0 thoughts on “PINKY @ DIA AWARDS..

  1. A hope that was not a table that ppl was eating on because pinky no smell right so she too rawssse bright fi gone cockup pon di ppl dem table

  2. Met this video has got me laughing some type of way!!! Her legs gave up on her multiple times and she still wouldn’t give up!!! Lmaoooooo. Pinky your a mad woman!

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    pinky get a rass drop and style it out quick quick ______________________________________________________________________________________

  4. Poor ole oman. So nobaddi couldn’t help her since “She’s fallen & she can’t get UP!” Bwahaha :ngakak

  5. mi jus watch the video wid mi 7 year old niece, an when she asked,”what is she doing, is she crazy?” mi did haffi seh,”Yep! and go do yuh home work!”

  6. A full time now she fe stop skin out like dis inna de dancehall. She nuh see say dat she is not a teenager anymore.

  7. The white ppl them apartment tear down with laughter at me job . They say can we see what’s wrong with that pink rug pinky me shame fe u 🙁

  8. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak mi seh if ah laff in yah ….. No man pinky gimme a hearty laff to Rass dis nuh real

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