U.S based rapper who served a little over six years for shooting her friend will be released today. The 34 year old rapper was said to have shot her friend over $3000 that was missing from her bag.


  1. Morning Met (what a gwaan?) and Metters
    Remy hopefully you have learned your lesson, it is never worth it to be reckless over anything unless it’s for survival……… Now I hope you’ve been writing some hot rhymes while in lock down because we have a pasty swine w/ ass shot name iggy rapping nonsense and the media trying to make her happen….
    Nicki keep repeating “bitches are my sons”
    Eve aint about this life anymore, and Little Kim have crossed over to the twilight zone.

  2. Blessed morning jmg……yeye lid di industry nuh too care fi female artis weh inna dem deh age group enuh, suh shi gwine need a lotta luck wid wat eva shi bin writing while locked up loll

    1. Hey Cc
      Well I hope little or lotta luck bite her in the ass because when I look at iggy, she look like dem worn out ole hog fi smaddi weh a 21 or 23…. and the face aint welcoming… but shi white still.

  3. Morning morning
    Bet u any money she coming for Nicki I remember hearing a recorded convo between both where I think she might have let Nicki go down on her n then she stopped taking calls from her n finally she answered her n Nicki was begging sounded very pathetic don’t know how authentic that tape was but let’s see how quickly it ago run again, ahhhh boy cause at that time Remy Ma was the shit n Nicki was trying to be it smh

  4. Mi did like Remy enuh…hope she comeback yes and hope she learn ar lesson. Mi tink a 30, 000 when mi look again mi see say a 3000 and not 30,000 she shoot smaddy fah smdh

  5. I don’t condone violence but it’s the principles. A friend teef mi blouse when I was 11 mi spend the night round har yard and me did get that from mi aunty ah england. How you know mi love the shirt. We go church and wen mi pak fi go home me kawnt fine mi tings. It ended wi friendship mi see har in it and from that mi never chat to har. Mi seh Nadine till tiday we don’t talk

  6. Didn’t get out, Her release was temporarily delayed because of disciplinary problems.

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