‘Duppy Flames’ gangster shot dead, one held

ONE member of the notorious ‘Duppy Flames’ gang was yesterday shot and killed, while one of his cronies was found hiding in a church building during a massive police/military operation in MelBrook Heights in Harbour View, St Andrew yesterday morning.

However, the reputed leader of the criminal outfit, Marlon ‘Duppy Film’ Perry, and two of his cronies managed to escape the dragnet which included 100 members of the constabulary force and 90 members of the army.

The heavily armed gangsters, despite being smaller in numbers, took on police and soldiers in a running gunfight, in which gangster Jason Foster was cut down in a hail of bullets, which awoke and frightened residents of Harbour View.

The escapees, who ran for shelter from bullets, managed to crawl their way to freedom in a riverbed north of the community and were believed to be headed to August Town to hide out, but ran leaving their prized possession — an Uzi submachine gun — which was seized by the police.

Deputy commissioner of police in charge of operations, Glenmore Hinds, would not divulge much information when contacted by the Jamaica Observer yesterday, but said that Perry was the main target of the operation.
Perry is wanted in connection with the murders of Corporal Kenneth Davis, who was assigned to the Protective Services Division, and Constable Craig Palmer, who was assigned to the Kingston Western Division. The men were gunned down at Poor Man’s Corner in St Thomas last December.

The Police High Command has since increased the reward for anyone who provides “reliable” information leading to the arrest of Perry from $1 million to $1.5 million.

In the meantime, police yesterday asked Kevin Eldermire, otherwise called ‘Harry Patta’, of St Thomas, to turn himself in to the police. It was not clear, however, if he had any link with the gang.


  1. officers ,great job,,,kill all of those f**kers ,being poor does not give you the right to part take in criminality,, kill them all,,even the people that protect them,,kill them as well,,,make jamaica great again, these f**kers kill the innocent,and walk around thinking that jamaica owes then something, i was once very poor
    but instead of seeking crimnality i seeked education.police officer if you are reading this ,at the end of the day you should go home to your families,those ganster(scum of the earth) should be placed in body bags.

    1. Morning!! A so we fi voice we sentiments! Loud, truthful and clear!

      Anything within arms length a dem demons yah fi get fling dung. Condem ole gal dem whey a Gi duppy comfort fi get buried to!

      On that note…GREAT JOB SF! Couple Uzi and body off the planet fi good.

  2. Him n him boy them have st.thomas people fraud like wah… Them seh him all have something fi do wid Tanisha killing…the girl who got killed at the gas station in St.thomas late last year

  3. Duppy film is a known rapist and murder, word on the road is that he has the big “A” and knowingly passing it on to others. Police needs to put a bullet in his head when they find him

  4. Yes I’m lovin this !!!! Ole wicked kill me friend !!! I want the police dem open duppy film head like a book !!!

  5. Still do not understand how our security forces operate. Shouldn’t they have had this group completely surrounded before moving in? Why no air support or K-9 unit to track them? This murderer should never had escape this police dragnet. I’m surprise he is still in the island and not Haiti, given his link to that country.

  6. Amen, this I will endorse, the wicked must come to a perpetual end. They treat life as if they have authority to take away, so kill them all and done, evil shall slay the wicked, Duppy flim your days are numbered.

  7. him probably hear bout the dragnet before it happen seeing how some of these police corrupt. well if he went to Haiti, good riddance, let’s see how he survives without his posse in a country more lawless than Jamaica, I hope he experiences things he never see before in Jamaica and mi nah talk bout obeah.

    1. No police nah inform this evil of nothing!

      Mek you no talk bout the residents in a de community whey give them shelter?

      When security forces tun dem in a ants meat the ancestors breath with ease.

  8. This bastard is very evil smh him did go shoot up di police station fi no reason at all..mi can’t wait fi di police dem catch him a up inna di deep bushes of St Thomas him live I wouldn’t be surprise if he’s in Haiti that’s his base

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