CHIEF executive officer of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) Robert Hill has denied allegations that a large number of workers believed to be supporters of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) have been fired since the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) took control of the municipal corporation last month.

“That is not true; there is no truth to that at all. The persons that were sent home were persons who were seasonal workers at the park and their employment status has changed,” Hill said when contacted about the matter by the Jamaica Observer.

However, an employee of the corporation, who asked not to be named out of fear, told the Observer that there has been a “mass exodus” of workers who were hired by the previous administration to maintain St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston.

Hill confirmed that up to late last month 21 people were employed at the park, 19 of whom have since been “let go”.

“Someone from the media need fi look into what going on at KSAC. People start lose them job already… Dem clean house to the point where all some of dem own dem fire and never realise and people are being kept in the dark about it. They just went up to St William Grant Park and run them,” the KSAC employee said.

“If you’ve seen the transformation of the park, you would question why it was done. Why dem run dem? Many of the park people aren’t political hacks. It’s pure unfair dismissal. All me, I never take nobody work; I was interviewed for my job. But I know dem soon target me,” the employee added

A source close to the administrative affairs of the corporation confirmed that the workers were in fact let go because of the change in administration.

“With the change in administration these things happen, and they were not established or on staff or contract; they were daily paid workers. Therefore, their employment status would have been temporary to say at best. A lot of them, during the period, would have come on and off. Their season of work has now ended and a new set has come on,” the source said.

“I came and saw those employees under the previous administration, and since this administration has come on they have opted to end that season of employment and created opportunities for other persons,” the source told the


Earlier this year, former Local Government Minister Noel Arscott accused the ruling party of victimising supporters of the PNP and forcing “PNP people” out of their jobs since taking control of government in February.

“The Jamaica Labour Party has been victimising PNP people ever since they came to office,” said Arscott.

He called no names, but said the JLP “have fired a number of PNP people since they came to office”.

Arscott said that “the PNP cannot stand up and allow that to happen any longer. If they keep up this thing, we may have to take to the streets and deal with it, because we can’t take no more pressure from the Jamaica Labour Party…

3 thoughts on “PNP AND JLP KSAC MIXUP

  1. Metty OO… Britjam Promoter Jason Parrish had an asthma attack and died in his sleep. U see it yet? it all over the internet

  2. Every party come in put in them own people, a nuh ntn new, cause me sure kno seh who deh deh now a never dem did deh deh last time JLP win!

    When you have them kind a work deh, mek sure you friend up ppl from both sides, so any card weh play come election etc you will alright!

  3. As far as me concern, anybody get work base pon dem affiliation fi go a dem yard str8 whether pnp or jlp. A desso nuff f**kery start. Grant u poor ppl fi get work but nuh so. When ppl get employed via affiliation them forget dem purpose and/or the level at which the work is to be done. Same park deh mi can tell u say mi know for a fact say a probly 7 out of the 21 do consistent n proper work. Nuff ppl jus pass thru pala pala two spot sign name n cut. Samething with nuff other government place. U av a dept of 30 ppl n morewhile u av 5 absentees. Dem come work yes but dem never deh a dem station yet. Another set no effort nuh deh inna d work so the rest affi carry the burden n it lead to fustration n strife. Nuff time bcuz wah? Politics gi dem d wuk, rem a chick weh cuss off PS infront a ppl n when it look like minister ago brush it weh the ppl dem stick out n a couple day suspension she get. Sick a it man.

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