DEAN MORIAH LOVER CONFESS TO HIS KILLING…..UPDATE: Man Reportedly Confesses To Murder Of MoBay Hospitality Worker Dean Moriah

Published: Wednesday September 18, 2013 | 4:31 pm0 Comments
Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer

The man held in connection with the murder of hospitality worker, Dean Moriah, has reportedly confessed to the killing.

The man, who goes by the alias, ‘Mario’, was picked up on Monday by the police in Oracabessa, St. Mary and was later transferred to the Montego Bay Freeport station in St. James.

He was reportedly held with Moriah’s stolen motor vehicle.

He was also found with Moriah’s wallet and was reportedly wearing a pair of his shoes.

It is believed he was a friend of the deceased, and was identified in a photo in Moriah’s kitchen.

Moriah died on August 29 from stab wounds to his chest and neck.

His house was set ablaze by the attacker who also stole his car and cellular phone.

Moriah, who named his killer before he died, was buried last Saturday in Haughton Grove, Ramble, Hanover.


  1. Morning Met metters
    Mi did dream it (as Mama would say) hear mi now anytime u hear say gay man get stab up just look to who him deh wid cause a so dem deal wit them one another okkkl

  2. Dean Moriah”s lover confess to his killing………..That”s a low blow !! BOOOOMMMM !!! goes the Motherffing dynamite stick !!!

  3. Good morning Met and everyone, how did he name the killer before he died?, and wasn’t this the killing that some people went on FB and said Jamaica must stop killing Gays??…remind mi deh please!, anyway I am glad they found the killer!

    1. When he trailed outside after the stabbing he told the neighbour that assisted him who stabbed him, Met I knew dean personally yes he was gay but this just reinforce wat evrybady did already know! dem man always kill dem not the homophobic ppl

      1. Riches from we hear how it go down we know what it was…but mi waa know how long dem did deh fi di man rob him and kill him so bad smh

  4. So Met, if de man wey kill him is a straight man, how de article say dat him lover confess to him killing? You can”t straight and have gay lover?

  5. @Mifedup .We would not consider him straight after knowing that he i smessing around with men BUT his lifestyle that he protrays to the public is that of a straight man with a family.
    Meanwhile he has a gay relationship going on in the dark :mewek

    Met that’s why my hubby cannot pull anything on me as when my mind tell me something and i go and dig , my ends always meet.
    I just went and saw that the page was gone also but as you say we fast like lightning. :cendol

  6. Morning Met. Just after d killing, mi did faas pon d Mario PB Page, “married” wid kids n a sell him batty pon d side.

    What a dumb f**k killer!!! Think bcuz him dey a St Mary now dem naah go find him, all a drive d man car, have him wallet n a wear him shoes. Him look like him did bruck bad n prby did want a big money from Moriah n never get it so him kill him, or as we hear Moriah did a threaten fi xpose him secret gay life.

    Mi feel it fi d poor woman n kids. These deceptive, greedy, n morals dutty batty sellers

  7. Met di same day him died mi go pon him page and one of him picture di same mario write all kinda things dat indicate dat him know sumthing bout di killing or a him do it…somebdoy di write sey di police betta check him out cuz it look like him know sumthing….see deh now.

    1. Mi neva did see dat part mi only see somoene did a call out mario name se is him but dat mario bright man. What reason he had to kill him? smh

  8. JFlag mussi think say ppl a fool u see how all now dem caaa say shit fi every 10 battyman that get killed 9.5 times a battyman kill battyman cause them tormented bad

  9. Met mi juss notice sey Mario page along with Dean’s page gaannnnnn. :nerd
    So it was the right thing mi did a sey all this time.
    Lmaooo @ what i am looking at.We a di bess :shakehand2

  10. Evening Metty…
    from u si dat deh colgate smile yuh nuh afi ask if im “happy” A long time gay man a kill dem lover a yaad wicked wicked. all a cut off dem memba an stuff dem mout wid it. Dem rage nuh narmal.

  11. me did dun know sey a him lover kill him from me see the news! But dem have it fi sey a Jamaicans a kll gay. Anytime a gay man dead a Jamaica like that, a dem lover kill dem…#facts

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