The one in the red is from new York she came to Jamaica easter and nowhere to stay because her friend who she was suppose to stay with turned her back on her so some ppl on Olympic way put her up and she f**k 3 friends,now them a discuss har she an had friends walk aid dem p**y pon dem farid and come a Jamaica a gwan like dem have money when a tax returns dem affi wait pon


4 thoughts on “REDS IS YOU DEM TALKING?

  1. Story boring… look from when Easter come and gone. If she use her tax return to fly JA, let her. It means she’s working or have some kids to claim. Go judge the “friend” that turned their back on her. Only they know what transpired but I know for a fact how the locals like to act when we come visit yard… all of sudden baby sick, house want fix, groceries need to be purchased, light bill and water bill past due. Probably tried to extort the lady and it never work. Oh, and if she use her vagina to wuk off 3 friends, that’s her business (hopefully they weren’t friends for real **side-eye**). Your BUSINESS sender, you main focus before anything else SENDER should be learning how to construct sensible sentences that we the readers can comprehend.

  2. I’m still looking and I doan see no punash pon her forehead!Well maybe it is just me…unno see it?

  3. no….. sender what about world peace? because clearly you have nothing to talk about the girl… sender f**K off plz and thanks .

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