1. Goods yuh obeah affi tun up like di trini.. Link Angel pan wah she use fi dash whey spice career wah day or call beenie an munga ppl dem. Him muss come back.

  2. Yu haffi go buy the fish but it only sell a Trinidad … so Once yu Nyam dat …. silence :mahongintip YU In LOVE Forever … nah nah tana

  3. Thought him and Kavell broke up ages ago, did they get back together? Poppy neva did aguh keep Shai, she look good and popular and him did want a piece thats it. Bout she a call Squid “sis”. All of Popcaan’s women are Squid’s “sis”.

  4. A just so it go. When you have a pretty face everybody want piece. You have to know the game and play it of you pum pum get use.

  5. Same way him was fucking sean kingston ugly tuff mon voice sister @kanemaroyal
    And drop her she think poppy was going to leave the trini for her cause she sean kingston sister she’s so fucking annoying on IG all she does is sitting around in the house with her ugly mother posting videos whining up themselves she and her mother need to go and find something to do with their lives and stop sponging off Sean and help finishing the little he has left

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