A police vehicle is seen parked alongside two private vehicles at the crime scene.
A female police corporal and her male partner were yesterday killed in what was suspected to be a case of murder-suicide.
The bodies of 28-year-old Pagiet Davie and her common-law partner, Sheldon Douse, were found at their Fairview Park home with gunshot wounds in the morning.
Police theorised that Douse killed Davie in her sleep before turning the gun on himself. They leave behind a three-year-old son.
The incident left relatives, friends and colleagues of the slain cop in shock.
“All now I cannot believe that something like this happen. All now I feel as if I am dreaming. This can’t be real!” exclaimed on unidentified family member who was on the scene.
But the news was particularly difficult to absorb for Davie’s mother, 53-year-old Pauline White, who said that she could not have imagined that when her daughter visited her home last Friday, it would be her last time.
“We didn’t talk about a lot of things. She had just stopped by the house to say hello and to see if I was okay as she normally does,” said White, tears streaming down her face as her gaze switched between her now orphaned grandson playing with a toy truck and a photo of her daughter in happier times.
“She was a person who was determined; she loved life and she was goal-oriented. All now I can’t believe that something like this happened. When the year started I never envision anything like this,” White told the Jamaica Observer.
Yesterday, the Police High Command expressed sadness at Davie’s killing. She was assigned to the Flying Squad Division.
Meanwhile, members of the police’s Chaplaincy Services Branch visited the home to provide grief counselling for family members and colleagues.
Officials from the school that the couple’s son attends were also on hand in a show of support.
One of the teachers remembered Davie as someone who loved life and had big plans for the future.


  1. That is so sad. It’s like they have no regards for people’s lives anymore. R.I.P to that young lady & my condolences to her family. What an animal? Cause mi nuh kno who tell him dat she did want dead too. If him wanted to kill himslelf why him never just do dat & leave the girl!

  2. Thank God the child was not killed too. Now the poor kid is going to grow up as an orphan, and more pressure is put on the Grandmother to raise this child. Hopefully, other family members can help out too.

  3. Jmg I too use to judge when people did things like this but I have switch career and gone into mental health and I can tell u the line between sanity and insanity is not thin its invisible.we can’t even begin to understand when the light go off in people’s mind or it get dim . We can say it can never be us we can say we wouldn’t do this or that but the issues faced by these individuals are real to them ,something none of us rational thinking adults can fully understand . Rip both May God give the families strength to cope

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