0 thoughts on “PUSS, RAT, BAT AND BENCH A WIFE………

  1. Trisha no self esteem? Ask your friend bobette fi give u some of hers. I would shame to young baby a yaad and a chat bout mate? This matey culture is something else.

  2. Mornin metty n folks….a mussi di finga wave dem inna har head met she think sey him no tell di matey di same thing…..he say u need to tek off dat bodyblouse n u shouldn’t had cut the pants to shorts……..cum een like a man validate who dem clown yah is….smfh.

      1. Obs mawning
        Lol Met have some bad ppl pon har site eno man lmaooooooooo a wonder if she ago sew on back the pants legs #waiting n watching

  3. Dhas right Trisha EMBRACE your mate, when you can’t beat them…..accept dem!!!!!!

    Me say, mi nuh put gal pon mi head cause mi man nah bring gal inna mi bed………..
    Mi like mi mate because she mine mi man, she no have no AC but she blow di fan

    Buenos Dias a todos

  4. Little gal u stay bad look bad & smell . Go get your self an education sales rep & stop hype over ( MAN )pickney no hold man that little boy will leave u as he get the green card watch & see idiotic gal 🙁

  5. Is who seh she turn dress mekka and trim the pants. Trisha if yr baby father a put out your clothing secrets to sed mate weh u nah worry bout. . .. Bumbo!

  6. ALL me know with that de chip up chip up hal way she betta mine lead poisoning..The time she spend a worry bout Mate she better worry bout better place fi live

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