Hotel rubbishes Popcaan’s claims

After being blasted on social media by Popcaan, Montego Bay’s Half Moon hotel has responded to the deejay’s claims, pointing out that he came to the resort with an entourage of approximately 40 persons, and they were demanding to stay in a seven-bedroom villa that was built to accommodate no more than 16 people.

On the weekend, Popcaan posted a video on his Instagram page, cursing the hotel for denying him access to the property although he had already paid for a villa.

“Half Moon unuh collect mi money off mi US card fi book villa. Now, mi book villa and pull up a di villa and unuh a tell people seh nuh let in Popcaan and unuh know Popcaan. Mi nuh haffi fahwud ova unuh villa, unuh stinking villa, because it not even clean. A ole house dem deh unuh have,” the irate deejay said.


Responding to accusations the artiste made in the video, a spokesperson at the resort said that Popcaan became upset and stormed out of the property because he was asked to find additional accommodation for the rest of the group he arrived with at the resort with on Saturday afternoon.

“We suggested that he book another villa to accommodate the additional persons, but they all opted to check out,” the representative said.

She also said that there are policies and procedures as it relates to reservations that they must adhere to.

In addition, the hotel says that Popcaan has stayed there in the past.

It is not clear whether he had a problem on that occasion.


  1. Pride goes before the fall ..ALWAYS!! Seeing as how unprofessional n hype poppy Wid him crocus bag of hungry belly man groupies/lackies/Yesmen ARE…they wouldn’t grasp that the hotel is being professional. Him couldn’t try that shyt inna Merika nor Canada cuz him couldn’t get Drake fi give him permission fi carry on Suh bad…but u want come diss n water dung the Yardies ting.

    SYM big farrid frighten Friday Neva come see dry yeye immature microwave buffoon!!Anytime unno can’t find a hit tunes unno resort to social media hype stunts n fake badness.. SYM again n agen!Anyone free to disagree with me but after plz ask yuhself “whey poppy him one a guh with 40 bwoy bwoi in a place only for 16!?Unno see DAT him overdweet n guh overbook pon di men dem :cd :nerd

    1. Dis bag a bwaay whey him cannot feed, him get so old so fast and a get so ugly mi not even like see him and mi did like him

  2. @Met u right sin Mek people ugly bad! I can’t see why popcaan can’t groom himself the right way n buy some decent clothes n comb his hair! Boy look awful bad

  3. Why some a dem man here so unproductive these days and a follow back a artiste/ celebrities etc. I have to wonder sometimes y dem do them sumn there y them nuh go look work and stop watch another man pocket and love handouts. What’s so hard to work and get u own and try live the life u want to. Wats the the deal with 40 men back a u now and when dem name call pon Bxtty business dem say ppl dis and dat Nd badmind dem when a dem same one a add fuel to the fire to begin with.

  4. Popcaan needs to put his energy into improving his live performances. At one point I thought he needed an oxygen tank. I can bet that all fawty a dem was men wid bubbles in Dem hair.

  5. Short man syndrome. Always need a bag a man fi validate them. The hotel was right to stick to the SOP, can you imagine the damage they would have caused to that villa with 40 dutty no class yes man?

  6. Suh Poppy, yuh and the man them did a plan fi share bed? how yuh luv man company suh?

    A we seh family, but the one bag man nuh necessary.

  7. Most of those big shot hotels are owned by European people anyway. How about him investing in one of the hotels or guest house owned by one of our own Jamaicans? Pour money back into our own communities and stop line white people’s pockets.

    1. What that have to do with the fact thathes the same antics him would carry on with at the ones owned by noneuros?

      The native would suffer more because these faggots would take it personally and start a crime spree against the ownership and employees. Negros nah act against whitey business place.

      The likes a battycorn fi get ban from the hotels if dem enter the property wid more than dem mek reservations fah.

      Btw, Met, when since him eligible fi have US bank account? Him have US documents fi open bank account?

      1. You can bank ur money in US$ in Jamaica and have US$ Credit Card issued here. I have both with Scotiabank

        1. A de “U.S” card referencecatch me eye. Because him fling it out like say a United States bank issue him debit or charge card.

    2. He has been to Half Moon many many times before. Him money just not long enough to support the size of the entourage. See they encouraged him to book a second villa, why did he not? The only reason is that it would have cost too much. he may be friends with Drake, but they in completely different tax bracket. Is same way MC Hammer went bankrupt, traveling with all these men who are not doing any actual work or bringing in any income to maintain the expenses. A mussi orgy dem did a plan fi have in deh, weh di hell mi a kotch wid forty men inna 7 bedroom villa for? Di stench in dat place would have been able to kill a dog when all dem stink batty a heat up pon one anedda. Dem boys wuckliss and have no rass pride fi want to squeeze een like sardine can, look how di damn fckrs dem a live because dem so rass lazy fi stop ride pon odda man coattail instead of go do create dem own legacy. #popcaanorgycrew

  8. Met these entertainers do this all the time, once I was staying at RIU Negril, a friend of mine was putting on an event, while we were in the lobby Ninja Man showed up with about a hundred man behind him. They refused to let in his entourage as the room was only booked for him and his woman, the manager had to be called and they only let in 5 at a time just to use the bathroom but they couldn’t stay on property.

  9. He sounds illiterate….saying the villa is old house and nuh clean….but yuh did waa stay deh wid yuh bag a man doah?!!

  10. Obviously him didn’t have an issue the last time because him went back and bring 1/4 a portmore garbage pan wid him.

    Man-child fi go hil a proper proper dettol bath and a tall glass a SYM.

    YardieT….we inna malice?! Me hail yu and yu gwan like yu no see…

    1. When that Sista Girl PP tell MI di thread cuz more time MI just comment n move n nuh refresh that thread enuh.We more fi team up n beat dutty malice!MI glad how yuh a call out poppyshow pon him antics cuz we have a new set a dem djs who swear sey dem reach n all now dem can’t pass Super Cat’s knee nor walk Inna Lt.Stitchie dem shadow.

      1. Morning 😮 :o. A few posts back….lol

        Me stop resurface pon posts too fi avoid conflicts (will when absolutely necessary) now a days. Me stop feed trolls :hammer

        Met, where is Writer Extrodinaire by the way? I miss him.

  11. This is not the old days when rock stars used to trash hotel rooms and the hotel would let it slide because they are “stars”. Nowadays you have to be A+++ to get away with it.

  12. Better yet Popcaan y don’t u build/Buy a Hotel/Villa it don’t have 2 be nothing big a few rooms is a good start. Popcaan buy land a do some farming put dem bag a wukless bwoy 2 work so they can Feed dem Family. U seh family. I agree He is a good looking bwoy but him a mash up himself. Old school Jamaican bad bwoy nuh talk a weh dem come from wid dem badness. Old school bad man use to hide an smoke out of respect for others. Poppy check yuh self before u reck yourself

    1. Is a den fi thieves, murderers and debauchery yah tell him fi build?! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Not even a mange dog would a safe a dat de place .

  13. Hi met popcaan and the group of men are know to behave bad whenever they stay at hotels in Montego Bay . All the hotels in mobay that they have stayed before have stricter guidelines when booking artists . Trust me as a hotel worker they destroy and abuse the rooms and behave bad

  14. Met a popcaan mi a gu with on this 1.. Don’t take the man money if u don’t want him there.. Them nu gu deh fi sleep a fi just shower n change.. Su if a 40 r 100 it nu matter.. A us $1700 a night that is good for people the change their clothes

    1. Stfu dummy u a must a BBC batty man. These artistes love yes man and falla back as too rasa much!!!

      Them tek him money under the assumption that the maximum allowed guest of 16 person’s would be at the villa 2-3 max per the seven rooms!!!!!

  15. He simply does not know any better. When u nuh used to certain things u think money can buy it fi yuh, but anybody who stays at hotels know the place has a limit. 40 people???? What rass the hotel wudda ah put dem self inna fi keep dem one place. Pay for additional rooms if yuh money so nuff. Mi love yuh but dis is real neva see come see behaviour. It dont work like that.

  16. Not to be mean, but the guys hanging out with Popcorn figet wey reach Lizard? Anyways mek mi tek wey miself.

  17. *Singing* …. :kr
    “Soff koki bwoy calm dung yuh self….mi have sumn fi yuh sharpen yuh tongue pon. Yuh likkle koki soff it a melt….yuh buddy cyaan stand at attention. ….. Cyaan tell yuh seh yuh buddy big bwoy yuh buddy soff an weak……ready. ….Nuh gyal nuh waan dah floppy koki dehhhh yuh buddy soff an weak”……. :kr

    I could go on Poppy but mi tirrred and hungry. Dwllll.

  18. Not to disrespect all weed head ,but some of these yes men serve no purpose , I hate see grown men act the same way they were when they was 10 years younger ..the more successful him his the more unlikely of him improving himself as a person. I guess money a everything

  19. @Max This hotel is a brand. It is not a motel. When you booked a hotel your card is charge, you have up to a few days to cancel. If they allow that reading fine print is important. List of guest is ask and listed on file, no extra allow. I for one would not like to book a hotel as this and then anyone just roll up with 40 friends in a 16 people space. Not even to allow 40 people to shower, if you are not accountable for on the guest list HELL NO. The hotel offer him and his 16 to stay (he was asked to find additional accommodation for the rest of the group he arrived with at the resort with on Saturday afternoon.
    “We suggested that he book another villa to accommodate the additional persons, but they all opted to check out,” the representative said.) Popcorn too cheap if he so rich he should had book the whole villa to accommodate his 40 people. We love BEND RULES too much. Time he doing video him go sit at his mother foot and make her teach him some principle. Little money with no class.

  20. Him lovveeeee crowd! He is an asshole. He didn’t do a show he was paid for in Abaco, Bahamas because he had too many entourage and groupies and was told they all couldn’t fit on chartered boat. Mine you he missed his flight eatlier and the pyomoter so desperate for him yo come paid for a charter boat to ensure he showed up.Instead of going over to the island with the allowed amount of people he didn’t show up. Saying if All cannot go he wasn’t going. Very unprofessional and he was paid.

  21. Unu notice Every video popcaan mek a him a tell somebody fi suck dem mada ….Am happy for him little come up… but jah know a me alone hardly pay him nuh mind cuz mi think popcaan DARK yuh f*k !!!! Is like mi not even pay him nuh mind cuz mi not even a expect nuh betta …. popcaan darker than eclipse to raaas!!!! Listening to popcaan is like torture!!! A little dunce bwoyy wid Likkle money like Floyd Mayweather( if a suh him name spell)

    1. Him can seh dat because him a suck feem mumma well well. Mussi dats why him lips dem always swell looking and greasy, cause nuh ongle smaddy wah used to doing dat going to jump to it as first line insult. Thank goodness di hotel stood up to dat ole demon and him gay man orgy crew. When decent ppl guh fi book di villa dem dun fck out every mattress and carpet pon floor and flying sperm everywhere. Poor workers haffi wear hazmat suit fi clean up afta dem. Run dem rass yes!!

  22. Don’t call Floyd mayweather name when comparing to popcaan. Floyd par with his harlots and his kids not no bag a man!

    Secondly Floyd is almost a billionaire! Popcaan don’t have an ounce of wealth! Him just comfortable in life n before him Mek use a it him a clown out himself!

    Squid need fi send the bwoy go etiquette classes man. Miss Rhona need fi sit him down n pray for him go on fasting and everything cuz big man nuh suppose to live and behave so!

    Unu can’t blame popcaan enu. Look into it he behaves like a groupie enu, all because him know and par with drake. Smh

  23. Popcorn a ediat , him have short man syndrome, wet d fool agoh wid 40 man and ooman behind him , him need fi build. Him need fi use d money goh buy a big house fi him mother .

  24. Mi have one question fi di artistes dem wid a bag a man round dem……When money mek….a di whole a di man dem round uno eat a food?? Uno share out every man pocket money a month time?? What is their purpose?? Cause if they all get catered to…..how uno expect fi have money? As it come… it go like butta gainst sun cause “uno dawg dem haffi live”. Suh di 40 man round Poppy are all his “day one chargie” dem who were there before the money??? Or dem a money fren?? Are they for protection?? Sigh. As someone up top said …..we have a nasty habit of not wanting to adhere to rules and regulations. We always want to bend the rules and we do not expect to be reprimanded for it. Smh. Poppy need a “conscious experienced foundation” DJ fi sit him dung an hold a meds wid him. Maybe when Buju come out ……him can reason wid him.

  25. @all who a seh popcaan dis n dat..if a did PJ PATTERSON r Andrew Holness rent it them would able to carry any amount a people dem want in deh but bcuz popcaan is a little dutty Dancehall artist n them can treat him any how.. Him fi tek it n keep him mouth shut?

    1. No, Max. The hotel is in business to make money, they are a profit driven enterprise they would NEVER allow that many ppl no matter whose group it is to occupy a villa. Remember is not just sleeping space enuh, it’s the drain on the light, water, noise control, the possibility that the toilet would get broken because it would be flushed a minimum of 100 times for the day, realistically you looking at 120+ flushes in one day, you know how much water that? The possibility that something would get destroyed because of all the bodies in there to knock something over, spills on the carpets, etc. Put yourself in the shoes of a hotel owner or manager, would you allow 40 ppl to occupy a space intended for max 16? Not everything is personal, we have to think objectively and use our critical thinking skills. The issue is not a personal issue, it’s a loss of revenue issue. They told him to book another villa, so they wanted his business, they never run him, dem seh your crew can stay if you book a second villa to accommodate the overflow. Even hotels watch you and if you bring in more ppl that who you said would be staying in the room they will charge you extra. All lodging places operate like this, is not about social class, it’s about revenue generation and business sense. Not even convents and monasteries that run cheap lodgings would let this happen, even wid God in dem hearts dem wouldn’t dweet. I cannot think of any paid lodging place that would have done anything different from what Half Moon did in this instance, NONE! Please direct us to any you know who does not care about the number of persons occupying a room or villa so we can link Popcaan up wid dem.

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