Lisa Hanna she a run fi Vice President a PNP…….Mi nuh know how all she a go manage if PNP win cause she neva did a do har work after a while so as Vice President it a go rerse. Carl Blythe him now a seh him want Portia position..

2 thoughts on “PNP A BLAZE

  1. Karl Blythe need to take several seats with his old, corrupt self. I’m not saying Portia’s time isn’t up, but what kind of renewal can this corrupt man offer? And isn’t he as old as Portia? Who’s backing him is even worst that he is.

  2. Portia is stupid and needs to go! The worst leader we ever had at the helm of the great party. She is holding on to be spiteful, as there are few within the leadership of the party that have any respect for her leadership skills. They tolerate her because of the large number of bhutto who supports her. They do not come any dumber than Portia Simpson-Miller and she is the reason the PNP lost the election. Comrades, like myself, would like to her exit the stage ASAP.

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