1. Purple need fi park and member is a daughter she have shi cyaa a go round a suck gal pussy and lick out Dem ass YES RATI ASS IS NOT THE ONLY ASS SHE SUCK. Gyal have zero shame inna her. She need fi let go the party world and take a step back and see say this lifestyle isn’t a good one for her daughter to know.

  2. Wow, das why God kill some a dem, is like fi dem kind a nastiness n freakness is too much in God’s face. Nuh wonder cancer, lupus, heart attack tek dem early. This is classless n beyond nasty.

  3. Mi nah lie she make the bronx gal dem look a way. Bronx std rate is the highest in the country and this girl proudly eating shit.Im sorry but health dpt need to be sent to that party

  4. Are u guys stupid????? The actual flyer is on her page and tones of people pages… it says mithing about free batty was… where they photoshopped that, the venue and cost should be .. this fool is clearly looking some attention.:: while this girl is clearly nasty, on the video she literally bend her body in impossible position just to lick out Ratti batty but in this instance this is just Rick the ruler seeking attention as they all do on social media …. THEY took the venue and cost off and add it

  5. A lot of these party bitches need yo act better all Jodi to is like she forgot she have a daughter. But this isn’t her real flyer somebody add the bullshit on it because of the video.

  6. She should not be mad. Nuh she say she a freak n proud of it? So why be upset?? Im just wondering if she nuh tired of ratty exposing her.

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