see soo much Kaylissness ina mi life. All ah di plastic bodies wannabe rich girls were out to strut their stuff for the broke Niggas who will only sleep with them once and keep it moving. Imagine these women are over 30 y/o plus wid kids and come out their house disgracing themselves. Jonah whale no have nothing pon half a dem. Bobby sista Tuchy weh swear you ah di Shitt, every walk you walk the tampon string did a show; You have no real frens, they should have told you. Nasty.. Bubbles weh buy the Titty and Batty what is it really you are trying to accomplish ? coming out your house like that and you have a teenage Son? Ashley from you buy your batty you think it will increase your income meck you start party so hard? Did you loose the Job at (Edited) you spent soo much time in college for or what? I am curious to know if Gucci Shoes or Dsquare had a Sale because that seems to be the uniform in the party. Bathing suit parading is for women with no gut and limited body fat. Mi wah vomit at the site of some a unuh . Bleachy and crew the “Squad” bathing suit was to signify the dirty crew was there or what? Me nah lie, it look like the only shower weh most a unuh get all year was the dip unuh teck ina the inflatable pool. Mi ah wonda how all ah Jigga sidelines dem feel yah now? Unuh no see is the Haitian gal him ah big up now. lmao. Har hairdresser money long plus she have the links wid major KEYS unuh go lay dung fi nothing ah bay..

Shabba Moggela, Why were you fighting Alissa if you are so happily married? The mount ah embarrassment you bring pon ur wife I don’t know why or what she is hanging onto. Alissa you look good gal, a dat ah mad Shabba chu you nah look pan him. him no wah no baddie get you goodies , him tihink you ago stay ina dreamland like him wife. Move up that eediot boy yes, baby fadda no entitle him fi jump ina you pants as him like. Aliissa you hangle him like a man, a doh blame you fi put on lick back pon bwoy. Chu him embarass him a back out gun a beat you. Lock up him ass yes. Suppose di gun di go off and shoot people or you. Him is a woman badman him fi gweh,, mad him same way mi gal.

32 thoughts on “Philly the City of the Fakers and Unlimited bed buddies

  1. Yes can we see pictures sender and also can we see pictures of the gal that boyfriend beat and now he mad because she doesn’t want him anymore??? Tanks

  2. Oh u neva see smoke without fire. Me Alissa pics on fb and a bare things. Look like shabba take up her phone and go in deh

  3. Bubbles look like ten sheep a run up and down pan a farm,hoax u stay bad,bubbles u need fi stop get but shots now cause u don’t look good all these pose look like a damn clown,a which one a wild bunch u a f***k now bubbles a him a you farmer cause u look like sheep.

  4. Shaba turn bad man last week him box John with gun this week him box the babymother with the same gun

  5. My glad this topic a post mi see the pics and lord them gyal in a day likkle pool like them in a Caribbean island dem sure put dem best in for that one mi see Kelly went on vacation with her stank ass breath her and Owen breath can start a forest fire Alyssa u let the man beat you and u de pon welfare how so da man hav to be rich to embrass you like so mi Neva see cash in a pic she love squeeze her gorilla shape inna small swim suit da one was lit that night too bad mi Neva go mi tired of seeing da same people at every party

  6. Kerry you look like a roache , as for cash I walk past her and she was smelling musty as usual . Cash from Erick left you smh you won’t stop stalk the Man kmt give the man and his new baby mother to be a break

  7. Wow Alissa no no no , if you on welfare no man suppose to beat you gal you don’t belong to the man you belong to the government, is my tax money you use feed the man that gun but you in dance

  8. Cash muma ya food taste good.. I see why these dogshits be haten..Sunday BEST have nothing on you boo

  9. Shabba stop mek man boost you like Energizer Bunny fi go jail or get dead,u hear me a warn u lickle skin teeth boy,gwaan mek Pokemon bk hype u up wid gun cause a since when u tun bad man, a no everything good fi the goose good fi the gander,no u in a court five year now a try get papers not even picture u get a rass u a hype up bout u a beat long teeth Allison wid har jello body,caan Tek it enuh cho!shabba stop follow it no fit u stop bait up yourself cause we all know your no man.

  10. Not even big dance dem get dressed so nice . Philly trying dem best to beat Ny but Veechy you looked very nasty you body not shaped right to wear dem type clothing please stop you not sexual or pretty stop hate pon Kerry she looked nice da night I didn’t even notice how she so small and skinny in this outfit all da men dem is broke nah of them can top Flippa say what unno want but the party’s never been the same since him gon cash white party will be nice I will make sure I’m in the building for dat one

  11. I think the person who wrote this couldn’t afford to go out or was f***g jigga and he didn’t give you a pass bitch y’all life is sad for unnu come on a site anonymously and try to diss people be bold stupid bitches and write that shit on your fb. about welfare I work and after paying my bills and buying my kids what they need the food stamps is a little but it helps. I’m pretty sure you get food stamps to bitchh get a life other people’s lives shouldn’t be that important to y’all. Unnu sick stomach and yes I have a well sort out & proper home with my family.

  12. Tashauna con artist bobby weh falling star a mine up whoring sister I herd she smelled like period all night why her so called hot sister in law falling star never help her dress since falling star a fashion icon muh figet seh dem a frenemy tashauna shape bad and titi long like the wall a Jericho boabcl the gal shape worst than falling star she and her ugly mumma need fi tan a dem yard more while the whole family a dem fava konumuno ugly like sin Ashly a beat her bad

  13. No bitch my man takes good care of me and I work hard. Everyday . I don’t need food stamps sorry bitch the fact that you think the food stamps you get is lil just confirms that you should of stayed home bitch and spend your work money on food and not use my tax dollars because you have 2 dead beat aka drug dealer baby fathers bitch go sit your dinosaurs looking ass in the corner and gather your life worthless

  14. You just proved You couldn’t really afford to go to that party bitch you just as dumb as you look . I won’t go back and forth with you because you probably drove in the passager seat to the party too stop opening your legs to married men who beat you in front of crowd . I’m sick of this sad story from you dancehall mattress go find Pokemon with your kids or something ugly dwl I don’t feel sorry for your sad sorry you work me too bitch and I don’t use food stamps Mi buy them shits from bitches like you who abuse the system but thanks byway

  15. The girl no deh pon no welfare is 2 jobs she do. Tek the food stamp if you can get it cause you paying you taxes

  16. It’s ‘get too ‘bitch ,not get food stamps to dunce bitch .Since you gotta work to get public assistant . I will not give you any props .For working !!!Everyone knows you can’t sit home no more. .0oooo and please use the public system education programs to further your education don’t abuse it . It is not A side hustle . Or a part time job . You better be grateful for that lil food stamps you go get don’t come over here with your ungrateful ass because your section 8 voucher is the best thing that could of happen to you in order to live comfortably .not good .you been struggling all your ugly life time to set goals

  17. If you work sooo hard when u get time to chat people I’m confused are you working or are you at work bitch take several seats and yes I have enough money to buy all y’all bitches some food for your hungry asses I pay my taxes and I get the lil stamps and so what!!! Y’all just madddd and no this isn’t Shabba bm bitch. Get a life try it it’s awesome.

  18. Tia when the f**k did your big manly whiting ass get rich? U put up video with name brand slippers but yuh gi weh yuh baby to woman weh yuh nuh know cause u waan up Ina party every night like u a promoter. ( How much good yuh suck fi buy the slippas dem?)U need to return the slippers dem and buy some clothes fi yuh pitney dem, ur life is a lie and it sad. Ur body don’t look good wid the whole heap a stretch mark from the bleaching cream that’s why u a wear the stocking them every weh u go, it was a pool party but u Ina stocking

  19. Shana Tina daughter yes u little miss piggy tashana no want no Fren from your unhappy ass go take several seats and come off a the gal whoring Shana weh Tek u mumma man old germs u favor shit go look a life dutty beat out mattress remember u is no goodas,pussy mouth Kay u deah pan every status bloody mouth Kay remember u suck down Tisha period dutty stretch out mouth gal u on here like u a bully don’t mek the soldier man get to u head bloody mouth Kay, Allison the worst man in a Philly u Tek and up here a talk bout stamps bitch u struggling so stop the hype cause u ain’t have shit to hype on wid the half empty house,all unnuh need a life pure dutty bloodclathe gal weh no man no want and only breed by buck ups unnuh go suck unnuh Madda if unnuh have one especially u bloody mouth Kay old grazmite.

  20. All now falling star can’t get the green card lmfao gal gonna live in the old ppl house for evaaaaaa

  21. Finally saw the pics. Unno ppl braver than brave heart. Am sure that pool wasn’t being filter or even after it was fill up. 80% a the woman dem should have stayed home. From lumpy and ashy body, old navy flipflop breast to the outfits. kmt

  22. Senda if you were a super hero your super power would be bad mind hahahahaha…. I bet you have all this disdain in your heart for these people but when you see them one away you bust out your big smile fill of pure rotten and yellow teeth and chat to each and everyone of them good good good lol… Typical Jamaican two-faced, liar and bad mind.

  23. New Post Met. Out a all a di woman dem weh do dem body a philly, which one look di best and which one look di worst. Cause some a guh unda knife and dem still nuh ready.
    P.S Barbie yuh look Mash up a yuh party. Yuh look like poverty.

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