1. Good morning Met n Metters, what did she do to that piece a shit why he couldnt walk? good fi d jancro whe haffi a draw pon him ass like a cripple, a hope him permanently lame and draw pon him ass foreva

  2. You are one very brave and courageous woman and should be commended for saving your life and that of others; glad you and the fam/kids are safe/okay.. *FYI*..you should’ve defended yourself while this scum bag was facing you *justifiable self defense*….if you don’t mind me asking..what happened to his leg…was he hurt during the assault??

  3. I am glad that they defended themselves…..he got what he deserved. However, why would you give a stranger your sister’s address? Why would you tell him the floor you are staying on? I don’t get it. Sometimes we cause bad things to happen to us. Why not meet in a public area and not go alone? No matter how nice a person may sound or look you cant take certain chances. What if the man had a gun and killed all three. We need to be more aware of the things we do. Even though The lady said he mentioned that he was watching her before, he may have tried to do it some other time, but this situation was caused. i hope this is a lesson for us all.

  4. dem should a kill di pussyhole, weh di man dem fi stab him up ina di area????him look like him jus come out a prison and di sister mash him up,

    1. They were prob. waiting on the cops to come so she was trying to record him and get the big butcher knife on camera as evidence fe lock this vomit unda the jailhouse

  5. I was trying to get a good look at the face.I swear this dude look like a guy that found me on Facebook..we talked but his attitude was pushy and weird and he wanted to meet up with me..Met if I sent u a pic you would be wondering if is the same person to

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