Police shot and killed ”Scooby” from Negril yesterday does anyone have an update or some details of what happened? Please submit

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  1. I’m from negril. Met sorry to say but if you live by the gun you will die by it. A pure crime scooby and the rest a wanna be bad boys a commit a negril . Negril is almost like Kingston now its a shame . Police from town go down deh for two a them and one run. The one what name Malta a him run a two time them come from town for him and end up kill h fren and him run. Him have one eye but is WeStmorlemad most wanted . Him muma say before them kill her son she a f**k the monkey.

  2. Thats sad that these run men cacan’t do nothing else but crime… The town need to give them another at out they need more jobs and researches for these young men, sad still because police shoot first and ask questions later.

    1. @Anon 9.58…….Is Alma dem orginate from the GARRISON PON LOCKDOWN N CURFEW. It go much deeper than foreign ‘girlfriends’ and local prostitute supporters………

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