1. Morning Met,Metters,JMGers.
    Bwoi mi sorry fi har even dou she nuh sorry fi harself.All wah a gwan is di dautah mi really feel it fah. Wat a lesson to be teaching u dautah..hope di cycle nuh continue..

  2. And you know me and my son went shopping yesterday @ play it again sports to buy him a used punching/kick boxing bag for the garage…maybe we can just use her instead and save my $43.00..

  3. Right yah now she nuh eena ah position fi deal wid empathy cah di lost contract lef ah bottomless pit eena har gut. Mi knoe she woulda tek two more ah dem punch deh jus fi dem re-sign him.

  4. Howddy do ere’baddi,
    I don’t condone hitting a woman much less knocking her out. But it is understandable why she got “Knocked the F@*k out!” She has no humility. She is only making her husband look worse than he’s already looking in John Public eyes.
    If a did me and mi stand to lose all those millions…When I done hold press conference and release the following statement: “It is not right for anyone of us to put our hands on Each other (see right there I’m taking some responsibility) and we are receiving counseling and support from our family and close friends. We both made a mistake and now we are doing our very best to put this behind us so that we can focus on our marriage and our daughter. Please pray for us and our marriage.
    Janay Rice needs to stop cursing at her fans and face the situation head on. It’s obvious she has anger issues. May God help them to get through this.

  5. Great, my attitude is NFG in my K.Michelle vice!
    She didn’t hold him accountable but we certainly pushed the NFL, NIKE and others to do so! This will in turn sway the countless other Ray Rice’s to stop domestic violence!
    Someone get her a PR person, what she is doing is prolonging his lack of a contract……she should be speaking along the lines of seeking domestic violence counseling for her and him because……

  6. So this happened in Feb. They suspended him for 2 games. Now it’s more public knowledge the team wanna let him go, they need to stand behind him because they chose to keep him when it first happened now they wanna let him go because the footage is public.. America is for themselves and nobody else. John public have always known about this but now the footage has been released they wanna up his punishment which is not fair. They only wanna make themselves look good. As for her staying with him most of us has got into arguments even physicals with our man who are we to judge. The hit was a little too hard because it obviously knocked her out but I’m sure he didn’t intend of making her pass out.. She shouldn’t be speaking on it tho. Keep it professional and let the PR handle it. Lay low for a while he’ll get picked up by another team in a few yes if he was a good player.. I don’t watch football so I have no clue if he was good or not

    1. So, lemme get this str8… *adjusts glasses before stating my fairly reasonable argument* :nerd …so The Ravens suppose to keep this mad max on them team suh when time dem team lose a game or the other team score a touchdown, him can approach an opposing player and tump dem out and kick up unda dem groin area, then when a team member come fe intervene and break up the assault dem get tump out and kick up undo fidem groinal area tuh, the poor team mascot might try runeen fe save the day and dis bwoy huh turn roun, tump and kick up di poor mascot inna fe it crotches tuh and pluck every bird fedda, then the news camera man try to get a quick interview and get his lights knocked tha fuhck out too, papparrazzi try runeen fe tek and sell the winning photo shot and him turn roun and box up every last one ah dem and all bruk fidem camera tuh?? *although they may deserve that cause they are annoying as hell*…Ms…. is that what you’d like to see happen? :nerd

      1. Why tek action now when the team been known about this situation. This is just being known to some ppl, it has been in the headlines since Feb but the matter has been resurfaced because the tape just got released. I’m sure when they suspended him for the 2games back in Feb they did their research and asked for tapes and such so now the public has witness this they wanna let him go when all they have to do is have a conference saying the matter has been dealt with at the time it happened.. Just like when it happened they kept a televised press conference letting us know that they have suspended him.. The only reason they let that man go is because the tape has gotten released..

  7. See is attitudes like hers why me stay out man and woman business. It really isn’t we damn business at the end of the day when a so she loike…If I was related to her and talk to her about it before and she come off like this! me leave her the hell alone because I KNOW ME NAH TEK NU MAN LICK and that is all I need to do in this life.

  8. Alot of us will lose our employment if convicted or in some cases alleged to have committed crime. So it go so, dem no different.

  9. Him is the type ah man weh wi lick yuh dung tuh if yuh try intervene and help him ooman afta him sen on ah good pummeling tuh she; beat you up worse than he did his own wife cause you jumped all up in his business without knowing why he just tried to kill her…from yuh si dem jus walk right pass dem and call 911 if unu want help duh unu civic duty..there is just no helping some people, and that is just the unfortunate truth…

    1. A glad yu know de drill! lolol HEY YEPPPPPP!!!!
      It worst now that some oman gwan like dem a cocky conqueror and a jump and collar up man..Me we tek de lick and Phuck you up neatly so when me reach a court house me justified.
      Women fi know them self and invest in heavy crystals and not ceramic figurines, lol All de pot dem must be caste Iron.

      1. Note: “nah tek nu man lick” means me nah tek it and go bathe, sleep, phuck and all is well!
        It also means: Me nah tek nu CRUFF OF A MAN fi beat me in the first place.
        Wadup Yardy4life…”NAH TEK NU MAN LICK” campaign round a dis rass!

  10. this girl aint no fool i believe she know wat she doing maybe she get sum bitch lick last nite n then sit bk and say ok the end is near she a play fool fi ketch wise

  11. Think I heard the blow he gave cause from she spitting on him. Mi no condome no type a beatings but if she really spit on him him deserve to knock her the f**k out. Mi have me son to and I know how evil these bitches are. No lick nobody but anybody lick you buss they ass str888!

  12. Dumb ass b***h suppose him did knock her out and kill her. Imagine him spit on her and tump har down and then drag her body on the ground like a piece of garbage. Clearly she dont love herself enough to divorce his crazy ass

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