is it only me are do you guys see how peaches and a the vibes crew just drop off a shape.
guess all the d****s and the thiefing money done, throw bad of peaches and look how the hype gal look now, she nuh stop walk road and repeat all her clothes,,of all my years in Atlanta i dont think i would very live to see this day
2014-10-23 18.34.14
2014-10-23 18.35.11
2014-10-23 18.36.54
2014-10-23 18.37.39

0 thoughts on “RECESSION PERHAPS?

  1. Sender learn how to form a proper sentence before you come anna dis people… what if she stop sell drugs and theift… is that not a good thing? she look fine in all her pictures so what she cannot repeat cloths. some of unnu have on clean cloths but unnu heart dutty and unda arm molley……

  2. Maybe it’s people like you ( sender) why these dancehall people steal and sell drugs because of the fear of people like you saying they are repeating clothes and living cheap. Live within your means because time is hard. Don’t practice unlawful acts just to please others. I’m all for a woman who repeats her bought clothes than a woman who is dressed hot everyday in stolen goods.

  3. Sendah ain’t nuttn wrang wid repeating clothes, as long as u wuk and pay fah wid u own. Good if u not repeating..but mi get di jist of u

  4. What is wrong with repeating u clothes??police looking for people who does that?stop watch di f**king woman….did u want to borrow something that she wearing 2 much time?lmfao

  5. Peaches is known for dressing very unique; she nuh falla nuhbody style…have always admired her sense of style, but if the girl wa repeat ar tings dem, den ah jus suh…

  6. i can see why the sender who say something like that, because if you know the peaches i know, then you would know, nuh gal a road nuh hyper than her.. and a gal weh use to come a dance and laff after people clothes and talk up a bag a thing inna the video light.. see who unu fe be careful of here in Atlanta the whole family a dem vibes crew smile in you face and chat you like dog when you not around.. i know for sure because i was definitely a victim of it…. all winsome.. why you still a itch up under peaches god only he knows.. you nuh tiad fe hear your ear ring them do you so bad to other people a road i don’t see why you cant find a better friend.
    one more thing.. where the hell his peaches baby father the one fe the last some one give me the tea on that please.

    1. There is ALOT of truth to what you’re saying…but coo pa stay bad over bridge teeth lisp tongue Winsome weh cyah dress ah bumbo…why Peaches neva help ar likkle wid di dressing, ah dat me wa know…me personally si and hear Maxine vibes chat people and turn roun and smile up inna dem face, all tek pic wid dem…dem gal deh mi nuh wa roun mi ah baxide, no star :hoax2

      1. Overbite mi mean *Winsome mout*…and vibes crew LOVE use people and always try set up people fe con and get rob…mi know bout dem good good man, mi jus play like mi dunce…

  7. so “Yep” look like you know dem good too, so whats the tea on whats really going on inna Peaches life? a true seh the hole done so the baby father left her fe the big woman deh? come man tell us whats really going on.

    1. Kermit *like yuh blogger name lol*, yuh know how man stay already…if dem fine 1 or 2 eediat gal fe war ova dem, dem wi bounce back ah forth between the two…and if dem lightbulb finally turn on ah dem left di bwoy, him replace dem…man always want ah foundation ooman fe hold dem dung and one him duh road wid…Peaches ah di road girl; the man nuh really left, him jus back and forth between women…yuh know, the usual shit cheatin ass men do..

  8. VIBES CREW a hypocrite,dem chat he she and di old lady dem a some undesirable set a people,as for peaches the sender is so correct about her she too hype and love chat people bout dem repeat dem clothes,peaches mi tired fi see you in a dah black lion head belt deh thats a nono for a self proclaimed fashionista.

    1. Nuh las week mi si aunty maxine vibes inna di sed fur collar sitten weh peaches have on inna pic 1…dem love share clothes too…love hype ah tek people fe eediat…mi jus kick back ah laugh like village eediat lolol!!!!!

  9. Yep peaches have on the lil black fur sweater from week before last week straight back till Sunday a baby shower. . People can repeat clothes but not 5 party in a row. .. A want to fight the ugly black stupid fur ves..
    Next thing mi wah fight is Peaches edge inna the pictures with winsome. . Why she a try the natural thing with that big forehead and the edges

  10. @yep man gonna always be a man which man no cheat peaches an dat man dont do road any time the man inna party she always affi nuff ar self an go seh someting to him fi mek it look like she an him inna tings the man naah left the big wooman suh wen peaches run go breeed him no own it she shudda shame me go deh go do my hair an how the 2them a cuss in front ar mother an the pickney them me inna fi ar shoe me wudda left him but she seh naah let go even doe she no seh d man live wid him wooman word pon the street she send him gonna jail an ave him wooman a hide peaches is a little wicked gal true she caan get him she talk eveyday seh she must send him go a prison me never believe but she prove it

    1. DAMN!!!!….but yuh know summen WHAT!!!, when mi really think bout it, it nuh surprise mi one bit cause ah suh she and ar family dem move…real suspect….

  11. You know seh mi never see Maxine inna it.. smh.. negus next in line fe get a wear… “Yep” you nuh easy at all

    1. Kermit, guh look pa Bugsy’s birthday bash pics part 2 and you’ll see it in pic#6 wid she and aunty Vanny-exact same fur sitten…guh look ah come tell mi if ah lie lol

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