What a way the banker Shawna and her horse face sister Trish a tek a set pon Philly Shauna and a send the girl pure message and picture bout she Shawna the banker a jigga happy wife. Newsflash dear same way him a kin teeth with you, a suh him a kin teeth with Shauna. Him look happy wid both of unu

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  1. News Flash. All 3 a dem ago Kin teeth wid A.I. D. S. so go pacify out dat and see if sleeping around is all dat it cracks up to be. Jigga have 6 oddda gal for a FACT and di banka gooda have 2 odda man. Philly Shauna have bout 4 odda man. when mi do the maths. infestation to the highest level.

  2. I am at a lost for words with this sick bunch. Shawna (JA) don’t worry boo. You going to get a big flap right pon your tuf ass. Stop hype up yourself coz out of sight out of mind for you. Jigga have gal suh till. SHAUNA (US) you are just sick in your head. You not tired fi dem diss you up & clown you out gal? No man. Your shame tree TRANG nuh bloodcl**t. For the last time, please go and clean up your smelly battam, your nasty hole and that dutty house weh you have the nerve a carry different different man in. You damn thot! Jigga. Jigga. Jigga. Women will be the death of you. You mark my words. You haven’t learned from your accident when you almost lost your life and that was also because of a WOMAN also! You are a devil in disguise and you all need prayers. tired a unu now man!

    1. Is a woman kill him Daddy fi di same thing. You woulda think him would never follow him daddy footstep. Jigga remember the hearthache your mommy had and went thru when that bullet from a jealous yankee gal gun took him away. Now think and see what it will do to the mother of your kids. Fi a bwoy wid education you really love careless attention.

  3. philly shauna u need to stop this…… U R RIDICULOUS!!! imagine u really come on jmg religiously to send post about ur life jus for a bit of validation which u still not getting??? where is the proof that Shawna and her sisters are messaging u huh?? please to send those screenshots and be sure not to edit nor tweek anything bcuz only the truth shall set u free….. met plz to call me wen the screenshot arrive bcuz I KNOW PHILLY SHAUNA GONNA GET A FLOP TODAY!!!!!

  4. No man. Mi sey dah gyal is a mad rass gyal enuh. Shauna from philly guh look a life nuh gyal. A wah jigga use and mad u. Stop send in dem sitn yah and stop message the ppl dem. U message d ppl dem daily. And when i say daily i mean daily like a real psychopath. Weh u get time from to be a mom to your kids. nobody naw war u fi jigga cause u dont even qualify as a good mate. U is a stalker boo. Ur family need to get u serious help. And mi know sey met know u mad too. Cause i can bet u message her on a regular.

  5. @ wow, a suh mi hear Tracy talk it all the while seh she tell him she have a man and him rush come had yaad and that’s how him crash

  6. Met u need fi run philly shauna. She ah talk bout Ja shawna and har horse face sister trish ah message har n sending pics wen its d other way around!!! She jus mad shawna nah pay har no mind!!! Dis girl create bout 20 fake page pon facebook ah message shawna and har sister dem, all ah send d whole family friend request, for whattt??? To tell d same old sad story?? Bitch leave d ppl dem alone man, no one cares, get a life!!! U’re a liar and a psychopath, u need a f**king doctor like seriously!!! We tired of this idiot now man cho!!! Unuh go look fi har, d fake page name Trudy Thomas. Dont believe a word wey she sey cuz she f**king crazyyy and delusional!!!!

  7. Aunty Horse Face Trish. Can't for get the Aunty cause I'm a Aunt of 5 Gorgeous Babies n I'm obsessed. Heyyyy!! says:

    Shauna from Philly if you nuh mad me mad. Last Monday I was on my regular routine and see a name Trudy Thomas ( the many Names of the fake pages you created on facebook) I don’t add people I don’t know so I looked and said let me see who this is. Checked out the profile pic come to look at it it a picture of you and Jay on that Hawaii vacation that you financed yes he went and yes he admitted it! Shawna Say Jay this is not me Go on n live yuh life n my Homie said nope him a fight fi weh him have!! It Done deh suh moving on!! After JMG was a Buzz 2 months ago on this Said Topic n man name it died down n everybody moved on! You created over 50 n yess JMG MÍ seh 50 pages and write Shawna n not once did she Replied to you she made you look like a fool cause it seemed like you was arguing with yourself. She screen shot every name n we was like this is a waste a time she ain’t got time for that. Anyways back to Monday you Add me. N tell JMG weh MÍ seh to yuh. “you got the Right one bitch you know how long MÍ a wait pon yuh. How you doing today?” And you start talk bout di Dead vacation yess that 1 vacation that you took!! You was looking for an arguement but I jeered your ass till I was weak. I made a mockery out of you till you couldn’t even answer MÍ at one point U get mad like you nuh know weh fi seh!! You thought I was a punk like I’m gonna say ok shauna( philly) you win. You a argue wid people wid yuh same old sad story n vacation. At one point MÍ did affi ask you if you nuh have couple kids fi tek care of cause you got so much time on your hands. Any ways MÍ screenshot the messages because I’m like if push come to shove this is gonna go into to courts of law!! Anyways you write Shawna TIL u blue n no answer and den u write me suh MÍ answer yuh cause MÍ nuh fraid a U a bloodclaat!! God Nah sleep fi a big woman you different. You kept on saying you have u man n u don’t want jay but yet still you come everyday with a bunch a fake pages and messages bout the vacation that you had n whatever sexcapades n episodes that you experienced. I laugh til I weak cause if I was your man and see your electronics with so much fake pages and messages about a man weh u don’t want MÍ Lef you. And Im gonna repeat what a said in the messages. GO AND TAKE YOUR MAD PILLS BECAUSE SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. MET IDK AND IDC IF YOU WANT BELIEVE ME BUT THATS MY TRUTH. WHY WOULD I WANT TO ARGUE WID SOMEBODY OVER A DICK I AINT TAKING YESS MÍ PICK UP FI MY FAMILY DEM BUT AS MY FATHER ALWAYS SEH WHEN YOU WRONG YOU CANT STRONG!!! AND WHEN YOU RIGHT GOD WILL SHOW YUH DI LIGHT!! And Right nuh MÍ Strong n Mighty Nuh Rass cause MÍ know my Sister nuh Message Dah Mad Gyal deh. She just want story fi send in. Any body message har a me and a when she involve mi in a it n add me n start msg MÍ I DONG EVEN KNOW THIS BIG MAD WOMAN. DONT FORGET TOU ADD ME YOU SEND ME REQUEST SHAUNA (PHILLY) and MÍ deal wid yuh a way in a the messages dem by just mocking the shit out of you cause your so delusional and stupid!!

  8. Aunty Horse Face Trish. Can't for get the Aunty cause I'm a Aunt of 5 Gorgeous Babies n I'm obsessed. Heyyyy!! says:

    Trudy Thomas, Tracy White, Kesha Bently, Kerry White, Jennifer Lewin. Just a 5 out a do Lot weh u send message out a and Shawna block you n nuh answer. You add Alll we other 2 sister dem suh obviously ain’t no body over here trying to find you. Your stalking US Babe. Get it together big woman.

  9. You know weh sad bout all ah dis. Jay nah gi none a dem a DOLLA….. jay love woman mine him so weh unuh a war ova. juss share di germsy wood and satisfy when it’s ur turn. Jay meaner dan a Star apple. To the woman who is thinking she is first prize here is a thought to think about. What benefit is Jay gaining from you. Example .. Mrs Banker are you going to get him a mortgage or loan him some of the bank’s money fi him mess us ur Job?? him dunn use Shauna Philly for all she is worth already so your are the next scape goat. Woman fi have sense and “Like” without being stupid. That surely ain’t love. Remember the things he tell you about one woman is the same things he probably doing and saying behind your back. I hate di man dem weh love lapp dep Frack tail fi likes. Unuh fi go look a wurkkk.

  10. Where in the world is CASH????
    From wah day mi notice you a stay unda di Radar. is wah you brukk or Eric gone again? Anyways, please to talk to your cousin fi stop madd ova dis buddy cause it doh look good.
    Mi undastand seh it ah di only one weh fit har size. it muss me, cause she neva wart ova none a di adda thousands of buddy so like this one. no sah..

  11. Stink cratches, dutty teeth Shauna (philly) dont mix up righted people inna u drama. All the fake page dem u all a set up inna people name dem see right thru u,u lame BITCH!!!…Go seek help.. u be out tryin so hard to portray like u so happy n life is so Grand..u r a pathetic, psychotic, sad existence of a woman. This is a real life fatal attraction. Di man no want u stop f**k roun people and annoy dem inbox wit u foolishness it naw go change nothing fi u. Friends of Dat gyal oonu carry har go get help. PLEASE. Don’t be fooled by the show she be putting on. She SICK!!!

    1. Yes. I agree. D gyal sick. She sick bad. Dem need fi bring her go get help. I never see nutn like dis from i born except pon lifetime. Mi waan know a wah inna dah cocky deh suh because d johncrow tek set pon d ppl dem. But she fi memba we have all a d convo dem and we ago send dem in to met

  12. Aunty Horse Face Trish. Can't for get the Aunty cause I'm a Aunt of 5 Gorgeous Babies n I'm obsessed. Heyyyy!! says:

    As I said before Shawna tell Jay bye. N he wants to stay n fight for her suh guess unuh wah ain’t nobody fighting over jay n I told shauna philly in my messages. She get left last year n my sister can get left tomorrow a suh di world set up nuttin to do but move on n move up!! N some a unuh on here love act like unuh live in a the people dem life. With every Convo every sexual contact every thing the people dem do. But just this story but others posted on the site as well. But I must say my sister don’t deserve this shit!! Unuh a Banton har n a style har like she a some gyal. NUFF a unuh a tek some ole cayliss Bruk man n a chat. The way how my sister Set she’s good no man money not needed. And I don’t give 2 rats ass If unuh seh MÍ nuh MÍ a fight sister battle everything. United we Stand and a my family dat n MÍ have den back everyday. Cuz that’s Family Love and a lot of people Lack it n we got it!! All people need is love n we spread it but people tend to love to f**k with US.

    1. Your sister is an educated, foolish woman! How can she be an educated girl with a bank job and dates this kind of man? She needs more psychological help than Philly Shawna. Philly Shawna if is really you doing all this nonsense, please stop it and leave the girl family. It makes you look crazy! Mi nuh inna any tracing wid nuh gal so don’t come for me either! lol

      1. What’s wrong with him. Education ain’t got a thing to do with a man. A man is a human just like the rest of us. Har Job n her personality defines who she is as a woman. dont comment if u don’t want to be addressed. Do u know what goes on behind their closed doors?. #DoRoad

          1. Bigger fool step to har den nuh. If yuh suh big n bad n bold behind computer I bet you don’t have a good job n ur mand is a scamma. Dwl anyways a suh di ting set. Mek sure seh ur man is the next president of the United states yuh hear darling

  13. Poor Shauna. Boo-hooooo-hooooo. Go jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge hoe. You are pitiful! You are sad! You’re an embarassment. You’re disgusting. You’re trifling. You are a Psycopath. You have no ambition or shame. You are delusional. You’re a fake. You are a clown. & most importantly YOU, Shauna-Kay Campbell, ARE THE BIGGEST LOOOOOOOOOSER! You big dummy!


  15. lmfao a so di whole family a dem stay f**king man monkey dem, a i first pic mi ever see shauna an jigga inna fuss, di one litle vacation she go pan fly up in har head kmft. a whe di one cash deh , she look bad a wonder if eric leave har ctfu.

  16. NA but all yll thots got to stop, from the educated thot to the dunce thot UNNU NEED FI done now…philly shauna is a idiot and shauna (ja) is worse she’s an educated fool fi think jigga isnt with her fi gains as well…yll so bored go sleep or sumn

  17. I think u readers or maybe its philly shauna defenders that doesn’t understand… how is she an uneducated fool?? im sure u all dated men that may have not been what u expected but at the end of the day u like what u like right?? if she wanna be a fool well by all means let her b a fool.. that’s her business.. but wat ya’ll really need to do is keep a fund raiser in aid of philly shauna for psychiatric treatment…. Shawna really doesn’t care about any of this… hence why she have not once……. responded to philly shauna many messages…. we are all really tired of this story…. HONESTLY!!!! MET I BEG OF THEE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THIS STORY ANYMORE ATTENTION…. she really need to stop defiling peoples character and carry on with her daily activities… P.S. PLEASE TAKE YOU ADDERALL PHILLY SHAUNA…. hugs and kisses have a nice day..

  18. Honestly too much is taking out of context here, and all the accusation that’s going back nd forth is just not worth it, mek mi talk pon mi fren character all who a talk bout jay bruk and want woman mind him that’s a damn lie, he treats is own good and woman nuh run from good hence why the warring a Gwaan! Secondly to my knowledge the last conversation he and I have over the weekend the girl that was his main girl who is making future plans for was the girl in Jamaica we all a laugh nd a run joke bout it. One thing with jay him very friendly with woman nd mi tell him if shauna(Philly) even a call fi say hi I hope u not leading her on cause that can send a woman head space in a d wrong direction, so when me log on nd see this me a seh weh d rassss. Is either She a philly really mad or something. All in all u have the wrong perception of Sanjay…FYI when his dad died he nd jay mom was already not together from police a wear short pants a Jamaica so don’t get Ms Jacky involve fi exaggerate yuh useless point!

  19. If he never was interested in philly shauna then why go on a trip with her, why pose for such pics with her. Im confused,if he was with the banker girl then how was he able to do all of this behind her back. The irony of it all is he is still gonna continue to do him, so all of these post and ppl sending in is for what?

    1. Mad pussyhole gyal shauna mi know a u dis cause a same thing u type in the fb messages. U lucky a shawna kaye u a F**k wid. Pussyhole mi wouda beat u to bloodclaat sickness already if a did ever mi pussyhole. Guh look fi u mumma and stop harrass the girl mad bumbohole. Guh harass u mumma johncrow. Nobody cares about u till u come inna ppl inbox. Nobody knows u. But mek one more post pussyhole cause me ago create a collage wid all a d message dem weh u a send ppl bitch. Mi sey anyday u come a new york mi find u pussyhole and gi u two bloodclaat box

  20. Lol @ har fren nuh mek she draw yuh out nuh more dwl everybody done see sey she psychotic ah write bout d same sad rass hawaii story! Sigh just tek bad tings mek joke yah n leave har alone! We ago leave har to God! Lmaooo

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