Metty u see how rico, really dunce. U see that u cant blame hopple because its a family sickness. Look wah d big dunce put on facebook and why them always claim people see them and a chat them. Rico I implopre you to get a book and start reading and writing, get enrolled in an early learning center and get help before its too late. Make use of your youthful days. Take heed


  1. All dem deh…weh all dem deh did deh..come a write pan social network n dem caan spell yesideh…..if I laugh I piss…..Rico go tek several books…..woieeeeeeeeeeeeee..him n topple look like dem woulda nam dem name pan a bulla…..

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    Mi neva knw my nung can be pluralize tuh mys…I’m still learning as de day goes by.
    Should I be concert about this?!?!?!?

  3. All mi couldn’t deh wid him, cuz mi like text and flirt. The minute mi see seh a boy caan spell, my chun chun get dry as hell. Mi waan buy im a short khaki pants, and gi im half a pencil and half a humming bird exercise book. Then hold im farrid and comb im hair, gi im elmo lunch pan, then hold im hand realtight and bring im go the nearest basic school. Clearly im need a education do over.

    1. @Itme :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
      @Then hold im farrid and comb im hair’ my mom use to duh mi dat causen I was terrified nd afraid of getting my hair comb tuh this very day that’s why mi wear it inna a nice short style
      Bwoy unuh know how fi bring back up some memories enuh :cendol

  4. Metty good morn! Metty mi ago beat u to listen Weh don’t concert u leave it alone. Dunce and the duncers people from oonu c di whole crew u can tell they are all a set of duncers. From u look pon nico u c Ebola pon him and him scatter teeth injected gal. Nico from mi look pon u face a mouth I know u gal slap u all the time with her std draws.

  5. morning….so met pinkwall have bigwomen concert n couldn’t invite mee… But me just a watch mys.. Good Friday laugh
    Dancehall ppl GED courses are free in every community college please enroll

  6. From mi si the *mys* and get stuck trying to figure out what him mean, ah right deh suh mi tap read..I will not go any further..No Joke’s comment :ngakak

  7. My Friday start out just right, a healthy laugh & a healthy breakfast. No man the “mys”more than anything else. A same suh weh day I was having a discussion, & I was appalled when the person tell me say him heard it through the “great” vine. That was the end a di conversation. Well a this fool yah now wid “concert”.

  8. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Schools in Jamaica has got to be free and if so why then this type of illiteracy? Is it that the poor are not being sent to school?
    Rico dem fi go luk ah “CONCERT” of dem own ______________________________________

    1. if wi as poor nuh mek sure a ntn else wi mek sure wi find it send wi yutes tuh school…….yuh even have RICH educated fools,suh nuh mek it luk suh

  9. Rico yuh shoulda jus chill becausz yuh trying to make a statement and it backfire now everybady know sey yuh dunce!

  10. Quena he never went to school in jamaica….I :hotrit :tkp don’t blieve he’s jamaican…dem av plenty dunce, rite ere inna farrin!!!
    Imma one a d dancehall cya spel :bedug l

  11. Dese comments though..bwaay unu cheer mi morning up..dwl. It did start off bad wid di previous readings, thenk unu…@it’s me, hotstepper, simplicity..woieee sah. De rest di JMGers, unu a sample, bwoy sah mi belly.

  12. So are we just going to over look the fact that the sender ah class somebody for being dunce and ah beg him to pick up a book but can’t spell implore??… ok

      1. It too obvious that the sender spelling is an honest typo…but the subject in question is a rass dunce! :ngakak

  13. Put fun and joke aside, Christine never have no time to send her pickney them to school, she live a dance, and was a dunce her self, she was too busy a hide and sex Junjo Laws weh never want her. Lol :ngakak :ngakak

  14. The sender obviously made an error but its also onvious that rico is a real life dunce…. and more than likely the sender is not a limelight person so it don’t even bother we but rico & him sister they are dancehall celebrities so dem fi can spell like jody-ann maxwell

  15. Christine kotch har batty Pon side walk a bldg 8 and a watch Pepper di young bwoy Weh shi did ded wid , and di Pinckney dem a run up and down pon Payne land compound.

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