Cops pursuing St Mary mechanic accused of molesting child

Superintendent Enid Ross (File photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), Superintendent Enid Ross, has said that the police are actively pursuing the St Mary mechanic accused of fondling a 10-year-old girl in the parish, after he managed to elude law enforcers following a shoot-out on Sunday.

The Sunday Observer reported that relatives allegedly saw the suspect, who is a well-known mechanic in the area, performing oral sex and other sexual acts on the child, who they said was eight years old.

Residents also reported that the suspect was walking around freely in the area and conducting business as usual, while the police have being moving at “snail’s pace” to have him arrested and charged.

But, Superintendent Ross refuted residents’ claims.

She told the Observer that the child is in fact 10-years-old and that doctors have confirmed that no sexual penetration had occurred.
Ross also rubbished claims made about the suspect performing oral sex on the child.

“The statement that we have is from a next of kin, a brother, and there is no mention of oral sex. From what he said, the child was fondled,” she said.

Further to that, Superintendent Ross said despite the residents’ claim about the lacklustre effort being made by police to arrest the mechanic, the police have been working assiduously to apprehend the suspect.

“Just yesterday he was seen in the area by the police and they basically tried to hold on to him but there was an exchange of bullets, so we have not yet made an arrest,” she said.

According to the CISOCA head, the suspect seems to be a “gunman”, but the police are actively searching for him with a view of having him charged with sexual touching.

Tanesha Mundle


  1. This police woman want a hot bax in har face. She act as if the child can give consent to touching. It sounds like someone is coaching this little girl on what to say to the cops. I believe this animal did something way more than touching and the mother is covering it up.

  2. Ross’tone mek it seem like seh the mechanic-gunman-pedophile do something bad but not too bad. Kmt, lady, the complainant has only shared one instance that he has witnessed. There is no telling how many other occasions the CHILD was MOLESTED. Don’t say FONDLED, call it what it really is SEXUAL MOLESTATION. You all need to quit and find a new job path, talking about exchange of bullets. One man versus how many police exactly?? Any other time unnuh cut people down with a rain of rasss bullets but this time criminal, a real bona-fide criminal at that, escape??!! Move from here with your lies and deception. My heart aches for that little girl because it come in like seh all who fi a help her a keep up EFFERY. Mother needs to be jailed, rapist bwuoy need to brought to justice and this worthless Highgate department needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch!

  3. It seems as if I am reading this story with a different understanding. The police woman is not trying to downplay what happened to the child. She is sharing the information that she has with the public. People in the community said the child was 8 years old… she was raped and the rapist also performed oral sex. The police woman gave the victim’s correct age. She is confirming that the pervert never used his penis. She explaining that the witness statement from the victim’s brother doesn’t support the oral sex allegation that was published in the paper. The witness statement supports allegations of sexual touching which is still a heinous crime. I think she is just trying to clear the air on what happened. The Highgate police have a lot to answer for because it is unacceptable that after all this time the suspect is not in custody. The relatives who say they are witnesses need to go give their statements to the police.

  4. @Ca believe me eyes. Suk u mumma an give she a hot box for not aborting u.dutty zarr go chastise the pedophile and u dirty family that hid it. Don’t gear u anger towards the wrong person. u can read but lack understanding. What the doctor says had a lot to do with the case. She obviously was Clearing the air on what really transpired. Bun mi fi uno.The men them a pedophile fact.people in the community report it fact. That same police lock up the men fact. Them same duty wicked momma bring bring back the Pinkney dem come say a lie fact.All when the evidence dash out.The police can only help who willing to allow the law. Since this new police in police politician, doctor any thing that touch a child going to prison.

  5. @ LURKER, it Bun mi fi uno.the same community when the time come for investigation them same one hide and say it’s not them business. Bunch a uno watch this Nastiness over the years n then kill the one person making a change. Go lick out the man that they say is u daddy batty a million times till u have understanding. And learn to pull inferences from paragraphs read.

    1. Excuse me? This is not my community but it is my country so I am very vested in seeing justice prevail. As for your b@tty wash arguments, I don’t support internet badness or keyboard warriors so carry on with your ignorant life. Sad Bit^h

  6. @ Anon 1:36 & 1:43 since u are the same person if u dunce.and backwards one more time
    Jesus wept. U nuh read with no form a comprehension a how u one so hot.

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