Met me want u chk da one ya out. Bruck Kavi and Platie have been hiding out of lately. Word on the road is dat her light, water cut off and rent due so dat explain y she shack upwind Kavi ina him 1 room. Met him nuh stop diss her and all ask her if she Naw go home. Dem turn up a Kamiesha ice dance appearing as if all is well but she say she nuh know weh she get har self ina. Fe days she ina dis one frock a Kavi yaad and me know deh d gal av atleast har cheap clothes dem in abundance and if she do go over har yaad a Ina night. All har pickney dem weh she claim seh a har life nuh c at ova weeks now. Woi and d gal lov boast so. Chk her page dem and c how she a keep low profile.


  1. Hope that’s not the case. Hard times reaches everyone at some point. Is he not playing football no more? Some times being pretty just isn’t enough.

  2. Betta mi deh by my damn self ah duh bad dan fe deh wid ah man who cannot help mi out in times of need..dat nuh mek nooooooo sense fe have up man weh cannot do anything for you when you need him the most….single and winning!!

  3. Ahhaa sender she hitch up a Kavi yard because she is very much pregnant so please mek she get over the mawning sickness.

      1. it stink stink that she is and apparently she think it ago hold him. She not even a pay the others full attention much less.

  4. Why shia breed up suh? shi need fi sort har self out first right now shi pregnant with her 5 child and that baby is just going to be a talk about baby then shi haffi guh prove to world sey har man want har why these thot love stress and problems suh if me young an pretty like she memba mi haffi shine like the sun!

  5. She probably a hope them pick him fi international premier football league like sterling, Burton and sturridge she think her pu$$y is her pension so she use it and her looks to get what she wants in life

  6. For such a beautiful exotic photogenic girl why she nuh deh pon poster a advertise fi redstrip,ting,blue Mountain coffee,chippies banana chips,a record label…Young lady is ambition u nuh have or a di drive

  7. unu a gwan like she a breed more dan nobody else.. leave d girl alone man and mine unu business.. bcuz nuff a unu man not even wah breed unu d girl well fertile while unu egg dem go puff like powder..

  8. @ispy her prayers have been answered bcuz how much fastening she put down fi get pregnant fi titty man.Plati is a delusional gyal weh nuh use to nothing and all she want is hype.D 4 pretty pickney dem deh down a gaza a suffer while dem mother a run back a man.Nothing u dont have fi d amount a man u tek kmft.Titty man did a play ball a Vietnam and bcuz a d only man after har wutlis baby father wife her she frighten.Platie member u keep bday dinner and couldnt buy a plate a food.all of your friends dem a laugh after u baller wife

    1. goeth downeth on your knees and pray for a fertilization in your womb IN JESUS NAME. shakalamamallamahahahah pallalalalal kalamalamalama
      just ah seh lmfao

  9. So met you nuh hear d latest say Platinum pay apple wen live in a Kavi yard to watch him and send come tell her. She always a give Apple her clothes. So wah night Kavi carry in one gal and lo and behold Apple take picture and send go give her and she a mad. She nuh stop put up postings and tell Kavi wen she put dung de Pickney she a go f**k like what sit not. The lapidog Tittyman nuh stop a beg her though and hitch up under her. She nuh stop diss him bout him ole house wen she use to kotch Ina. Met a who tell her fe go breed she nuh know d dog she deh wid. Cuz him still naw stop gal fe kill hitch up a d liquor store everyday. Fe him one room a hotel all me Fren an him a f**k.

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