12 thoughts on “POOR NIK NIK

  1. Nickesha di hair stay bad fi true, sometimes mi si yuh inna the Brazilian hair dem look dutty and smell and yuh dance pon the dirty ground do you even wash your hair often when yuh dance suh? Mi haffi ask because when me di go down a ja fi 3 week every week for my first 2 weeks (the last I took it out) there I was my washing hair because I was hot and the hair get grease easily. And your hair ever look grease it’s not shade or bad mind it’s the truth.

  2. dem soon come run in and talk bout bad mind, truth is the broom I use to sweep my house is cleaner than that mop on her head that she stays using to cushion her head when she wining on the dirty floor. In her profession u should be washing/ changing your hairstyle two or three times a week depending on how many performances u have lined up. invest in some lace wigs and treat and deep condition your real hair. Get it together Nikki.

  3. God know I was wondering if mi alone see it look bad. The worse part was she’s going out of the country to represent dancing n her head stay su. Just from this pic you can see the tracks. Seriously n she feel it look good. Then that piece of struggle hair on top that’s not even long enough or thick enough to cover nothing. To show you she really don’t have people that love her around her because they wouldn’t even says help her fix up herself. As much as Sher is no better atleast her head looked decent.

  4. Oh god Nickesha ah big england you end up inna da old tired stringy stringy hair deh smdh n dem tired old f**king boot weh di heel wear right down to di core smdh mi suprise dem never drag u go a hairdresser ah london if even a cheap one nicky dem nuh rate yuh ah baxside. Blonde is not your color mek me tell you, You need fi get your priority dem straight zeen because u jus look f**k out and mash up of lately and say you a big dancer who always ah get bookings. Girl you looking a hot mess, Couldnt afford likkle relaxer fi fling pon yuh tuff head up ah top fi say you a go a foreign go perform but want kill up yourself over relationship status wid marvina duncebat. Atleast sher have her outfits for performance and hair sort out because dat is what “show” also involve “Hot dancer weh always get booking Nickesha” tale note. And throw dat hair in da bin mop head

  5. Stop worry bout di girl hair if u have a problem with the hair pay to get same fix, y’all worried about the wrong things and that is so sad always something negative on social media what if she feel like doing it her self stop worry bout di woman hair.

  6. There is nothing wrong with her hair. Are you jealous? How your hair stay? Can you afford to go hair dresser? Why Jamaicans always want to put down them one another? Instead we uplift each other, we bringing each other down…Smh…

  7. Leave the girl alone a wah do sum a unu, unu don’t have nothing better to do than come pon dis site a diss and a bash people sum a unu fi go suck unu muma and come outta people life

  8. Leave the girl alone the girl have better things to look about more then a hairstyle some a unu a use unu last on hairstyle an unu hungry leave the f**king gyol

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