Dutty Julia we tired a you now pon bl***t Facebook, before danisha come u se the gal couldn’t come back a Jamaica then the gal pop up pon u and we nuh bl***t see u a nuh party now the gal gone back a har yard now u a put up post bout when she come back a Jamaica kmt the gal did se u and u big head sister a fb bad gal and the gal did right unuh fool nuh f**k kmft …julia welcome back to parties danisha do we a beg u nuh come back because we want julia fe see daylight


6 thoughts on “POP TART

  1. Y u still deh pon julia a Yankee dead hood u still a war ova u say ur life happy but Ur life sad nuh bbc all U a focus pon a julia wooie before ya clean up ppl back yaad clean up ur ??how much man u f**k now dead?!

  2. First to ever comment here…!! Daneisha I thought it was ur sister who f** gyal,u obsess with julia nuh f**k,whoever owns this site must laugh when u send in another article to bc,daneisha look in d mirror after u power wash off d putty off yo donkey bc face n see if u in comparison to julia, yo allegations naa go no where any more, yo lame out like d weave pon yo bc head, how u deh a big foreign n mek little little julia a hurt up yo head suh,daneisha u come a ja n a when u reach up bk u start all this, makes no sense, keep hackle up urself like u bad, the way u ugly d more calmer u is it better fi u….!! Foh long time whore come a gwaan like smaady caz u change ur address, lmao

  3. Good hole daneisha u right off the johncrow them ….them a look a come back behind pinkwall …lol ….like u se a cockroach them that deh one deh sweet me

  4. Unuh a liar the gal put up her status them from she dung yah and julia and her sister did nothing …kmt this shit need to stop …them a argue over nothing …kmt…

  5. Dutty julia a u send in your own bloodclaut file becuz u want people comment and talk shit bout the gal….the gal stay good with and without makeup ….there again unuh a show se unuh mind dutty badmind a kill unuh

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