1. well she did say any women breed fi a black man nowadays is a f**king idiot cause di man ago disappear pon her….so i guess when she breed she ago breed fi a white man……but she na go know a who…….if a kinova and dead wid laff to raas…..

    1. You mean to tell me that there are no fatherless white kids in the world? They all live with both mother and father? She is kind of right Black men leave and white men take life insurance out on their women and kill them, buy bigger house and hot car use his new found wealth to pick up new chickenhead (repeat the process all over again). She need to watch ID.

  2. let me revisit this situation….you are in the ladys room and some random white guy sneaks in, grabs you around the waist….grind up pon yuh and yuh no tun round and klaat him…..which jamaican woman ago put up wid dat…..dem fi revoke your citizenship and deport yuh raas…….lmfao

  3. with his hand in a heart shape bitch go eleswhere wid yuh phuckery played rite out yuh dumb phuck yah f**k de man nd dont know how tuh announce it cuz ur just dat sum phuck

  4. you guys do realise she is joking right

    she obviously knows the man behind her and is hiding his face cause she dont want the public to know who he is

    1. where is Cindy Royal wen yuh need har,Cindy boo confirm dis fi wi deh mumz…but anony yah kip secret tuh man 😀

  5. she’s an idiot and her jokes are stale and she is oh so materialistic, I used to like her personality but I took a closer look and realized this chick is mental and clearly waiting around for some white man to save her so he can buy her a career as a celebrity in jamaica.

  6. she is married and the man is filling for her not sure if the process is completed as yet but he is in the army so it should not take long but she is married to that same white man hugging her in the pic. she just nah go show him face for him to reach over here on pink walls.

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