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  1. Religion destroys spirituality!!! The truth!!!! The earths vibration has sped up and we are heading into the fourth dimension so a lot of people are becoming wake and we will be hearing from people just like dah Breda yah! I see ‘et putting up now a days daily post in herbs plants and their cures and I wonder if she realizes that the universe is using he because of the plat form she has! We are all selected to contribute and believe it or not criminals have their positions too….free your minds and release yourselves and hear the truth, share it, wise up and celebrate the new earth, where we and our children and their children can wake up to what our ancestors already knew, so this realm regardless of its chaotic state, can through rhythm and vibration enter a state of harmony, it is possible and we are far away from that achievement but we have began the journey!!!

    1. I absolutely agree Obara. The Earth’s vibration is being raised and these Generation X and Y are the ones here to usher in a change. People are awakening and as such, will shed their old ways of thinking.

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