Metsy this boy walk round and sell his body to the highest bidder ….ladies becareful of this boy he’s a bump he’s 39 years old and still lives with his dad over springfield in queens…he comes to u in the sweetest way ever he feels he’s all that because he got a huge p***is ..he’s broke and he’s always begging….

0 thoughts on “P*NIS BETWEEN DI LINES

  1. Rasscloth ah mi ex dis …whoa lmfao ..ah nuh lie him can f**k good n him hood big fe thru …n yes him licky licky ..but damn nigga from we left 09 ah dat yuh start do ……mi affe guh give u a call ..anybody want him numba mek mi know mi have d link

  2. Ladies, oonu get de warning in advance! Dis moose is on de loose. Don’t let dis fool wid him big dick cum inna oonu ears. Oonu need fe hear when him cumming!!

  3. Give me a good refined man who knows how to treat a lady and I am all good…dis bum can kip im big hood tuh himself no thank you very much lol…

    1. That mi know to Yeppie, mi wi work wid a man wid a incy weney buddy, than a world a hood & nuh have nothing bout him. :2thumbup

  4. Mi want see a better pic, maybe I can get a ride off dat big hood and if him good I can put him to work pimping that big hood out. Sender better pic. When you did a ride the big hood you never a complain

  5. A wah do sum gal bout big hood, I hate big hood, I have no where to store or keep it, no space to harbor that, the last time a boy a look me years ago and expose him big ole hood to me, I never exchanged another word with him, haffta uno me Shabbat sing bout, I don’t want no womb turner fi mek me rail and kick, and I don’t want no womb cancer. So Mr. Big nuh sweet mi hood can stay. By Felcia

    1. Dat mi ah seh tuh Bammy…fe come damage up mi inside ah den ah me one leff wid di gyno doctor bill/medical bills while him deh ah road ah brag…gtfoh!!!

    2. What happens if he promises to only give you half? That is why mi nuh mek no woman see my thing before the start and nuh mek them hold it before entry. Nothin worse than aborted sex or a woman who keeps drifting until you find yuh self pan the floor and even then, mi naw stop.

      1. Anon, I don’t want half ah no doctor bill, cause ah me one aguh feel whole ah di physical pain..not the man..dat’s why mi like talk tuh man fe ah good stretch before mi quick fe sleep wid dem cause yuh learn alot about ah person’s mental status when yuh reason wid dem first…fucck out mi bloodclaat and leff mi ah crouch wid bare belly pains an den ah come talk bout ah dat meed want…anon, mi good man lol..

      2. @ Yep, what’s going on? Look like you find some form of religion lately. Yuh not your old self a-tall? Knock it off, and stop pretending or maybe yuh just getting old?

        1. Whomever yuh be, nuh watch me me nor worry bout me cause mi gooooooood!!!…as for my religion, I can pick up ah Bible or a gun, whatever the occasion calls for, suh like mi seh…stop watch me and stick to the topic at hand…and fuccckk off bout pretend cause if you know me you would know that that’s far from the truth…there is ah time and a place for everything, but some ah unu nuh know how fe hole ah meds more time ah jus tek it easy…anything else hun?? :nerd

        2. If I think it is who I think it is…just stop cause it naah guh get yuh nuhwhere… and yes, I am getting older…who the f***ckkk doesn’t?…guh find another blogger fe watch cause mi nuh interested ya, hush :ngakak

          1. Yep!!! me a side wid anon…lolol. Normally yu would be instructing us on how to handle the tool given to us 😀 :D, lololol

        3. Anon, hush ya…please tuh accept my apologies and place this kiss on your face cheek, close tuh yuh mout cawna…hush :kiss

  6. Senda, save di warning cah dem yah new breed ah ooman run towards di mega-sized hood. Dem run from man wid ambition and goals…ah low-life big hood man dem ah pree.

    1. Yawdy, give me a man who is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially firm and I am goooood, cause sex ah di least…any ooman weh just want ah man fe sex is ah blinking fool and deserve whatever she get…hope she learned her lesson an nuh badda repeat the same mistake twice…

        1. Yawdy, mi ah get too ole fidi f***krey now..I want a well rounded man weh nuh frighten fe pussey and im jus wa sekkle ah buil wid ah nice lady and we really get to know one another…when you go that route, the sex is soooo much better…mi nuh fancy fe man weh talk bout sex sex sex every minute cause you eventually get turned off from that person..

        2. Yawdy, si weh mi mean LOL?!…now ah wonda ah which eediat dis @anon 12:21, ah try come left field wid di conversation now??…as mi dun seh ah mi wi say it again…give me a well rounded man who is spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially stable and I am soooo gooooood!!..I don’t wanna become ah part of any man’s meat wagon, sorry lol….

          1. Yeppy, mi notice dat deh Anon deh pon yuh case like Matkock. Memba di one weh did ah tek set some weeks ago.. :ngakak Mi waan knoe ah wha den hear bout….

          2. @ Yardy4Life, what’s wrong with your friend Yeppy today? She doesn’t appear to be in a very good mood. Ask her for me if she wants be to hold her hands? Tell her I meet all the 5 -allys !

          3. Anon wha mek yuh feel seh Yeppy waan yuh fi hold har hand? And ah wha mek yuh suh generous….sound like yuh hab some goods pon yuh weh yuh ah try ease off.

          4. Anon, ya start fe get annoying now…unless you deh pan drugs ah you always high and happy, dat anuh how me operate sweety…yh nuh know if ah headache mi have, if ah dat time addi month, if summen guh wrong, family concerns or what have you not, but yuh choose fe runeen wid yuh nonsense…I’m not interested in holding your hands or your cock because your approach is a turn off…hold dis doe :bola

          5. @Anon…dummy,…I mean baby…ask mi yuhself whatever it is that you have tuh say..mi deh right ya suh..

          6. @ Yardy4Life
            No, not inisitution, Institution! 😀 You have a good memory and as such, I have to be very careful around you. No more questions….. BTW, I just like messing with certain bloggers in the name of fun. Don’t read much into it.

          7. :hoax
            Cause me sure sey him hood factor in somewhere between those requirements you listed…lol UNLESS YU A NU DE REAL YEP! 😀 😀

          8. PP, maybe cause mi son gimme him flu ah mi get ah phone call todeh weh irritate mi ah mi heng up pa di person…but mi jus nuh eena it wid Anon…btw Anon, what do you look like?…I love your sense of humor…mi calm dung likkle now, suh mi can reason level headedly….

  7. @ Anon 3:27 pm – thanks fi di correction, but more time mi luv put ah patois spin pon it. Hope di question nuh offend yuh…cah mi hab ah few more fi yuh :ngakaks

    1. Yawdy, patois spin? :hammer…dash on the questions dem fe Anon, cause mi have ah few that I would like tuh ask miself…

      1. Yeppy di scholar aka Anon run een pon mi wid him red ink pen :ngakak Mi notice seh him nuh deh yere afta hours…maybe him tie dung dem hours dere :ngakak Ah suh di ting set up Anon?

      2. Sorry Yep, but you do realize that my initial comment [Anonymous
        on November 12, 2014 at 11:55 am] was a response to sketelbam [on November 12, 2014 at 10:26 am]. In other words, the comment was not directed at you and you run een on the comment. I find that quite annoying. Are you familiar with the nesting of the comments/responses or I’m going have to ask the Admin to give you a brief tutorial? 🙂 Anyway, no badda cuss me.

        1. Yawdy, Anon seems like him provoking baad, but he’s kinda growing on me lol…Anon, ah same suh yuh annoy yuh ooman??

  8. Yep you don’t owe any whoot explanation.. Be.. who are you… Take you for who you are..#bloogest lol :babyboy1 :salahkamar @Pham your a instigator.. All mi kno mi not wha no big cocky all up inna mi belly hole, might give me fibrosis inna mi stomach..#non-cancerous .. pure back shot a kill wi!! :tkp lol.. can I get a clear picture so I can :ngacir: :ngacir:

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