Saving Ricardo “Mundo” Gordon – The Story
In 2010, Ricardo Gordon, nicknamed “Mundo” woke up one morning vomitting and in pain and noticed his ankles were severely swollen. Unsure of the reason, he went to the hospital where he received a series of extensive tests. The results came back and he was given the devastating news that both of his kidneys had failed and he was in end stage renal failure caused by Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis ( FSGS).
With no kidney function, Ricardo has spent four years completely dependent on dialysis in order to survive. In the past he received dialysis three times a week, however with a lack of health insurance, and lack of funds he has now had to cut back to twice weekly, sometimes just once. When he only does it once, he gets really sick as the toxins and waste fluids build up in the body. Even twice weekly, the complications and side effects of the disease have been numerous. He is generally very weak and has constant headaches. In addition he has developed heart problems and glaucoma from the medication.
Ricardo is a wonderful person and beloved member of the dance community. As a professional dancer, this disease has taken a tremendous toll on Ricardo because he is not only unable to make a living travelling as he used to but also he just doesn’t have the physical strength to dance. Some days it is even difficult for him to walk far.
For four years, he has been hanging on to the hope of one day living a normal healthy life. But in addition to the physical toll, it has taken a huge mental toll and Ricardo fights daily to keep his spirits up and have faith that he will survive. In order to do so, he must receive a kidney transplant. Recently, Ricardo was hospitalized with an infection and his friends and family were again faced with the reality of how urgent this transplant is.
Currently, Ricardo has a family member that is a compatabile match as a donor. The funds we are raising will be used towards the transplant surgery as well as aftercare and medication.
Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis ( FSGS)
Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a rare disease characterized by scarring in the part of the kidney that filters blood (glomeruli). Only some glomeruli are affected, but the damage can lead to kidney failure. The only way to differentiate FSGS from other primary Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) conditions is to have a kidney biopsy. Early symptoms of FSGS are the same as NS and they include large amounts of protein ‘spilling’ into the urine (Proteinuria), swelling in parts of the body (Edema), high blood pressure (Hypertension), high cholesterol (Hypercholestrolemia).
FSGS often occurs without a known cause. It occurs more frequently in adults than in children and is most prevalent in adults 45 years or older. It is the most common primary NS disease in African American patients (50-57% of primary NS cases) and African Americans have a higher rate of profression to end stage kidney disease (requiring dialysis or transplant) than other FSGS patients.
(Information from Nephcure.org)

29 thoughts on “R.I.P MUNDO RAVERS

  1. You know, I notice kidney disease a plague black ppl nowadays, especially black men.
    Well, death is not the end just a transition from physical to spirit. At least he had the opportunity to share his talent with us and provide joy to others during his short life.

  2. jah know it’s hard to watch this but when i think about how him well knowing to all the dj dem an di other in di streets ppl u wonder how dem couldn’t help him i did see ding a few years back asking for help for him an di dancers dem give but mi a talk di big dj dem weh could a help a little more fi mek sure him get di money him needed fi go get him meds an so on .smh sad R.I.p no more pain .

  3. met i know we have we disagreement sometimes and cuss out each other but this video is so sad i literally cry may his soul RIP if he had kids god bless them small stuff doesnt matter shoe clothes or even money life consist of love and memories tears tears tears tears

  4. R.I.P young man, rest in heavenly peace :rose: …people, drink plenty of water tuh flush your system..go easy on the drinking because that can cause kidney diseases and create lots of problems for your body…mi good good people, memba mi tell unu….get regular check ups with each of your doctors>>( Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Endocrinologist, ENT doctor, Nephrologist, Podiatrist, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, etc.,…any and every doctor you need tuh visit according tuh whichever part of your body is negatively affecting you….use your health insurances and get regular check ups as often as you need tuh, whenever you need tuh, as well as your entire family members…life ain’t worth shit if you’re not in good health, so spend your money where it really matters…your health!! :heart:

  5. sometimes i wonder why we all cuss and fight each other, well situation like this should let us all realize that we should stop all negativity let us live our lives with respect for each other and remember it can happen to anyone of us

  6. Mi couldn’t watch di whole video all the way thru cause it was too much tuh bare…him really suffa, God know :sorry

  7. I truly believe assistance could’ve been given to him, through major fund raising projects, but the reality question is, does the music & entertainment industry in jamaica cares for its fellow entertainers???
    Maybe if he was the son of a prominent politician or son of a famous entertainer, he would be alive today.
    As Freddie McGregor have said “TO BE POOR, IS A CRIME” it’s really a sad situation.

  8. Watch how dem ago reel our money now ,juss fi seh dem help bury him.. Di man wanted the money while he was alive how is he to appreciate it when he is gone???smh

  9. RIP Mundo,
    I know exactly what he had went thur, my daddy does the same dialysis because of his kidney failure also. Only difference between him n my dad his my dad lives in a country where he get the treatment 3 x per week free.
    My heart goes out to his family because I know how rough the journey as been..
    🙁 🙁
    The Jamaican health care system screams “if you can’t pay we don’t care” 🙁

  10. R.I.P Mundo
    i tell u bout Jamaca health care system
    even Cuba unda BIG BIG EMBARGO giving its citizens of 9million BASIC HEALTH CARE
    basic care for de citizens of Jamaca..not even dat can be accomplished
    talking bout 2030 1st world Jamaca
    Dreaming Of A Brighter J.A.

  11. If this guy had a million jamaican dollars and a donor his life cud have been saved, u waa tell mi seh nobody cudnt set up a drive fi him? All di artists dem weh him appear inna dem video, nobody cudnt sponser him? The government kno about his sickness and di youth dead just because him can’t afford the treatment and no one cudnt help him..sad, very very sad.

  12. The same dancehall community whe a spend $15000 a bottle pon champagne just fi wet up dem fren and this youth cudnt get the support her needed just to stay alive..just devastating.

  13. I have friends that have passed away to this same disease, and friends that are going through it right now, I tried to be as supportive as I could be, because you never know the time or the hour, I wish they could have done more to help him out, this video really bring tears to my eyes, may his soul rest in peace.

  14. R.I.P Ricardo Gordon My prayers go out to his love ones during this time. God took him home he is now relieved of his pain and suffering.I’m sure he’s in heaven leading dance classes teaching everyone do the right thing. It’s sad to see that more ppl weren’t willing to do the right thing and help him get the surgery he needed to save his life.

  15. Is this man still alive? I did not read anywhere about him passing. And how are people supposed to help him financially with that info being excluded out of the article. I am happy to hear that he has a donor match. I can only hope his family will raise the money in time to do the transplant and recover. my god this is sad.

  16. R-I-P Ricardo Gordon. God came and collected his dancing Angel. No more pain and suffering. My prayers to his family during this extremely difficult time. One of the last dance he created is called Do di right ting it’s sad more people couldn’t help the man in desperate need to save his life. Let his death be a lesson to all of us we as black people need to come together and do the right thing and help those in need.He would still be with us today if people were more aware of the situation and willing to help. God bless his soul. At least now he is in heaven freed for his kidney disease and dancing up storm.

  17. All di siva and shampoo weh ding dong a duh him cudnt set up a drive fi di youth..not even seh use him own money but just get something going fi him uk terms of donations

  18. This is so sad. Tears came to my eyes. Didn’t even know of his situation until I heard of his passing. I feel this as if he was my own blood. The thought of knowing he was dying and no help. That’s a hurt piece. All I can say is God knows best. No more pain and suffering.

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