Mets mi woulda like fi know why Jodi love promoter man suh? As she hear say a man a keep a dance and it a gwaan good she run een and nuh man nah stay wid har. She deh wid di two big promoter friend them from st.ann and as dem dump har she gone back to Brawlin. Is like nuh man nah stay. And she wouldn’t try fi get a man fi har self. Bare ppl man she deh wid. Jodi yuh need fi sekkle down now man. Yuh can’t just a move from man to man suh. And yuh friend them can’t even tell yuh di truth. Mi suh glad Alwyn find yuh out before it too late. You is a likkle home wrecker b*tch. It look like nuh man nuh up a foreign caus as yuh find a man yuh reach a Jamaica and a post bare pic.


12 thoughts on “PROMOTER TEHTEH

  1. She yung, mek har gwaan enjoy herself.hope your using a condom tho.. Pussi is a muscle the more it use the tighter it gets..

  2. Why people stay suh ????? The girl not even member them .. Them need fi leave the girl alone mon .. Heyyyyy badmind is a hell of a thing eno .. Just know not every thing people send to unuh is real .. Jodi a somebody girl child too eno .. To how them hate the girl a pink wall them post her pon .. She nuh deserve this .. And she going to forever shine .. This won’t get the best of her ..smh

  3. How u kn sah is her man dem …how u kn is not her friend dem dats y u soh salt an bruck an shi always have money stay wid your man sender wah a fuk u an d boy dung d road .

  4. Unu too mix up n badmind same reason unu make the girl stop keep har party cause unu just love feed in f***y n paint a picture fi the girl look bad kmft a one a the realest girl that and unu just wah Bring hard down so why ? Stop tell lie mon n go look a job or something too much time a waste

  5. damn! Goodie a gwaan man. Promoter them must know har well. Nuh know why them young gal ya afi suh easy an nuh have nuh self esteem.

  6. No sah di world know Jodi a dog shit. Fi a young gal she full a man. Har friends them need fi sidung and talk to har. Mi nuh know if she nuh fraid a aids kmft.

  7. But di ppl them weh a post under this fi Mek Jodi look good why uno a dweet? Norval himself talk it say alwyne fi watch him back because the two a them f**k har. It’s no secret that Jodi is a hoe. Jodi an brawlin start f**k back the likkle time alwyne dump har nasty rass an everybody a New York know that caus them deh a every party. But then them never did lef all when she a f**k alwyne. Da gal deh a Delilah.

  8. All mi can say is girl watch yu frenz weh sidung an tel yuh business to because yuh enemies can’t know nutten bout yuh unless a them. This nuh look like a nuh enemy it look like a one old time fren weh link wid yuh fren. Them ppl ya know too much an wah nuh guh suh nearly guh suh.

  9. Mi sure bout alwyne, jargon, and norval currently. But mi nuh sure if she and brawlin a deh back. But wid da gal deh anything is possible cause she move on real quick. Mi know brawlin have him woman and him f**k ar now an den but dem nuh deh. Everybody know she a nobody fi wife. All mi afi tel some man just protect them self because aids nuh have nuh cure.

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