portia People’s National Party (PNP) President Portia Simpson Miller says she intends to seek re-election when the party holds its annual conference in September.

Simpson Miller, since leading the 77-year-old party to defeat in the February 25 General Election against the Jamaica Labour Party, has come under severe pressure to hand over the reins of the party.

In April, former general secretary of the party Peter Bunting made public his interest in leading the party, saying that he intends to appeal to the Opposition party’s delegates at the right time.

But Simpson Miller, who was addressing Comrades at the party’s National Executive Council meeting on Sunday, said while she does not intend to remain at the zenith of the party, she does not intend to step down anytime soon.

“Comrades…I do not intend to be around forever as your party leader. Like our leaders before me, Norman Manley, Michael Manley and PJ Patterson, I will in due course indicate to the party my timetable.

“I have always put the party before self. My love and loyalty for this party is beyond question. I intend to offer myself for re-election as your party president for the next political year,” she said.

At the same time, she urged party members to remain focused on issues affecting the party, country and world.

“I have always acted in the best interest of the party and will continue to do so. Timing is key to everything and there is a season for everything under the sun. This is the time to pull together not to pull apart. This is the season for continued construction. There is work to be done. Let us get to the tasks ahead,” said Simpson Miller, who is in her 10th year as president of the party.

28 thoughts on “PORTIA SEH SHE NAH MOVE

  1. What more can Portia do that she hasn’t done as yet? Beyond Portia’s stubbornness, this is not a good look for the PNP as this indicates that there isn’t a person strong enough to either upstage Portia or to get her to gracefully bow out.

    This action of hers, indicate that it is all about her and not the country or the party first…

    1. That’s what I’ve been asking too Nile. She has been to the pinnacle of her career and will be 80+ by the next election, she’s not in financial straits, so why is she being like this?

      In my mind I thought in the last 2 years before the last election she would’ve been passing on the baton to maybe Peter Phillips or someone else & left with dignity. Now she’s going to leave like how the JLP got rid of Seaga, which is a shame given how much she used to be admired.

      All that said, people as corrupt as Karl Blythe need to keep their mouths shut about her still.

      1. Cindy, there has to be more to life than politics. She would be better served as a mentor to the younger politicians. These dinosaurs must go. To be honest, I think Peter has sullied himself too much to even be relevant anymore.

        For the sake of Jamaica, I pray that Andrew will be successful and is that is the case, these old bloods will not be able to compete with him.

        1. :thanks2 Peter Phillips really has tainted himself with that whole stupid campaign strategy he stupidly engaged in for as long as he did. I don’t expect much from our politicians, but I was truly disappointed with him, so he can now tek weh himself tuh.

          As you say, for Jamaicans sake I hope Holness does right by Jamaica, but he’s already coming off as a shady person.

          As for Peter Bunting – I just can’t see him being Prime Minister. Any man who until today blame 1 man for Jamaica’s crime problem is a simpleton. Lisa crack, Damian Crawford mouth runs like a sick naygah backside (a man who chat so much is not a real man), the Burkes are shits & the rest are just…urg!

          1. Cindy u know di people dem seh Phillips fi get a chance and di one Bunting feva ginnal so mi not even a go dere wid dem…I hear seh dem tell Lisa fi chill suh she want vice president a di party now..My thing is that the whole a PNP need revamping. I dont see Damian in no leadership role at all…He doesn’t have the qualities sorry :kiss

          2. Cindy di mouth thing run ina Damian family…him and di sister dem moutiful same way from UWI days…as much as Damian mouth is , he is the quietest of the bunch so di mouth is a natural thing to di family and it nah go change. If Lisa fi go sit down one more time…Bunting need fi guh lay dung………..Pryce your engagement to di brown lady nah go mek u qualified fi politics..Mi cyah tek it :ngakak ..Di amount a mixup whey ina PNP at the moment nuh normal

          3. LOL, I really haven’t formulated an opinion of Bunting. He hasn’t done anything to garner my attention. Crawford does not have a political future and as much as I enjoy looking at Lisa Hanna at times, she is not ready for prime time…

  2. Hanna should hold her true spot- communications. It she go school for and since she a eye candy information or mouth piece good enough.

    20 dumpling and oily chicken would do Phillips in fi good.

    Punting bunting and a bout of stroke would satisfy me.

    1. _______________________________________________________
      Wasnt he minister of national security and not even himself him cudda secure…crime was out of control.Bunting go lay dung boss

      1. Him played the role of prayer warrior more than security chief fi de nation.

        many humans no fi utter prayers on the behalf of others worst when dem spirit twisted.

        Him a one batty Mon too. See how him mouth set like it still a suck nipple bokkle or crush banana and butta! I despise bunting.

    2. Phantom, when I was little girl growing up I used to watch Lisa doing the teen show Rappin (she, Simone Clarke, Paula-Ann Porter, Yvonne Chin et al) & that’s the only thing Lisa did well in communication. Mind you, she has a masters degree in the field, but she could not read news properly to save her life, but she did well from then with the talk show setting where she interacted with people (who remember her show with then best friend Dancehall Queen Carlene?).

      Are she & Carlene still besties? Because from her marriage got shattered & she pulled herself back together & found Richard Lake who obviously said “Lisa, I will take care of u like care going out of style”, wardrobe change, body tun hup, swag, prestige & status turn to upper class I don’t hear zilch about them being best friends anymore. It would be nice to know that the friendship survived all that.

      However, she can’t possibly be worst than Sandrea Falconer. I mean, in the history of Jamaica, Sandrea is the WORST information minister we have ever had the misfortune of having. Daryl Vaz during his stint as information minister was surprisingly good at it & therefore a million times better than Sandrea & I’m pretty sure Dalry can barely read lol (I’m joking), but him batty as hell.

      1. :hammer guess the butter is a gesture of humanity! : Ngakak


        I doubt that friendship was really one if truth. Sandra falconer nose tun red when she have to tell lie and her thyroid act up when she stress fi tell the truth 😀

        Lisa would Gill the role as legal and Liar very well because she is a damn distraction to those obsess with her and those manly eyebrows 😀

  3. Nahn let guh, Nahn let guh, Portia nahn let guh… or she deh seh.. Nahn leff yah, Nahn leff yah… caz she famous fi di singing..lol

  4. Nahn let guh, Nahn let guh, Portia nahn let guh… or she deh seh.. Nahn leff yah, Nahn leff yah… caz she famous fi di singing..lol. I don’t even think Portia think/knowseh seh lose di election…smh

  5. Nile, you are such a man! Cyah badda wid unuh men an Lisa :ngakak

    Met, if what you say is true, that Damian is the quiet 1 in his family…well saviour divine! The sister really is a chatterbox, but she’s a woman. Men really mustn’t chat so much.

      1. A musst chicken batty dem grow pon.

        So Met (he hemmmmm) the dread gone a hood training? Wonder if him ago come out a better student than Pryce a fish and paulettewell unda the masters tutelage 😀

        Him may learn fi chew and swallow with ease this time around.

    1. Robinson andn Golding are worthy…so far. Thwaites constituency curse by illiterates who want but won’t do.

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