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    1. Ok Gangsta. cause you a frigg fi pocket book and Shoes.lmao.
      All of a sudden you tunn wife you a condem the very same character you use to be and still is unda quiet. gal gweh yah.

  1. Nasty Shanique Blair and Nikki leave neicy good name outa unnu mouth whole day yesterday unnu live Pon di gal name Shanique stop Mek Kim life bother You cause all yu a try fi be like hAr it Naw work wid yu bunch a fake shit and Nikki is not neicy fault Blackman don’t want yu ole house enemy Tru neicy run yu mek yu a tek side wid di man looking gal

  2. Kim all yuh duh is chat wingie wid nicey, a wauh when wingie ketch di two a unuh yuh si and buss unuh ass yuh si. Unuh is two trouble mekka. Shining star your just nasty to make your mouth guh near qwanna mouth an you have to kiss your baby. Eww try wash off yuh mouth before yuh kiss that little girl. Cause qwanna mouth a Philly, New York, jersey an etc… Dick all over it.

  3. Dutty hungry homeless Nikki every post yu si wingy put up wid neicy yu run guh like it after neicy use to feed yu ole hypocrite gal yu too mixup that’s why yu Hafi run weh from newyork come kotch a philly

  4. nasty dutty neicy every man f**k out yuh stinking ole and yuh don’t have nothing to show old f**k box.yuh need FI rest yuh stinking mouth and stinking pussy. Everyday yuh talk bout yuh is a bad bitch, you doing bad bitch. And yuh caw find a man FI own yuh up. Yuh swear yuh cute to yuh see with yuh big nose and yuh big stinking mouth. Yuh lip Dem big and look stink ewwwww. Yuh sick stomach bitch

  5. Who the f**k is Shaniqye that bitch and Nikki need to be friends they booth f**ked up in the head all they do Is walk and beg people fren on the net
    Shaniqye stop let the lil humpy dumpy sat up on a wall body boost u up you still shape hill and gully my girl yuh still naw happen.. Yuh stay bad yuh face long like the wall a Jericho yuh f**kin ugly yuh lip big and always ready fi juice a pussy and milk a batty oh yeah the time u have on yuh hands fi a chat the good good gyal dem yuh guh find yuh 6 kids dem weh yuh left all bout yuh want fight tanice imagine u have all those kids and you out and about and don’t fort pan dem but every body Business yuh make it bother you bitch don’t you see that you’re insecure you need help ASAP and the worst thing is those kids are going to grow to hate you so you cyan talk about people when you have six mouth to feed and you don’t know how your kids eat move yuh nasty bumboclaat remember u call police pan dinky I hope u don’t call police cause a nuff ppl want beat yuh battah battah hard fi fix body yuh still will always be a fat shape bad bitch that no man want yuh pussy dead been dead bitch

  6. dutty f**k out neicy weh man dun pon. Every man f**k yuh seh yuh pussy stink like rat dead unda yuh. You is one big f**ka gyal wit nothing FI show, all yuh daughter know seh u a whore. She say every party yuh guh yuh have yuh nasty stinking butt out lol. Guh get some class f**k box, yuh f**king ulgy big forehead big head bitch. Yuh ugly like

  7. Susan susan people tek time a find out you is a freak you should of never f**k Eric cause him love chat out of everybody then laughing in cash face you the nastiest one hello you f**kin Biggs and kissing him when he eat shit out qwanna ass shame on you you claim that you are pretty what I don’t see it you have very low self-esteem to be with a man that clean up every girl ass not even pussy ass and I hear that you have halitosis breath girl before you talk in people face please brush your teeth and go to the dentist don’t worry about Shiningstar mouthyou don’t see how her man is sexy and clean like fab soap even tho him not so cute him always clean better than shitty stinking Biggs yuh stomach trang

  8. Shanique Blair leave neicy name out of yu mouth f**k out whoring tuff turbit u and yu Nasty fren shanna weh walk and f**k n suck every man woman and dog a philly n tired body Nikki weh broke and hungry like dog

  9. So glad my man ain’t find any of these cunts attractive and he has good dick Shauna party flopped not surprised them all broke and a try flex pon each other none better then da rest all living in the ghetto .

  10. Wingie watch out fi Shana cause she don’t even like yuh. Shana just like the fact seh you a get money an she want some. Hungry bad mind Shana weh duck an suck from dog tuh puss.

  11. Pic 1. She’s cute and she has a nice body.
    Pic 2. Looks like trash
    Pic 3. She’s ugly!
    Pic 4. Also cute and Looks well put together.
    Pic 5. She looks okay, nothing special
    Pic 6.ratchet!
    Pic 7.pretty face, but her body is trash.
    *These are my personal observations based on the appearances of these women. I don’t know them personally.

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