Phylicia Rashad in defense of Bill Cosby told Roger Friedman at a luncheon ‘‘Forget these women,’’ . ‘‘What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture.’’
When Friedman asked Rashad about Johnson and Dickinson specifically, he said Rashad responded, ‘‘Oh, please


  1. I am happy to hear that Ms Rashad is defending Bill Cosby. I don’t understand how these claims are being accepted as fact 30 or more years later with NO proof. He’s being tried and convicted in the media, and it just seems wrong. Will there be any one woman Bill Cosby hasn’t raped? Not defending anyone, but how the hell are they planning to prove these allegations? Numerous women accusing means nothing because in these days suing is occupation of some people. Bill Cosby is worth $400 million, and rich and powerful men are targets more than rich and powerful women. Also, manipulative women are more vindictive when jilted. More to the point, some people will do anything for attention, positive or negative. Oh, that Janice Dickinson woman, who is a well – known trainwrecker, who can believe her? Coke and heroin has always been a part of her staple diet taken in high consumption on a daily basis. Now 30 years and about 10 abortions later, with her witchcraft – looking face, SHE is supposedly a “victim”? Please…… Ms Rashad is more credible, so thanks to her for defending her friend and former co – worker.

  2. @FEDUP I CONCUR!!!. Dem fi gweh and go occupy dem time constructively..I strongly believe,whatever occured, they were a willing participant to the f**kery and now wanna cry foul, ninja please!!!

  3. Well Ms. Rashad probably nuh memba due to previous reasons stated…BUT I know that these ppl have tried to come out before and they were silenced…..and I think there is something that makes you not want to keep these secrets anymore ….anything in the dark will be in the light …..If Cosby did not do this he should just forget about it ….

  4. Mi still deh pan di fence wid dis one yah, I don’t know who fi believe. I will keep mi peace until latah. Anyhoo if Bill Cosby do all these things wah these women accusing him of, him deserve fi have him legacy torn to pieces, and him need fi do jail time to.

  5. Well, she have to defend him a lot of networks stop showing reruns suh dat definitely mess up all a dem money. Him and raven Symone a di ongle two wah nuh need dat money fi survive. I waiting for Elvin and Dwayne Wade fi talk up fi dem money soon.

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