1. Good morning Met,
    I have read the first four pages of the report and will continue to do so shortly. I am very glad you took the time to do a thorough investigation , as to understanding bothe sides of the story and looking for the truth when it comes to the violation of a minor.

    I am BEGGING you though, in the future, or is now still possible , PLEASE CROSS OUT / BLOCK OFF THE NAME OF THE SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIM.
    Publishing th nam of a CHILD or anyone who is a victim of rape or sexual abuse without their permission,, takes away the right to privacy of the victim and make them RELIVE THEIR PAIN.
    As an individual who have worked with many youngsters, bothe male and female who have experienced sexual abuse, it is important that we ease their feelings of shame and protect them from guilt – blaming, and help them move forward beyond the traumatic incident.

  2. I am very happy I never jumped on the bandwagon in his defence. Good to see you doing investigative work again and putting this out there. Him should still in prison a serve a deep sentence. Thank you AJ Nicholson to hang up di rass phone pon dis dutty pedophile. Waste a damn time and space.

  3. Good people weh nuh commit nuh crime abroad get treated like criminals on their return to the island and this f**king paedophile get a hero’s welcome? Sounds like he was grooming the child long before he made his move.

  4. Hi Met, I think we should be careful how we publish this story. I’m not defending him, I don’t know if he is quilty or if he is innocent, but Qatar is known to have issues when it comes to foreigners and their justice system.

    Violations of due process and fair trial guarantees in the country, and the consequences that such violations often have on individuals’ lives and respect for their human right, were troubling, she said.

    “I am particularly concerned at the situation of people in vulnerable situations, including women, migrants and domestic workers, who face additional hurdles when seeking to access justice,” said Ms. Knaul. She pointed to the reported discriminatory treatment of non-Qataris in the justice system, noting that the State is obliged under international human rights law to guarantee the right to a fair trial for all individuals within its jurisdiction regardless of nationality.

    “I heard of a case where the defendant, a foreign national who did not speak Arabic, was made to sign a document in Arabic that included an admission of guilt. I also heard of cases where the defendant was not provided with interpretation during court hearings.

    Taken from a report from the United Nations:

    There is a lot of politics at play here. And as a long time follower of the site, I know you are a reasonable person. We’ve seen far too many instances where black people in foreign lands are not treated fairly. And is nuff time, man name get called on rape and nothing no go so.

    Post the information yes, but we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    He had sex with her for “five to ten minutes” but the medical report says that there was incomplete insertion? The medical part sounds iffy. Maybe a friend of the blog who is in the medical field, can assist us with that

    PS. I am not related to Paul Stephens. I just happen to have a cousin who was falsely accused of rape, so whilst I am inclined to believe the woman, I always try to judge fairly because there are a minority of cases where, the woman falsely accuses.

    For the slight chance that this man might be innocent, we would have wrongly condemned him.

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