41 thoughts on “QQ VS SKAY..WHO WIN DIS?

  1. I really don’t see the excitement. I know when treasure tap that ass it was a FIGHT. THEY BOTH was slap boxing. Bum ass FIGHT. All these bandwagon ass bitches like to hype shyt up when it’s somebody they don’t like!!! Next….come again!!!

    1. Lololol…it was a clean and square fight. Dem fight and it done. Blondie could a do wid a STFU slap from either 😀 😀

  2. S-Kay its called a fight why the f**k u a bawl fi eyeno sah and thank god for makeup Bitch your ugly in real life ma nigga


  4. Betta she did stay home an seh abc wid har daughter….a wah kina ring game fight dat??? Kmrct.

  5. So these two young mothers are in the street fighting then they post it on the gram. Shana Kay now private her page and whose mama in a the adidas track pants? So when Rebecca did out there wanting a fight a few months ago shanakay would t come down but for qQ all wig was off and pajamas put on?

  6. I just camt get over the faact that this is the makeup girl. She look horrible without all the extra stuff. Dwl no sahhhhhh this nice

  7. Skay lost because she tapped out …she got injured.she was tired and needed to catch her breath…she slept on QQ and didn’t think she was gonna give her the business .#QQ should’ve finished herrrrrrrr once and for all

  8. Skay ugly bad, nah lie. I lose respect for a woman that’s supposed to be a professional makeup artist but out here misrepresenting herself and deceiving the public because without all dat makeup she stay bad. She could a never put her work to on my face ever

  9. Skay look like a lil boy fi tru … She stay real bad oh well she got that ass washed by qq … Her eye.lol

  10. When I first watched the fight, I said ok they’re going at it, but most of their hits missed each other, I would say the taller one got 3 solid hits in, because if someone was videoing from the other side, the would see the little one was hitting the big one too. Then they both started dancing, lol (tussling), then they both looked tired and that was it. If the little one didn’t cry for her eye, I think people wouldn’t know how to call it, (except for their friends saying there friend won). Also the big one was yelling no biting and my breast out, lol, but the punch in the face he cast more weight I guess, and that’s all I got. Maybe they need to fight again

    1. I actually agree with you. The short one, i think name s kay did get some good hits too. If someone was filming frm the other side you would see

    2. Stop F**n lying you’re clearly her friend cause ANYONE WITH RYES CAN SEE THE BLUE SHIRT GAVE HER BSRE F**K LIK . Furthermore stay was fighting wild and you cant fight like that and think you’re going to win . She even yell at the one in the white like she’s suppose to help loll.

  11. Somebody said nobody wins in a fair fight lmaooooo when that’s the point of a fair on win the first place U mad ya fav got rocked and didn’t even wanna fight no more.. her team so disappointed in her, look at her mom face aww man say what u want about QQ she got hands.. she tump up di gyal

  12. LETS TALK FACTS!!! Skay batty jaw looks dirty/infected she’s one ugly dwarf looking bro linna real life without all that make up it’s really bad yo… But the truth is her bf still wants her cuz he wakes up to that scary movie in morning An owns her in public so u go bitch u winning. Sell pussy bronx dirt bag Rebecca acts like she’s d shit An so pretty An d man refuse she an d son weh dead stamp a him N skay son so the moral of dat paragraph is looks no have a thing to do with shit cause some a dem pretty underneath d make up but dem done out so no one sticks around. QQ got more punches in she’s d winner from d video yes!! We got suckhood bitter hating babymother Rebecca on insta rejoicing An throwing shade when we get d video of u an skay fighting then u can rejoice all u want that fight weren’t for Blake u need to fight your big pussy weh get trick f**ked An ducked #fix your face bitch why u mad why u mad. Hahahaha my advice is skay bitch sleep eat shit etc with make up DONT EVER!! Come out in public like that bro an Rebecca stay sucking dick An selling pussy whilst living with that old pensioner man that u make few up your pussy in order to pay your bills An stop talking shit. U an skay just fight An let’s be done we don’t want d same drama over nicco going into 2018. You should have just kept quiet An kept it moving from he never showed up for the baby shower or birth bitch BYE

  13. im still confused as to how her mom and sister really stand up and let qq beat her smh skay u need new family.

    1. No confusion. The two “fought” “woman to woman”. A “winner” was declared. Beef is now squashed. Imagine if mother and sister had jumped in…it wouldn’t end dey so. This is better than drawing for guns, knives or acid.

  14. Qq neva do treasure suh she never do sally suh qq know who to have strength for. She use 2 f**k nico so why she fighting for Rebecca that couldn’t leave the house Scared that she gon get kicked out again . Qq Memba seh yuh have Ah child too… yea yuh pull up by yuh self fi fight it’s no surprise seh yuh win but it wasn’t your fight. Nico hit yuh cause him ah bitch made nigga but don’t involve yuh self inna pple problem weh nuh really like yuh and ah talk seh yuh did deh pon bathroom floor ah cry n did gointo kill your self cause man left yuh. Qq dese bitches not your fren guh stay to your self. Same with skay yuh nuh tired fi nico embaress yuh. Ah time fi everybody cum to dem sense now. It nuh look guuuuud

  15. Somebody seh huer mother did ah call Jesus pon the main line :hammer I cannah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :hammer :cd :tkp

  16. Rebecca @dramaqueenb of whatever need a life for someone who is being taken care of and live in a condo in manhattan and claim she’s so unbothered everyday she sub skay she need to fight skay one on one and then she can chat … as for this fight qq took it but let’s be real this really wasn’t a fight shit lasted 20 seconds wtf skay you should be embarrassed no sah

  17. Why is QQ hyping up herself because she won 1 fight… alright bitch how many times SKAY f**ked you up?!?
    REBECCA is just mad cause she want a family with NICO and all now him nuh look. She mad cause he don’t include her son…
    ALL THE OTHER HATERS SUCKING SKAY DICK, she came already sis hop offf

  18. Two a dem a fight and none nuh have no papers. Dem need to go fight for two papers. Unnu nuh have no responsibility? #disgrace

  19. Rebeeca look sad i was looking at her ig girl all di hype u deh pon ig and nobody at your lonely wont leave me alone baby shower. where is the fada dat look like hide and fuk gal pitney all di makeup cloths shoes and bags and no man is next to you all of yall look di same all dressed up prostitutes

  20. I don’t know why the F**k y’all hyping up scrum city Hole Qq tf and can somebody tell me why Rebecca Chulan so F**KIN nuff like this Bitch is so Bitter towards Skay bcuz the Babyfather rather skay over her like bitch sit your miserable ass down all dis Bitch do everyday is go and ig and sub skay about her babyfather Bitch is not skay fault u hole nuh good Bitch blame yah madda!!!If I was u I would desperate along time ago from the babyshower and no babyfather show up Bitch tf u mad for Nick more with Skay and her Son and don’t pay u any mind Bitch u claims u live in Manhattan in a condo u should be happy and all but u just a miserable ass babymother blaming the next babymother for ur f**k up life stupid ass bitch,Talking about qq fight for Blake Bitch u sound so F**KIN DUMB

  21. Qq sit ur no living ass down too tf I swear you would be gone by now out of New York bitch i swear they keep a go away party for u but u still here up in ppls business fighting others battle Bitch shut the F**k up u acting like u never took no Ls before and Bitch u took more than 5Ls so the one time u win a little 20sec so called fight u bragging and shit Bitch sit down and put those Vans to rest now u wear them shits with every and anything every f**kin day!!!I can’t stand dis uptown community PUSSY Gal walk f**k and suck everything wuthless asshole where are ur morals go fight a man for sum papers bitch

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