0 thoughts on “REALLY SKAY?

  1. Free promotion is good for JMG. Met u need fi get u royalties ebry time dem memtion or write “pinkwall”. Dem luv JMG!!!! :hn

  2. Sk fu**k 2 much r pussy have 2 much milageeeeeee… She and r fren dem no stop sell pussy and don’t live no where

  3. Skay 21 years old an have more mileage than a 1985 Benz all she and har nasty cousins and whiting frens dem do a sell pussy what a way she move on fast hahhaa she and bald head start take October and lef December when him babymother come home and gwann to dis dutty Yankee and mikey and him woman a mad har Lille nasty rass

  4. U nastyy bitch have sa nerves fi talk bout betta holeah u have is ur mouth n pussy bitch u love gwan like u a goodas smdh yuh unhappy cuz baldhead dont want yuh him seh it yesterdayon da video n u cyaa get ur ex man suh u tryin so hard u get some papers n a job

  5. This 21 year old whoaaa act like she got shit pon IG….bitch all you got is f**king likes…nowhere to live, no f**king papers, steal and borrow ppl clothes fi go a dance with yah stay bad face… no even park di pussy and men it breeze of…..back pon do f**king again….you go pick up Yankee hope a some green card you a f**k fah and not just clothes dummmm BITCH…..

  6. Dem a liyad she a bum for real cuz she did a kotch at her fake cousin house samantha stewart the little young 20 year old whoring gal weh do hair n follow afta skay weh give har bad name . All a dem is not really related dem a fake family , they just friends not cousins . Sk was only suppose to be at samantha house for couple weeks which turn into a couple months cuz mikey left har n didnt out her in the room he was gonna put her inna. Get yuh life s_kank . U could neva eva be a goodaz afta pmoney have u in scrum song .all these loose bithes forgot they all scrums just cuz pmoney lock up . We didnt forget .dirty waste wutless hungry hoes . Nuttin bout dem . All even the fake one name qq weh gwan like she more dan people now , like she forgot she use to live like dog n sleep pon verandan have the nerve to look down on people now true she gain likkle weight .suck pu**y , dildo dick bitch u still scrumzilla .a dog n rat. Fake washed up lil hoes runnin around like dem run bronx with noo education or even papers or job or pride gweh.

  7. QQ can never look down on anyone
    She in the same position as she was before
    Nothing changed only diff is pmoney missin & she’s onto
    His nemesis Kay Murda now.

    QQ is done for! Literally pusci & everything everyone had her
    N that shit has died down now till gal a frig every butch bitch now
    She stil a kotch still a teef & still don’t remember her body count & STILL DONT HAVE CUSTODY OF HER KID. So idk where when or how she can look down on ppl
    She just in a Yankee crowd now cuz she done inna d Jamaican circle.

  8. QQ lmao… thats the funniest shit that Ive heard.. QQ look down on people. she nuh easy, dem walk inna ppl dancehall different hair and different clothes full a buzza hole.. ask qq wah bella eat fi di day she can’t answer.. QQ a skrums, skrums too good fi describe har, qq ****fi good dine breakfast. I cant stand di gal, har fame done di man man dem naw gi har nuh shine pussy too familiar…

    SKAYYYYYYYYYY ah ur pussy f**k who yuh waan f**k… ah yuh ah tek di f**k ah nuh u an gal so dem dutty bronx people ya ah watch yuh pussy.. Tell dem yuh naw supply nuh W2 so dem cyaan file tax pon yuh pussy… Baldhead ah old news who cares about balldhead him ah tell shushana di things because him waan shut har up..

  9. Now she tek down di pic…. A shame di bitch shame, bitch is you say hey pinkwall…..home less S_skunt find a life and stop catch a ppl yard….bout good hole…. DAT hole can’t good it stink, rotten need fi go a Dr….21 young gyal buy time you reach 30 is wah…… A dem f**king crayons you a put pon ppl face bitch please stop it….and go back inna di coloring book, It don’t look good ( in my Melissa voice )…

    1. yuh sound f**king hurt, you sound like seh you try mi pussy before. You and whoring tyad body melissa can come suck mi (oh i forgot unnu man nuh done yet). everyday ah my name unnu call well im here to say i dont birth creatures. all talk behind computer an cannot show face. oh well #byefelicia #140characterinthesestreets #MUA you guys know how to reach mi if yall need makeovers

  10. that was a big pussy move he made..i think he scared of his babymother lol…u cant tek dem man deh serious smh…i sure didnt

  11. of course him fraid a shushanna she crazy when she did deh out she use to war ova him and fight gal all mek some mixture a acid bleach and all kind of things fi throw pon gal think ugly shushanna easy baldhead boring and delusional shushanna is going to give him bun again watch out fi that nothing change but the weather

  12. I know this is shushawna and her friend conmenting on this….. Some of these young girls look Better then ya!!!! Shushawna cyan look like bloodclot SK.. If QQ do her batty she’ll look better then APPLE. Leave them alone. They not old bitches like ya they young & living.. BALDHEAD tell SK see shushawna give him STDS gweh shushawna guh clean yuh bloodclot whole

  13. A tief she tief da picto deh?….Dwl Man look like him nuh kno seh it a tek…cocks gun…delete dat bombo Trabass TV voice

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