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  1. Went to a party in the Bronx Saturday night…..65% of the women in the party had surgery bodies….out of that group about 50% were over the age of 40….stiff plastic & cement body and crypt keeper faces….disgusting…they look sick

  2. With all my stretch marks and cellulites, I feel good. I’m not saying I shouldn’t hit the gym BUT I would much rather be a naturally curvy woman than a botched up bad biiiisssh.

  3. But look how cheap brassier dent up ar shoulders an before she go invest inna better bra, she go cut up ar piece a body smh … Priorities bishes, get ya priorities straight man!

  4. I as a young man dont find it appealing one f@ck its disgusting and reeks of self hate and media brainwashing. Am i saying a woman nuffi look good or work on herself? NO! but do it the old fashion way EXCERCISE! Yea thats if it bothers you so much. But they dont see the trick. When u go under the knife and do these obvious procedures (originally ppl neva suppose to know for sure) and get this ugly ass shape and skin stretched over bowling ball boobs its not sexy. I know 50 yr olds a gi 20 yrs run fi dem money. Not every man a run down boobs and ass. Unnu need fi put unnu self esteem under the knife

    The trick weh mi a talk bout is the new look for women which is a manufactured look. And with this look comes the demonising of the natural woman and the culturing of men to accept this look. The problem is that this look make it easier for trannys and all other deviants to pass off as women as even with the overdose of hormones n what nat dem just cant look natural but with women taking up the manufactured look trannys can now become “normal”.

  5. No matter wat she do her face still not pretty.. and she need to redo that rainbow inspired house with peer Multi colored and acrylic old school furniture

  6. Is a NY ting dat wid di glass looking furniture??? or a trend weh mi Nuh know bout? Mi know Cinderella did have glass slippas but mi caah memba if she did have glass house…. Mi Nuh know still.

  7. Weather credit card, scamma money, once you have it and need it then DUH UP THE BODY. Its a new trend. A who vex?

  8. a the feds girl this , har man just come home from the feds , a she and bob dem know bout turnip death.a fi har man and boom boom cuss over turnip murder, she and him a workkkkkk ,informer dem,met u memba the big murder turnip him free , boom boom man gone home ,the rest history, she is a feds , har man to , met him can beatttt beatttt har u see

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