1. Rachel yu a nuh Hindu again …. what up with the Bible and the Hennessy ?? Unu serve too much God

  2. Rachel cudn shut the fuk up??? That same gangster mentality gonna wipe out the whole a dem!!! I’ve seen pics of her son and the poses they tell that little boy to do rubs me the wrong way abt his future!!

  3. First Sheron dead not a tear shed, now brother dead and same scenario. Either them no have no heart or these are the strongest women on earth. Rachel & her mother, my husband and my brother or son dead within 5 weeks of each other, I would be a mess

  4. Throwing liquor on the dead………….. had no idea this was a thing. Or its a Trini tardition??

    Too much lost in one month. Rachel is going through it… God give her and her family faith and the strength to carry on !!!

    Dead is never an easy thing to deal with.

  5. I never believed Rachel knew about her husbands murder until I watched this clip . She looks guilty, knowing her life choice and direct action caused her brother’s death. She’s saying so much irrelevant stuff “luckiest man ever right now” normally implies guilt. The deaceased was young, and he was murdered in such brutal circumstance, How is he lucky? Furthermore her mum don’t look pleased with her at all. She needs to pray, cause guilt alone will kill her.

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