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  1. Kizzy me glad say john john finally a behave decent wid u and u big daughter deh a community college and these things. But me wa know the damn teeth nuh fix yet? As much as unno brag say u talent turn up. You get a big table fi sew now and a big machine. You stop thief and a tek your talent seriously. Section 8 and food stamps still a run so wid the new disposable income…wah Gwan wid the braces that were to be installed and removed over 5 years now? Big up June Ambrose another caribbean woman doing well. Kizzy you wrong fi put your photo side of ms june!

    1. nuh she same one seh she an har man are different and original and dem nuh dress like nuh body else.

      I guess she is origianal b/c she is the only one who copy fool fool style.

      I don’t like the look on June and I hate it on her.

  2. Why would she even compare herself with June Ambrose? The fact that a celebrity looks good in a hairstyle or clothing does not mean it works for you. Yes, you may dress differently, but that does not import that you have style…However I will not be a hater. The dress was effective without the stupid looking thing on top of her head. NEXT

  3. well whatever the ting is pan har head i do not like it on her or june it look real stupid but her dress was nice and she look good other then that pampam pan her head and them style diffrent cause she make clothes thats it cause when u a buy clothes their is more than one cause clothes nuh mek fi them alone so other people must have it

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